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Pinkie Pie walked into a wooden stage with typical theater lights in front and a red curtain behind her.

"Hi everypony! We've got a special Halloween, er, Nightmare Night special for you. Done purely in the name of fun and games. But before we begin." Pinkie Pie put on a pair of costume glasses and began reading a little slip of paper "Anypony attempting to point out fridge logic or fridge horror concerning this story shall have a refrigerator dropped on heir head. Anypony pointing out plot holes shall be thrown into them and filled with candy. Oh! I wonder if I can find any plot holes. Oh, we're starting right now?" Pinkie Pie waved at the camera. "Well, remember everypony! Have fun!"

Pony POV Series
Seven Dreams On Nightmare Night
By Alex Warlorn and Kendell2
Filler-Arc And Not Part Of The Audio Adaption
Optional Canon

"Welcome to Ponyville girls!" A pink earth pony with a yellow mane declared. She was wearing a big black robe with scythe, and was leading a herd of seven earth ponies -including herself- through the streets of the humble town of Ponyville of Equestria.

"It's not our Ponyville, Starlight," a super-model bodied mare said, she was wearing a pair of large butterfly wings and a wig that resembled a flower and a crown. She had a yellow coat and a wrapped candies cutie mark.

"Maybe not Bon Bon but that doesn't mean we can't have fun here!" Starlight grinned in her grim reaper costume.

"Uh, Starlight?" asked a blue Earth Pony, though it was hard to tell given the tan makeup she'd applied to her body. She wore a red flower garland around her neck and had a red flower in her mane, looking very much like she belonged in the tropics. "Remember, ponies have forgot how to hold things with their hooves for the most part."

"Oh yeah, good point Bright Eyes..." Starlight said, putting the scythe in her mouth. "...Ugh...dhis isn't soh easy toh doh."

"Wow...You know, I almost forgot what it was like to be all...mortally," said a teenage (like all of them) filly in a pirate costume, her fur was beige and a 'pink' (more magenta) mane. She was presently tapping her hooves on the ground. Her cutie mark was a patch of cloth.

"We're not not quite alive again," Bright Eyes pointed out. "But no pony should know the difference."

"I'm a ghost pirate! WoooOOOOOoo!!!" Patch waved her arms all 'ghost like.'

"...Can I eat?"

"Bon Bon, how can you think of food at a time like this?"

Bon Bon narrowed her eyes, "Well, I have important and personal plans this evening, and being able to taste is really needed for them."

"Of course."

Patch looked around the decorations. "Halloween doesn't seem to have changed much."

"It's called 'Nightmare Night' now. It is a mutation of when Luna...lost herself..." Bright Eyes explained. "Now it is more a celebration of her however."

"It little creepy how history turns things upside down, no pony even REMEMBERS the truth behind the crystal mines. I know Fluffy wasn't the first, or the last to mine there but . . . " Said a pale violet pony with a truly pink mane, her cutie mark would be a clover. She was dressed in a humble brown hooded cloak with a rope lace.

"That's nothing compared to everything they've been saying about me, Clover!" Said a simple white filly with a pink mane and a couple pink hearts as her cutie mark. "I barely recognize myself in those stories!"

"What happened to your costume Sweetheart?" Asked the last of the seven friends.

"Oh! Teddy thought it would be great if I went as myself."

"You lost your costume didn't you?"

"Uh . . . I wanted to go as a ghost, but , uh, yes, I did lose my costume."

Starlight said, "Uh, Sweetheart, it doesn't really count as a costume if it is what you are."

"I wouldn't mind going as myself," the last pony smiled.

"I mean going as a ghost."

"Sorry," Sweetheart apologize.

"Just say you're going as Saint Sweetheart, and everypony will believe you." Bright Eyes said putting a hoof on the white filly's shoulder.

"Don't you mean 'everyone?'"

"They say 'everypony' now."


"So Melody, 'borrowed' something from the old highschool play?" Patch teased looking at Melody's costume.


"You do realize that makes you sound like a Mary Sue right?" Patch asked.

"My ideal world self wasn't that bad. But you'd know. Your stories were full of them."

"Writing wasn't my special talent."

"I never would have guessed after reading Patch-Eyed The Pirate's Totally Awesome Adventure On Cyclops Island," Bright Eyes said taking her opportunity.

"There's still going to be no costume like mine here."

"Princesses? Dime a dozen."

"And Pirates are original?"

"I've got plenty of costumes where this one came from!"

"Point is, I'm dressed as myself from the lost Age of Dreams, which I never actually got to be."

"And Ace as your foster mother?"

"One high point of being dead? You realize love is love."

"Call the poetry society."

"Save the clowning for when we join the party!" Said Starlight.

"Speaking of which," said Clover. "I'm sure Pinkie is having one. Our giant wish spell made my imaginary friend real . . . it'll be weird if we end up talking . . . "

"Well, we're burning night time here girls!" Patch said, "So let's do this before midnight, sunrise, or whenever our curfew is!"

The other six nodded in agreement.

The mares trotted into town...

"Uh...this is a bit odd..." Starlight said, looking around. Not only were Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies just…together, there wasn't one pony not walking on all fours...alright, one, but she wasn't doing so well. Most ponies either took whatever they carried in their mouths unless they happened to be unicorn and had magic.

"It's kind of like when we first saw Paradise Estate..." Bright Eyes remarked. "It's similar different at the same time."

"It's actually more similar than I expected it to be..." said Patch, looking at somepony go by in a pirate costume that would've fit right in the Second Age.

Clover watched a colt in a Super Stallion costume trot past and blinked. "Yeah, good do they even HAVE some of this stuff."

Bon Bon cleared her throat and produced a quill with some degree of pride showing off a banged up dairy that appeared and vanished from nowhere before it could trigger a time paradox.

"Ah, good work Bon Bon."

"Thank you. I did my best. Too bad I didn't think to record how things like a microwave, or a self-cleaning oven works!"

"Ponies are finding that out again on their own. But they would have never found out again on their own what happened before them," Starlight whispered.

"At least they still have bonbons, it'd be awkward if my namesake no longer existed."

"Alright," said Bright Eyes, clearing her throat. "We should need to hurry up before we run out of time."

Starlight rubbed her head. "Yeah, good point. Death doesn't hoof out return visits like candy. We should try not to waste this."

Patch shook her head, "Could you stop mentioning your community service boss every chat? It's gotten annoying."

Melody sighed, "Not HALF as annoying as what you keep mentioning."

"You mean Brightglow saving me and fighting a big ugly dragon?"

"NO! I mean every time we talk about the old days, you spend an hour blabbing about 'evil overlords' that you beat over the course of your centuries of life looking for the rainbow shards. While we played strip poker in limbo waiting for you. The way you talk about it Patch? It sounds like you couldn't throw a rock without hitting an evil overlord after the world got blown up! Which, the six of us can safely say was NOT the case."

"Melody I . . . I'm sorry."

"I'm just sick you talking about it like you defeated every single one in the world like it some hobby. You didn't. I never saw Sweet Music again after her father-in-law took her."

"STOP IT!" Sweetheart shouted, "THIS IS A PARTY! WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING FUN! WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SMILING! WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SHOUTING IN JOY AND LAUGHING! Just stop it!" Silence dominated the small herd as Sweetheart stood there and began to blush.

"...Yeah, you're right," said Melody, taking a deep breath. "And it wasn't Patch's fault, she was's just hard to hear about all the tyrants that fell...while I suffered under one that didn't... And hearing her brag about the same adventures again, and again, and again, and agaaaain."

"I didn't want to say anything but . . . I'm with Melody on this one," Bon Bon confessed. "You do get repetitive about it Patch."

"Well, if we're all coming out of the closet-" Bright Eyes began.

"Okay. I get it. You're right. I'm sorry. …I shouldn't brag so much. I didn't take out Fluffy either. Scout had to die to rescue everyone. Kinda sad that the ones I DIDN'T take out were the ones who were hurting my friends..."

Melody said, "…Yah would've if you'd known, can't blame yourself. Took Bright Eye's dad a long time to get communications back up and all."

The two friends hugged...

"Aww! That's so sweet!"

The seven mares all jumped about a foot in the air. They turned to see a certain pink party pony standing next to them. In an egg costume.

"Pinkie?!" asked Clover, taking a step back.

"That's my name! How'd you know? You're new in town aren't you?"

"'re kinda hard not to hear about..." Starlight covered. "And we're visiting...relatives in town..." she continued, Clover being too shell shocked to respond at the sight of her imaginary friend standing before her.

"Oh!" she replied. Pinkie then gave a big gasp of recognition.

Clover blinked, for a moment thinking it was for her.

Pinkie instead rushed past her to Melody. "Your costume...It looks...familiar."

Melody realized she might not have thought out her costume as carefully as she believed.

She said the first time that popped into her head.

"I dreamed once about going through a magic mirror and meeting a herd of ponies who always knew how to happy in particular this one princess who was never trouble to anyone, I mean anypony, made the rainbows, didn't run away from her responsibilities ever, and knew how to have a good laugh and had the best singing voice in the land!"

Pinkie Pie blinked once and tilted her head so much it looked like it was going to go a full 360, getting nose to nose with Melody, like she was staring into her soul. "Oooh-kee-doo-kee-loo-kee . . ." She said slowly like she was looking at something her brain told her was impossible but her senses told her was real like meeting Ponythulu.

Melody made a silent sigh of relief. Pinkie backed up, and donned her normal grin.

"Well, welcome to Ponyville! What are your names?"

"Starlight." "Sweetheart." "Melody!" "Bright Eyes." "Patch!" "And Clover." "I'm Bon Bon."

"Nice to meet all of you! Well, hope you enjoy the fun and games! Especially the spider toss! Princess Luna even put her stamp of approval on it! Spider-toss! Spider-toss! Friendly neighborhood spider-toss!"

"That never gets old!" Patch giggled.

"Pinkie Pie," said Clover.


"It's . . . great to see a pony like you with so many friends, making so many ponies happy."

"Thanks! Making other ponies happy is what makes ME happy, so it's an even deal."

Clover smiled lightly. Maybe someday when Pinkie joined them in Heaven, they could remember. But for now, it was a joy just to see her imaginary friend living and breathing.

Pinkie soon hopped off happily to continue trick or treating.

Melody blinked. "...Uh...wait...I know Rarity holds part of Princess Rarity, but Pinkie holds another part right?"

Bright Eyes nodded slowly. "I believe so."

"...So Clover's imaginary friend has part of my potential self in I the only one who finds that weird?"

"Proud parents," Patch grinned. Clover and Melody blushed.

Starlight said, "All the books I read in the afterlife said the same thing, don't try giving relations between souls like you would with ordinary family members."

"I know that Starlight, but it still feels a bit kooky," Melody said.

"Think of it this way, it might be that part of you that lets her to be happy making others happy, like entertainers do." It had been Bon Bon that had spoken.

Melody blinked for a second, then gave a grin. "Yeah, I guess that makes sense."

"Alright, girls, we all have ponies we want to see tonight, so we let's head out," Bright Eyes added.

Bon Bon gave a nod. "Good idea, I know just where to go."

The seven mares nodded and parted ways.


"So Twilight, you promise you're not going to be tricked by Discord's disembodied spirit this year into turning us all into what we're costumed as and having to go on a race against time to get a drop of truth from Canterlot castle before dawn when the changes would become our normal selves?"

"For the last time Rainbow, I promise! I won't!"

"Wait. So we AREN'T going to be turned into our costumes?" Asked Spike dressed as a handsome dragon knight/prince.

"Naw, we had that LAST year!" Said Rainbow Dash. She got to be Daring Do.

"That costume-transformation-party rocked!" Pinkie Pie laughed.

There was a knock at the door. The time for little foals nightmare nighting was over or Pinkie Pie would have still been going door to door, so Twilight was a little confused. She opened the door with candy bowl in magic grip anyway (having told Pinkie Pie she COULDN'T have the leftovers, Spike had already called dibs).

"Trick or Treat!"

"Uh, yes?" Twilight blinked at the foal in front of her. Then she saw what she was dressed oh. "Oh my Celestia! You're Clover the Clever!"

"Close, but not quite. I'm only dressed as her. I'm just Clover. I was going to dress up a ballerina, but since that's what I do anyway, my friends said it didn't really count as a costume."

"I must say your costume is really accurate. The stitches look genuine pre-classical style, but I'm sure Rarity, that's my friend, could give a better estimate on that subject than me. But where is Clover's pendant?"

"Clover The Clever didn't wear her amulet all the time, that's a myth." Luckily Twilight believed she was telling the truth (which she was).

"Oh. Is that so." Or maybe she was just humoring her. Either way, at least Twilight didn't launch into a lecture on the subject.

"Do you mind if I come in?"

"You know you shouldn't come into strangers houses on Nightmare Night."

"This is a library...and the sign says it's still open."

"...Good point."

"And I think I can trust one of the ponies who saved the world, can't I?" Clover asked, giving a somewhat proud look.

Twilight blinked. "You actually know about that?"

"Uh...why wouldn't I?"

"...Oh...sorry...Just it seems a strange number of ponies don't recognize me who aren't from Ponyville and I hadn't seen you around before."

"Yeah, I'm in town visiting relatives. I'm from Bahamut's Rest actually."

"Oh! That explains it, I'm from there...though I don't remember seeing you before."

"We moved there later on. We originally lived in Ponyville. Sadly before Pinkie Pie moved there." Clover added quickly.

"It must have been quite a shock getting to live in Bahamut's Rest after living in Ponyville."

"Erm, yes it very much was, believe me, it was like a whole new world. Bahamut's Rest was a nice place to live though, it's really important to me."

"It is a nice little neighborhood. Though the history books don't tell why it has the name of the Father of All Dragons."

Clover chuckled. "Yeah...probably an exciting story."

"Hey! I meet you with your whole group of friends earlier! Where's the rest?" Pinkie Pie pushed close.

"Uh, well, we all had things we wanted to see in Ponyville, where the ponies who saved the world lived on the scariest night of the year, so we all split off. I wanted to see the descendant of Clover The Clever herself."

Twilight blinked and blushed, "Well, there is no CLINICAL evidence that I'm a descendant of Clover the Clever. I bet there are unicorn families all over Equestria who can claim they're descendants of her."

"But they aren't wonderful wizards who got to play her at the Hearth Warming Eve pageant, and you really do look a good bit like her. Believe me, I know."

Twilight blushed deeply. "T-Thank you...wait, what?"

"I studied up on Clover the Clever for my costume of course."

"Oh, of course. I thought I was the only one who did that!"

"Well, there is NO DOUBT that Commander Hurricane is my ancestor! My family's kept tight records on that!"

Spike snarked, "Yeah, and how old are the records?"

"Several hundred years! Duh!"

"And how many thousands of years ago did Hurricane live?"

" . . . Don't use fancy numbers to mess me up!"

"Hey! Are you pretending to be Applejack now Rainbow Dash?" Pinkie Pie asked happily.

"No." Rainbow Dash pouted. "But while Hurricane might have started out as a jerk, she became a great pony, and I'm happy to be descendant from her."

"I'm sure there are lots of other heroes in your family tree," Clover said. "Like Firefly."


"FIREFLY!" Pinkie Pie cheered. "Dashie you are SO related to her, see?" Pinkie Pie pulled out a huge scroll that went the length of the library and still piled up at the wall. There was a picture of Firefly, and way way way down at the bottom of the family tree was Rainbow Dash.

"Pinkie . . HOW DO YOU HAVE THAT?!"

"Found part of it in the Ponyville archives, then the Canterlot archives, then the Cloudsdale archives, and there was the ruins of Paradise Estate."


Both Clover and Twilight had a look of alarm on their faces.

"Now now Dash, you know Pinkie Pie, she always has stuff we can't quite explain." Twilight waved off.

"Is talking about boring, long, distant family history really what we should be talking about Pinkie Pie?" Clover asked.

"I . . . I guess not Clover."

Twilight and Clover looked at each other in surprise as both had tried to deflect attention from what Pinkie Pie had said but said nothing to each other. It was easy for Clover to forget, Twilight was herself, true, she had been Minty in between, but they had come from the same beginning. She shook her head remember what Starlight had said about NOT trying to figure out souls into relations, it was meaningless and only resulted in a headache. Twilight was her descendant no matter how you sliced it, and that was enough.

Clover realized she hadn't considered what might happen if she, or any of them touched what for some were their second-removed-reincarnations (for lack of a better terms). Hopefully nothing. After all, they'd have been warned before pulling this stunt if there was that kind of danger right? Then again, it was FEAR who gave out warnings, Death was without foreshadowing most of the time.

She remembered some sci-fi novels she had read for english class, how the same person touching each other would cause them both to vanish from the universe. But that was just sci-fi right? Clover shook her head, she and her friends were all supposed to be having FUN HERE!!!! She wasn't going to get chained down by 'what ifs!!!'

"Pinkie Pie . . . " Clover said, "Everyone knows Ponyville's funnest and funniest party pony! I just want to say that you really do, do a great job of giggling away the ghosties! You do a great job making everyone else happy! I think everything would be a lot bleaker without you around! You've helped scared little fillies get to sleep, help them through their first day at school . . . thank you Pinkie Pie. You know? A brand new world wouldn't be so scary, if it had ponies like you in it."

"Okay now this is getting creepy," Rainbow Dash said.

"Ditto," Said Spike.

"Sorry," Clover said, "I'm just saying that I admire you, and as long as the world has ponies like you in it, that it's worth believing in."

"Gee! Thanks!" Pinkie Pie cheered. She hugged her. She was being hugged by her real-life-imaginary-friend, then again she was a ghost. Clover returned the hug.

"You're welcome." Clover felt herself beginning to shudder. She knew she'd meet Pinkie Pie on the other side eventually, but here she was, she brought into the world, she existed because of her, she was her child kinda. And she couldn't even tell her. Pinkie and Pinkie's freinds' lives were complicated enough, they didn't need to have ghosts from . . . how many years was it? A thousand years after Nightmare Moon's banishment, another thousand of Discord's reign (he had gotten really lazy about it near the end), ANOTHER THOUSAND maybe after the Wish Spell backfired and blew up the world.

BLECH! Point was, Pinkie Pie and her friends, had way too much to deal with already.

"Twilight Sparkle."


"I just want to say, that if Clover The Clever could meet you, if any of your ancestors could meet you, I know they'd be very very very very proud of you. You've done so much, and . . ." She couldn't have them think she was crazy by crying. "I think I better be going now!"

"HEY! Don't go!"

Clover startled. "Yes?"

"Wanna read some ghosts stories?" Pinkie Pie held up a scary book. The look in her eyes, it was, pleading?

'Pinkie Pie. Do you know after all?' Clover thought silently.

"Is one of them about a knight and a dragon?"

"How'd you know?"

"Lucky guess . . and yeah, I guess . . that would be nice. I bet I can tell it more scary than you."

Pinkie Pie laughed. "You're on!"

"Count me in too!" Rainbow Dash said, she had no clue what was going on, but she never backed down from a competition.

"And count me in three." Twilight said not caring it wasn't grammatically correct. This was Nightmare Night, this was all supposed to be fun and games.

"Guess I'm sleeping with the light on tonight," Spike sighed.

Clover smiled. The night was young. Maybe spending time with Pinkie Pie and Twilight wasn't such a bad idea after all. She would enjoy the night.
Just a little something of nothing, intended as some fun for us all to enjoy. Was meant to be published in full on Halloween, but that didn't really work out. Maybe they'll be more parts. Maybe there won't be. The point is just to have fun.

This is basically a filler-arc, fun and games thingie for the Pony POV Series.… And Seven Dreams Nightmares.…

MLP FiM MLPT Copyright Hasbro
© 2013 - 2023 alexwarlorn
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The cheerful chapter begins with a warning to not take things to seriously and to no overthink abstract ideas too much. About a quarter of the internet would be gone if people would listen to this advice, oh well even then the internet would still have an unlimited number of cat pictures and infinite inside jokes that nobody gets. For the record the characters in this story will ignore her advice as well. Speaking of which, seven earth ponies decide to visit Ponyville at Nightmare Night and they are all dead. But this is not the big twist at the end, they are all very aware of that fact. This is also not a zombie story, we had enough of those in the last years. Starlight is going as her boss Death himself, Bon Bon seems to be disguised as a Breezie while Bright Eyes is possibly going as her friend Moki from Tropical Island (or simply pays tribute to the ponies there). As it turns out it is highly useful to be able to actually hold stuff with their hooves since when Starlight is trying to carry her scythe in her mouth... nobody can understand her. Through it would be a funny image to see Death greeting you like this. She should have made a part of the costume to hold the scythe in place for her.

However Patch's costume is far less personal as it is just a pirate costume. On the other side it is also hinted that Bon Bon does have a personal plan that involves eating, likely she intends to taste something made by her descendant and namesake. To the other ponies it is both funny and tragic how some things were just completely forgotten or altered beyond recognition in history. To be fair this is an history that was utterly annihilated multiple times by cataclysmic events (Tirek, the wish spell implosion, Discord) so they can be happy that ANYTHING is actually left from that time. As Clover is apparently going as a monk Sweetheart is going as... herself? Wow, she is a ghost and somehow still lost her costume. It wasn't a good costume anyway since she thought of going as a ghost. She is probably better off going as Saint Sweetheart and play up everything that is utterly wrong with her portrait in history.

Finally Melody does have an original costume for herself: Rainbow Crystal Princess Rarity. It makes you wonder what a certain Element of Generosity would think of that. For Melody it is even more personal since it is the G3 self that she never got to experience herself. Surprisingly enough Ponyville does still have a few costumes they are able to recognize as things G2 already had. Sometimes history tends to repeat itself. Just like Starlight keeps mentioning her boss or Patch keeps talking about her adventures. Considering that Starlight did serve thousands of years under Mortis and that Patch's adventure took hundreds of years, it is hard to blame them. In fact Melody is still bitter that the one evil overlord her friend didn't take down did end up ruin her life. However we have no idea how much the other overlords could have ruined the lives of her friends (not to mention the lives of EVERYONE ELSE) if they wouldn't have been stopped in time. It is surprisingly bitter to see Melody still have such negative feelings about it considering that she can spend an eternity with her daughter in heaven, it makes the few dozen years she couldn't have her in her mortal life seem tiny in comparison. She also doesn't listen to the advice Pinkie Pie gave at the beginning of the chapter to NOT overthink things.

This also might be the worst time to bring this up considering that these ponies just have a once in a lifetime chance to enjoy themselves in the mortal realm for a few hours. Speaking of this realm suddenly there is Pinkie Pie... in an egg costume. Apparently she choose to go as something from the bakery she is working at, maybe she will go as a bread next year. In turn Clover is too shocked to hide the fact that she shouldn't know who Pinkie Pie is. For the record she is shocked about seeing her imaginary friend turned reality, not the egg costume. On the other side the pink pony is very much able to recognize Melody's cosplay so the singer counters with a suspiciously specific denial. It might not be the best idea since she is referencing events that never happened but Pinkie Pie still remembers from the obliterated G3. Then the pink pony turns out to actually take her own advice from the beginning of this chapter and drops the subject before her brain melts.

Since Pinkie Pie doesn't recognize their names when they introduce themselves with them we can assume that this takes place before she and Twilight will read Bon Bon's diary to learn the history of these seven. Clover truly sounds like a proud parent when she is talking about this pink pony but then Melody shows that she is also able to ignore Pinkie Pie's advice from the very beginning and overthinks her own potential relationship with the Element of Laughter. Considering that Pinkie contains a part of G3 Rarity, a potential self that never was there should not be any direct connection between Melody and her. There COULD have been one but that timeline was utterly annihilated so this Melody never became that G3 Rarity. Pinkie Pie's soul has a distant connection to A Melody but not THIS Melody. Now that this review has also ignored Pinkie Pie's advice not to overthink things it is time to move on.

Meanwhile with Twilight pretty much everyone seems to expect being turned into their costumes so Spike is disguised as a handsome knight/prince/dragon/Rarity's dream while Rainbow Dash goes as Daring Do. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if Twilight's costume would turn out to be Celestia just to make sure. Suddenly a guest arrives and it is Clover. It turns out that her costume is actually not a monk but Clover the Clever. Naturally her disguise is quite accurate and the Element of Magic is willing to let a fellow nerd inside. Entertainingly enough what really tips Twilight off that there is something different about her guest is that she actually knows that the Elements of Harmony did save the world multiple times. It is pretty bizarre if you think about it since these ponies have methods of quick transportation and have both paper and movies to spread such information. How could they NOT know what these legendary heroes look like?

After the two nerd out about Bahamut's Rest and Twilight's potential ancestor Clover The Clever the two are interrupted by Dash who is absolutely sure that Commander Hurricane was her ancestor. The records that could confirm that are long gone however. Not only was most of history obliterated by the wish spell implosion and Discord but it is also unlikely that the ponies of the past were even interested in keeping such records. Not to mention that preserving something like this over thousands of years is nearly impossible. Except for Pinkie Pie who pulls out a scroll that shows that Rainbow Dash is Firefly's descendant. While Rainbow can be pretty sharp at times this is NOT one of these moments. She certainly doesn't realize that she could look up her own potential connection to Commander Hurricane in this impossible record. Then Clover ignores Pinkie Pie's advice from the very beginning and wonders about her connection to Twilight. Through thinking about it, the same as with Melody should apply to these two. G2 Clover had the potential to turn into G3 Minty who would turn into G4 Twilight but since that G3 timeline never happened THIS Clover never became the foundation of Twilight.

By this point Clover realizes that getting too close to Twilight could still potentially erase the two of them or let the entire universe implode but since it didn't happen so far there is a good chance it won't happen at all. She also ignores Pinkie's advice AGAIN by thinking about it. She tries to switch topics by changing it to a heartfelt lecture to Pinkie Pie about how important and special she is. Smooth, she sounds just like a stalker by knowing WAY TO MUCH personal information about her. Even Rainbow Dash and Spike call her out on this and they are only here today for comic relief. Then Clover ignores Pinkie Pie's advice AGAIN by thinking about how much time has passed between her own life and the birth of the pink pony. Seriously was nobody listening at the start? So now it is time for something different and Clover instead launches a passionate lecture about how proud Twilight's ancestors are on her. Even the ghost herself realizes that she is getting too strange and tries to leave. But she is in good company and the others invite the weird but kind pony to read some ghost stories with them.

Overall it is time to count how often somebody ignored Pinkie Pie's advice in this story. On second place we have a tie between Melody and this review itself. Both did ignore the guidance of the pink pony two times. However the first place belongs to Clover who not only ignored this advice but did so three times! Congratulations! Beyond the running gag of nobody listening to Pinkie Pie's hint this is a sweet story despite the occasional bitter moment.