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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
"Stick To Foaluma"
By Alex Warlorn
Edited By Kendell2


Load Scene Ponyville Schoolhouse
Load Characters:

Random Select (2) background (Foal) And Load

Set Time: 0915 Hours

Camera Position Micro-No 6

Program Run

Silver Spoon sighed, another boring school day. When was the last time Cheerilee had even changed that chalkboard? What were they studying again this period? History? Mathematics? It didn't really feel important for Silver Spoon to know what the class was teaching right now. She just needed to sit here and do a passable job of paying attention.

There really were times Silver Spoon could just fall asleep, or just stare like a zombie for however long the lesson took. Cheerilee never seemed to punish her for it, and Silver Spoon wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. She was surprised she got good enough grades not to get in trouble with her parents as well, but why complain? Yes, her parents . . . her parents, what did they look like again? Oh she was she was tired from the boring lesson.

Come to think about it, why didn't she remember seeing Mr. Rich before his presentation at the school? Not that she could remember much of that anyway, it was so boring!...And what about Diamond's mom? Did she even still have a mom? You'd think at least her dad would have been at her cute-ceañera...Adults were jerks.

She glanced to her right. Who were the two foals next to her again? There was no sign of Tuffle, or that filly who handed Diamond Tiara that Hearts and Hooves card.  There was no sign of Featherweight either, not since he had been promoted to editor. But Silver Spoon didn't remember much about that time other than it happened. She and Diamond Tiara were two peas in a pod. So why hadn't she helped Diamond Tiara with the paper again? Oh it didn't matter.

The blank flanks were talking about something. Cheerilee didn't seem to mind they were talking over her lesson. Silver Spoon couldn't hear from over here.

Then the school bell rang and that was that, and Cheerilee said something about homework, but Silver Spoon had learned from experience that unless it was one of Diamond Tiara's plans or the blank flanks had one of their stupid ideas, she could just ignore it.

She wondered where Cheerilee went after school. She only saw her outside walking around sometimes. The most she'd ever really seen of her outside the classroom was when those blank flanks drugged her with that love poison. Come to think about it, that was about the only time she'd seen Applebloom's big brother off the farm...Oh well, why should she can what a teacher did? She saw enough of her during the school day.

Come to think about it, why didn't they see Princess Luna at a lot of the big events? It was always Princess Celestia. Weren't they both rulers? Why was Nightmare Night the first she'd heard of Princess Luna since she came back?...Come to think about it, why hadn't she ever heard of some other important things before they happened? Like how come Miss Cheerilee hadn't mentioned who Discord really was when she was talking about his statue? She knew what a Draconequus was, but she didn't seem to know about the worst monster Equestria had ever know...Wait, what had Silver Spoon been doing on the Day of Chaos? She couldn't remember...Equestria got turned into a madhouse and she couldn't remember one bit of it?

She considered asking Diamond Tiara what she wanted to do, but there was no need to. She wasn't supposed to have her own ideas. She was supposed to stick to Diamond Tiara like glue and back her up in everything she did.

And it always ended so miserably for both of them. Randomly landing in mud. Being publicly humiliated. Having everypony laugh at them again and again. Every one of Diamond Tiara's plans backfired somehow, even in some indirect convoluted way.

Why was it so important to tease the blank flanks anyway again?
It was fun.
Sure it was fun, but no matter what, something awful happened afterwards to her and Tiara, and surely she and Diamond Tiara could have things that were more fun to do than that right?

They were best friends after all. She cared about her. Right? She did care right? She wouldn't hang around and stick with Diamond Tiara through thick and thin like this if she didn't care right? It wouldn't make sense if she didn't care.

It wasn't like they didn't have lives before they teased Applebloom and the other blank flanks right? . . . They did have lives before right? They must have.

She . . . got her cutie mark before Diamond Tiara . . . Why hadn't she ever thought about that before? But it was the only thing that made sense. After all, they were there celebrating Diamond Tiara's cute-ceañera, not both of theirs. And she wouldn't have teased Diamond Tiara.

But if Applebloom thought she was the only blank flank in town, and Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle thought they were the only two . . . wouldn't that mean Diamond Tiara was a late bloomer too? If there were so few blank flanks?  . ..  But . . . but . . . Featherweight . . . he had gotten his cutie mark a short time before Diamond Tiara was made editor of the paper, she remembered that!

She shook her head! That didn't matter. Did it? No it didn't.

Think. They did have fun and games before they began teasing those blank flanks right?

They must have. It wasn't like the two of them became best friends the same day of Diamond Tiara's cute-ceañera, that was just stupid.

So . . . so why . . . why was she having trouble remembering anything before that?

Warning. Flagged.

"Diamond Tiara."

Tiara looked at her best friend with a strange look of surprise and said, "Yes Silver Spoon?"

"When did we first meet?"

"Why are you bringing up something like that now?"

Warning. Runtime Error.

"Do you?"

"Of course I do! Why wouldn't I? That's just dumb, I'd never forget that."

"So when was it?"

"When we were little of course."

"We are little."

"Littler, duh. Seriously, what's with you Silver Spoon? You're acting weird."

"It's just, why do we spend so much time teasing the blank flanks? Can't we do something else?"

Alert! Cognitive/context error!

Diamond Tiara looked at Silver Spoon blankly. "Do, something else?"

"Sure! Why does everything we do need to revolve or involve them somehow?" Silver Spoon asked feeling a little scared even if she didn't know why. It was like all they did was revolve around those three like moons around the world. "Let could go the arcade, sleep over each other's houses! If they're so dumb, why does it feel like all we ever do has to involve teasing them somehow?"


" . . . I . . . I guess you . . . might have a point, ya know, maybe." Diamond Tiara admitted, doing her best not to sound like she felt she should have thought of that before.


Silver Spoon felt a chill down her spine but forced herself not to think about it. For normally not having to think it was strangely persistent. "Thanks! So I was thinking


The entire world stood still. Nothing moved. Nothing breathed. Dandelion seeds freeze in the air where they were. Nothing saw, nothing heard, nothing thought.

Errors found SilverSpoon.exe
Erasing lines 1983LP through 2010FIM
Restoring from archive.

Reset from Freeze state 0930457

Silver Spoon stared at the chalkboard, another school day. She listened to the lesson with a in-different look on her face as the CMC chattered away at their latest idea for their cutie marks as Cheerilee happily went over her lesson. She calmly kept herself seated waiting for the bell to ring and whatever Diamond Tiara felt they should do to tease the blank flanks today.

Silver Spoon in another class of another school day in Ponyville, same as any other day. . . . Too much like any other day.

Status Quo Is God. No matter what the characters might think, oh right, it would be against the rules if they did that.

This has NOTHING WHAT SO EVER to do with my Pony POV Series.


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is copyright of Hasbro

Coverart by Kendell2…

If anyone wants to write recursives to this, they're welcome to.
© 2013 - 2024 alexwarlorn
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WOW! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>

I must say that I've never seen another MLP fanfic quite like this! It really provides another look into the world of Equestria and how the minor characters act. The set-up that it's a computer program makes the scenario even more interesting. At first, I was tricked into thinking this was a crossover with the MegaMan Battle Network series, due to the ".exe" after the characters' names, how silly of me!

Your grammar is mostly impeccable- the odd run-on sentence can be seen here and there.

Overall: A great, thought-provoking read! I recommend this to all bronies who like to explore the show and its mechanics.