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Rarity looked over her shoulder, seeing Fluttershy start to look conflicted, as if beginning to consider what she'd been told. But she could tell Pinkie Pie didn't budge from her present place.

"They're speaking to only half their audience," said Trixie, looking sadly at the scene.

Rarity looked confused. "What?"

Trixie looked to Rarity with a serious look in her eye. "A good showpony always adapts to their audience, trying to convince a pony of something is the same way; if you don't put it in a way that means something to them, they might just ignore what you're saying and block you out."

Rarity gave it thought, then looked back to Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. "I suppose that makes sense, animals are Fluttershy's passion, so of course talk of butterflies and nature would be more meaningful to her…" she replied, giving it thought. "But that has little appeal to Pinkie Pie so it's easier for her to just block out…" she stated, deep in thought. What mattered to Pinkie Pie? What would get through to her? A party? No time, and even then, she couldn't think of a metaphor right now. 'What would Pinkie Pie do if she were in my horseshoes?' thought Rarity. Her eyes then widened in inspiration. 'What Pinkie Pie always does when she wants to get her message across…' she thought, thinking now about something she could use as the message. That wasn't as hard as coming up with how to deliver it.

"The One and Only Trixie thought you weren't going to force them."

"I don't… But I shall not let them make this choice by ignoring all the other possibilities… Neither of us would be good friends if we did."

Trixie couldn't argue with that.

"Thread by thread, stitching it together" sung a soft, sweet sounding voice.

The group turned to look, seeing Rarity turned fully towards them and looking straight to Pinkie. Trixie concentrated, using her magic to add a blue light over Rarity for effect.

  "The dress, it had something of which I feared
She'd done my family wrong
Hurt the one I hold most dear
My fear was far too strong
My anger rose so quick
Her attitude did the trick
I refused to make her dress!

Yard by yard, I looked for the details
A home life full of pain
A mother deemed insane.
Me she had wanted to hire
But not to fulfill her own desire.
It wasn't a dress for her to wear
But to help her mother bear.
I started stitching her dress  

Dress making is easy
It was time to get busy
My fear I had to overcome
Before to her father's doctrine she succumb
No matter how hopeless she seemed
Beyond help she wouldn't be deemed.
I found diamonds for the dress

  Her pain was something I couldn't be forsaking
Even though the work was painstaking.
Making sure it fit her drawing
Can't let it be appalling
But the last part is hers to do
So the gift means something true
She'd finish her mother's dress!

Snip by snip, I taught her the art.
She hurt me, but with her I refuse to part
Won't abandon her even now
This fact I solemnly vow
Saving her is worth any stress.
And I'll teach her the art of the dress!"
  Rarity sung, in a solemn, but determined tone.

Rarity looked Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy right in the eyes as the group stared at her in surprise. "Darlings… I know it hurts to see another pony in pain, but it can also bring out the best in both the pony needing help and the one who gives it. Helping somepony get through their problems helps both you and that pony grow into something better than before. If you don't give up on them, anypony, even a spoiled filly whose father has pumped her mind full of prejudice and lies, can come out of their pain much better than when they went into it," she said, giving Pinkie Pie a look of sympathy. "And you'll become a much better pony by helping them through it," she said, seeing uncertainty rise in Pinkie Pie's face.

"I respect your right to make your own decisions. But if you don't think about ALL the details involved in them, especially one as life changing as this one is, then no matter what choice you make, it's the wrong one. I won't force you to change you mind, but I wouldn't be your friend if I didn't make sure you take all the details into account before making your choice instead of just blocking out the ones you don't want to hear." said Rarity, no hint of deception in her voice. "Everypony, let them think, they have a lot to consider before they decide what to do," she stated, looking to everypony. Letting them suffer hurt, sure, but Rarity knew forcing them to do what they wanted would hurt all of them worse in the long run.

There was silence as the two tortured ponies considered what'd be said.
A What If Scene for the Pony POV Series: [link]

Written by my beta-reader Kendell2. [link]

Intended to be a musical number done by Rarity to speak to Pinkie Pie in her language on her level about not being afraid of letting ponies grow up and face reality.

However Rarity and Trixie had in story decided that they couldn't bring themselves to try and dissuade their companions from using themselves as seals on all the misery and pain in Equestria.

That being said, it was so beautiful I felt it deserved to be posted anyway separately.
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This is some great work, and it does make for a very fine "what-if" scene indeed.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Be sure to tell Kendell2.
ardashir's avatar
Okay, I will.
Kendell2's avatar
Thank you so much for posting this. I'm really happy how it turned out, but I understand why it didn't fit into the fic proper.

Still, I like to think this song is some of my best work, so thank you so much for posting it as a "deleted scene" so to speak.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Yeah. I know how it is to have something so beautiful, so great, and yet couldn't be used simply because it didn't fit.

Sorry. But at least people still get to see it.
Kendell2's avatar
I'm glad you liked it though, I love writing these songs for the Pony POV Series, it's so fun.

Also, glitch, the italics continues onto the entire rest of the story after the song is finished, just thought I'd let you know.
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D: Aww, too bad this was cut. It was really nice...then again, can't see where it would fit. :P
alexwarlorn's avatar
Kendell2 I'm sure is happy to know that his stuff is appealing to readers. He's actually written TWO SCENES so far to help me where I was stuck.
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