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Reharmonized Ponies POV Applejack, "Truth, and Whole Truth"

Howdy. AJ here, ya know, Applejack? Been a little ain't it? Sure seems a heckuva lot longer than a few weeks. Unlike Nightmare Moon, (which happened in the middle of Everfree Forest in the abandoned castle of the Pony Sisters,) we beat Discord right in the middle of Ponyville. And no matter how much a lot of ponies wish it warn't so, everypony remembers what was happenin' when Discord was screwing us up inside the head.

So now here's a bunch of ponies who wanna know more about the six ponies who saved the world twice, makin' a weekly documentary 'bout us or somethin.' Ah warn't really listenin' but Mayor Mare's made sure that by the time they're all let in we'll have all recovered enough to have gotten back to our lives without needin' to pretend nothing is wrong.

Nothing is wrong on the surface maybe, but everypony in town, they act just a little bit more forced in what they do, they end chats a little bit faster, or won't stop talking at all ... goin' in circles 'bout the same thang over and over. And everypony is lookin' over their shoulder where they weren't before.

Ponyville used to be the nicest, simplest, all around friendliest town ya could hope ta settle in. But now it's feelin' like a lil' filly who's lost her innocence a little bit too soon.

I guess ah can see these things a bit clearer since I'm supposed ta embody Honesty of the Elements of Harmony.

The creepy thing is how some ponies really DO act like they've forgotten, or 've blocked out the memories all together, and they pretend they ain't knowin' why everypony else is actin' like a lizard that just came home from a Dragon Slayers' convention.

In a way it kinda scares me.

Ah guess Ah got off easier than most folks. Discord might've taken a personal interest in me, but Ah know what Ah did, why Ah did it, and that Ah was wrong, and Twili' helped me remember the truth. All them lies I was spewin' were only makin' things worse. But ah was too scared what could happen ta admit it. And when it happened anyway, I just lied ta myself that it wasn't mah fault too. Ah didn't want to admit Ah was wrong, ah didn't want to admit Ah tried things mah way and failed, again. Ah didn't even -care- when Ah saw my family had gone crazy, Ah just lied ta myself again and said they were fine. Yeah, Apple Buck Season all over again. Then good girl Twili' snapped me back ta reality with that old trip down memory lane.

All Ah know, is lies only got me down a dead end, cause Ah was a coward who didn't want to face the truth when it turned ugly. Yeah, Ah KNOW it was cowardly of me, and Ah admit it! The brave and reliable and most dependable of ponies Applejack got her tail between her legs and couldn't face what she was supposed to embody.

But Ah know, I ain't turnin' chicken again just because Ah learned something that ain't pleasant, and dat's a promise this here cowpony intends ta keep! Not after what it just cost me, but my whole dang family, Ponyville and all of Equestria and the -world-. And that's the whole honest -truth!-

And Ah don't care if it burns me alive, Ah ain't nevah turnin' yellah on da truth egain!


Of all the things Ah expected ta happen today, ya can bet gettin' a personal summons from The Princess for me personally -with the other gals ain't invited- wasn't one. And bein' told ta take along ma little sistah Applebloom was even less suspected . . . being brought there by royal Pegasus Chariot . . . let's say that wasn't expected eithah.

Twili' was as clueless as me when she delivered the message, and the letter didn't get inta much detail at all! Just to bring mahself and Applebloom to Canterlot via the Chariot already on its way.

Applebloom, where to begin? She was all surprised, and more than a little scared of meetin' The Princess. For about ten whole seconds. Then she was runnin' up the walls sayin' how she'd be a Cutie Mark Crusader Royal Somethin' or Other.

Big brother promised he could handle the farm for the day without trouble. Warn't sure how much dat was true. Big Macintosh had been workin' hard sure enough, maybe too hard (yeah yeah I remember the time I worked myself crazy), but he's been avoidin' Winona like the Cutie Pox and treatin' working the fields he's been doing all his life like he's takin' bad tastin' medicine. I swear Ah saw 'im doin' it with his eyes closed! Ah kinda knew better than ta ask 'im to dig a hole for a new sapling.

It ain't hard ta guess why, maybe we oughta all bite the apple core and sign up a meetin' with the head doctors after all.

At least all Granny Smith has been sayin' is her rear legs hurt somethin' fierce after all the dancin' she did after Discord drove her crazy. I didn't ask if Discord bothered to fix her hip before he made dancin' the only thing in her head. Maybe Ah should.


Boys are right on time. Applebloom asks them a million questions, none of which are answered. Twili' asks for me to say 'ello to The Princess for her, I promise to do so and I will.

Up into the air we go. What a rush.

What da heck were the gals who invented this thing thinkin'? Hadn't they ever heard of safety straps? Applebloom doesn't know she's supposed to be scared out of her wits being this high up. That ain't good. I make sure she ain't rockin' the chariot and givin' me the chance to see if I can catch her if she falls … or maybe she conveniently sprouts wings.

She ain't likin' me putting the brakes on her party, but better me than the ground.

Ah admit, the view ain't that bad. I prefer all hoofin' it, but it ain't that bad.

And that's when it -really- hits me.

This is the first time Applebloom's ever BEEN to Canterlot. Oh no. Oh no. OH NO! I make a note to be extra-blue-plate-special-careful around her so she doesn't go wanderin' off somewhere and gettin' lost.

Wish I brought Winona's leash.

Sure Applebloom was given ah tour of the Castle Gardens . . . but to full blown Canterlot itself? Oh Celestia no!


It ain't lyin' if Ah simply ain't tellin' ya. That's what them fancy lawyers are always sayin'.

So it ain't lyin' if Ah don't tell ya about what happened right aftah we landed in Canterlot. It involved Applebloom spookin' every Pegasus in armor around, a royal fountain, Applebloom needin' to redefine her meanin' of 'public bath' . . . and Ah think the ghost of a Hippocampus and a lost family locket but Ah kinda ain't sure 'bout them details.

After Applebloom had four legs again instead of two legs and a tail, and hearin' her say how they should have made the signs sayin' 'No Public Bathing' 'Fillies Stay Away' 'Do Not Drink The Water' 'This Means You Applebloom' (I swear I ain't lyin') a lot larger and that her friends would never believe this we finally got back on track ta the castle. This time Ah made very sure Applebloom understood that when Ah said 'Don't Wander off, stay close' I didn't really mean 'sneak away when I'm not lookin' and touch everything marked 'do not touch.''

Castle Royal Entryway. Meetin' The Princess. Applebloom goes nuts. Applebloom runs around her, shooting off questions, and asking for early cutie mark privileges. Thank goodness Princess Celestia has a good sense of humor. She lets Applebloom go on for a bit, then she politely telekinetically moved Applebloom back to my side.

Ah'll confess, I'm kinda scared. And really confused. Why would Celestia just want -me- of all ponies? Sure I'm a holder of an Element of Harmony, but why not all of us? It don't make sense. I finally ask what the up and up is all about.

"My dear Applejack, you are here for a privilege (or curse) no pony has had in over a thousand years: to see Truth."

"'To see truth?' Ya gonna give me lie detector vision or somethin'?"

Applebloom jumped up and down. "WOW! Can I have it too-?!"

Celestia laughed, sounding refreshed and spoke to me. "Oh no. Nothing quite like that. What you take with you will not be anything in the physical sense . . . "

I -REALLY- felt awkward talkin' one on one with Princess Celestia, I had to keep my legs from knocking. "So uh, why you ask me to bring Applebloom?" We turned to my little sister, who was now stuffing her face with a couple royal pastries provided when my back was turned.

"She is here completely for your sake Applejack and no one else's. I prefer to explain things a tad more privately. Now . . . may you both please take a few steps back . . ."

Trusting the Princess completely we both did so.

Celestia's horn glowed, doors and windows shut and locked themselves. Applebloom gave out a yelp. The carpet we had been standing on rolled to one side, and the STONES THAT MADE UP THE FLOOR FLOATED APART! Floatin' like stars in the heavens, they revealed a spiral staircase.

"Is there treasure down there? Or a dragon? Or dragon treasure? Or a dragon made of treasure? Or maybe the magic gem that's secretly the source of all cutie marks, that would be-"

"Applebloom . . . don't go turnin' into Pinkie Pie." My voice was as sisterly as I could make it . .. mah eyes were still the size of ripe apples and glued to the opening in the floor however.

Applebloom calmed down a bit. "Oh. Sorry."

"Follow me please, and do watch your step, it's a long way down." Celestia said as if invitin' us for tea.

We obediently followed our princess of the sun, and the stones above us magicked all back into place all neat like. I really hoped Celestia didn't suddenly suffer a stroke or had to teleport somewhere fast and forget about us. I really didn't like the idea of a slow suffocatin' death in the dark. Celestia's horn was the only light source. The stones weren't like the rest of Canterlot, polished to perfection, these here stones were dank, dusty, and rough.

Applebloom kept her mouth shut as we spent the next couple minutes just going down and down and down.

"Applejack." Celestia said keeping her eyes ahead, "How have you been since Discord's second sealing?"

"Ah . . . Ah've been doin' better than most pony folks Ah think. Ah know what Ah did wrong and Ah'm aimin' not ta do it again."

"But big sister! There's no way you'd ever-"

"Not now Applebloom."

"So tell me again how Discord tainted you please, Applejack."

"Well, we all got separated in the maze, Ah followed some apples like my cutie mark, then I ran into a bunch of apple trees, and some big talkin' piles of apples sayin' they were 'keepers of the Grove of Truth' or somethin' like that. They said I could ask any question I wanted. I asked how that there quest would go . . . and they showed me and mah friends breakin' up. Then Discord told me truth could be cruel and lies were kinder... and that was when Twili' found me."

"And now?"

"Ah know now that truth ain't somethin' ta run from! You have to face it head on!"

Celestia spoke in a polite voice. " . . . A realist approach . . . how rare in a place of living ideals like Equestria."

My head went for a loop. "Huh? You sayin' it's wrong?"

"It's not right or wrong. It simply is. Now I will ask you this only once Applejack, do you wish to know the truth of that statement?"

I don't hesitate. "Yes."

"Then we're here." She stopped.

Huh? When did we reach the end of the stairs? But them big doors didn't come out of nowhere. Did they?

"I'm tired of walkin'. Couldn't ya 've teleported us all here?"


"I could have. But then what would have been the point?" Celestia said simply.

The door had the same seal as the one for the Elements of Harmony. Except there was a second door with the symbol of the moon on it too . . . Celestia inserted her horn, the lines on the door glowed and it swung open.

Still dank, still dark, still not all pretty like, but a REALLY BIG ROOM. Circular, with a path along the edge and a short but really wide drop in the middle with a railing, the drop ending in a metal seal with the spiral shutter like on a camera. There were gears and cogs stickin' out in places.

We stepped inside, us two earth ponies staring slack jawed, when the door behind us closed on its own (Would they stop doin' that?!). On this side we saw both doors led here.

That was when I saw someone I never expected to see. "PRINCESS LUNA?!"

"A pleasure to see you again . .. Applejack, I'm sorry this isn't a time for me to get to know you better." Said the night princess like we were old friends.

"Wow! So you're the princess who was kidnapped by Nightmare Moon and my sister saved?" Applebloom said spouting off one of the many explanations fillies had come up with on their own for Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon not able to understand they were the same pony.

"Close enough I guess." Luna said sounding and feeling awkward by Applebloom's question. Luna looked rather at home in the darkness. She didn't tell me till later that being there cut off from her night sky wasn't at all pleasant.

"Sister. It's time."

"Alright . . . Celestia are you sure?"

"No. And that is why we have to."

Now I was totally creeped out! Celestia not sure about somethin'-?! That was just wrong!

The Alicorns flew to opposite ends of the room, and inserted their horns into locks like the ones outside. The lines on the spiral shutter glowed, and uncoiled, revealing a huge perfectly reflective pool of . . .something . . . I wasn't sure it was glass or water, it was so perfectly smooth.

"Applejack." Celestia then said getting mah attention. "Some have called this the Well of Infinitely, others have called it the Pool of Truths, others the Sun And the Moon's Shadow, or simply Truth. But whatever name ponies have given it over the eons it has existed here or somewhere else. To look into this pool when it's active is to behold Truth."

I wasn't distracted by the fancy talk as most other ponies would be. "Wait . . .if this here thing is a 'know stuff thingie' how often do ya use it? And why couldn't ya use it to help beat Discord?"

Princess Celestia said firmly, "Applejack, you could live to be a hundred and you will never know the answer to that first question. Second, Discord is often unpredictable even by Truth's standards. And aside from that, this is not some lexicon where you can just look through the index and then look up the desired information. And -that- aside, it takes two Alicorns' magics for it to be awakened (it was intended as a safety measure), and Luna has spent the last year recovering her magic and from her own corruption."

I really felt small.

Applebloom tilted her head. "Lexi-what?"

"A big book on knowing a lot about a certain thing." Princess Luna said, speaking directly to Applebloom.

"Oh. Okay. Wait . . . if this thing knows lots of stuff, HEY!" Applebloom climbed on top of the stone railing and looked over the edge, "Well of Infiniter or whatever! What's my cutie mark and how do I get it?! . . . "

"APPLEBLOOM!" I quickly grabbed my little sister with mah teeth and pulled her away.

"It's alright Applejack. Applebloom is perhaps the safest one here." Celestia said motherly.


"Applebloom is, more or less, still innocent. And to the vision of any innocent soul, Truth is one big glorified mirror."

"Why does everyone treat me like Ah'm still a foal?"

"Besides," Celestia continued. "It's not even active yet . . . Though maybe 'innocent' isn't quite the right word for Applebloom . . . But not having realized her cutie mark is a barrier enough from Truth."

Applebloom not innocent? "Ah see ya met."

"Not what my sister meant." Luna said sounding for just a bit like the Nightmare Moon ah knew. She sounded like she knew one word that would reduce Applebloom to tears. I didn't like that. "There is nothing my moon's light touches that I can't see. -Nothing.- And when I returned, my sister and I promised there would be no more secrets between us."

I shivered under those eyes as cold as midnight. Nothin'? Every hidden lovers' kiss, every Earth Pony ritual under the full moon: Luna saw them all, which meant Celestia knew of them . . . it was more than a little scary.

"Luna, remember what we talked about." Celestia said as only a big sister could.

"Sorry." She said all apologetic like but Ah couldn't tell if it was ta me or Celestia.

I didn't know why Luna went off like that, did she know somethin' 'bout Applebloom Ah didn't? Not takin' chances.

"Applebloom what's she mean?"

"She'll tell you when she's ready." Princess Luna said simply, "There are some pains when -forced- out do more harm than good. And your sister is here to help -you.-"

"Help -me?-" Ah know Celestia said that already, but I was kinda distracted at the time by the floor revealin' a secret passage.

"Help big sister?" Applebloom echoed.

Ah said, "Look Ah think we're as private like as you can git in Equestria, so what's this here all about already?!" I knew I was speakin' to The Princess but I was kinda gettin' at mah wits' end.

Celestia spoke in a calm controlled voice, "Pinkie Pie was LIED TO Applejack. Fluttershy was -FORCED-. Discord used you and the others to attack Twilight from all sides. Rainbow Dash was trapped by an impossible choice. And Rarity was attacked from within by her own inner demon. You however, were crushed by the full weight of your Element. The other side of your Element: the truth CAN and DOES hurt. But even then it was a manufactured truth. You broke up in part -because- of what you saw. However there is not always a scapegoat."

I suddenly didn't care if I was talkin' to the Princess or not.

"HEY! You sayin' Ah'm -weaker- than the others?"

"No Applejack, you just did."

Ah startled.

"HEY! MAH BIG SISTAH IS THE STRONGEST DERE IS! Ain't nothin' weak 'bout her!" Applebloom leapt right in front of me.

"And it is because that is what you believe in even the deepest parts of your heart, Applebloom that you are here."

"Wait . . ." Ah said, "Is this a trial or something and Applebloom's mah defense?"

Celestia startled, for the first time in millennia. "Huh? What? No! It isn't! What gave you that idea? You are not on trial or being punished or being suspected of ANYTHING, Applejack . . . you are here to learn!"

"Learn what?"

"You -say- you understand truth is harsh, but until you see the full 'truth' of that statement, as opposed to a vision jury rigged to bring itself about, you and your Element are keeping each other from reaching your full potential. Everything here is to -help- you, Applejack. Not test or punish you . . . However, to see Truth is ... painful, verily. I will not ask you regardless of your choice to give up the Element of Honesty. There will be no dishonor, no cowardice, or loss of your friendship with the others if you refuse.

"So Abigail Jacqueline The Fifth of the Fifth Line, I ask you once, will you look into Truth?"


"I ask you a second time, of your own freedom of will, will you look into Truth?"

"Ah said 'yes' didn't I?"

"Do you?"


"I ask you a third time. Looking at Truth will bring you pain. And no dishonor if you refuse. Do you still wish to look into Truth?"

"Yes! Dangit! A million times yes!"

Applebloom looked at me, lookin' a little scared.

"Very well. Applebloom," The filly jumped in surprise, this was the first time The Princess had spoken to her directly. "Stay at your sister's side no matter what and believe in her, that's all you need to do."

Applebloom tilted her head, "Huh?! How's that-"

"More important than you can imagine. You're here to help give her the inner strength she is going to need." Celestia said.

Ah said, "Ah thought this was 'bout me seein' dis 'Truth thang' on mah own."

"Most ponies more often than not do not face life's challenges alone except by their own choices . . . Besides, NO pony faces Truth in a vacuum and it wouldn't be fair for you to be the exception."

"All right . . so uh, how do we do this?"

"Stand on the balcony and look directly down. It doesn't last a moment more than you can endure. There is a lever to your right. Pull or push it, and the shutter will close at once. You will not be judged on how long you look."

"What balcony are ya- huh? Where'd that come from? Applebloom, was that here a minute ago?"

"I ain't sure."

Ah swear Ah could hear Celestia chuckle.

Ah did as Ah was told, and looked down, Applebloom right next to me. The Alicorn Sistahs touched the surface with their horn on opposite ends at the edge of my vision.


Applejack looked down into the pool, and it looked back at her. First all she saw was her own reflection and the room's dark ceiling. Then she saw her sister, then the Alicorns, then the stairs, then Canterlot and Ponyville, then Equestria, all at once, then things changed.

And Applejack didn't just see images, she listened to voices, she heard thoughts, she felt emotions, she was with everyone.

The blue and pink twins Aloe and Lotus hugged themselves in separate blankets, back to back. Feeling ashamed of the revulsion and involuntary shudders at each other's even indirect touch, having spent most of Discord's reign as a two headed pony with no rear end connected at the waist.

The two had stood along side each other their entire lives and were proud of that, and now, just being near each other felt painful. It wasn't fair, their entire lives they had acted like parts of a whole and gave each other strength, now that same idea made them sick. Aloe's eyes misted over, and Lotus wanted so badly to hug her sister, but the images of being the two head-ended pony trying to go in two different directions flashed through her mind making her muscles freeze. It had taken this long just so they could make eye contact again.

A little blue Earth pony named Archer was curled up in her bed hugging the sheets for dear life like a cocoon. Her namesake lay at the far end of her room where she had thrown it after Discord was resealed. The memories wouldn't stop repeating. She grew wings like a pegasus, and happily flew about, and with an unlimited supply of arrows happily shot in the flanks, legs, and throat of any pony that caught her eye, laughing playfully the whole time. Archer hadn't been able to even LOOK at the bow and arrow set she had gotten for her cute-ceañera. Her parents (including her mother, who she had shot five times) kept telling her she wasn't a bad pony, that she didn't do those things because she wanted to or could help herself, but the memories kept repeating every time she closed her eyes.

A pony with an hourglass cutie mark had locked himself in a little blue shed and not come out since the incident in spite of protests of his friends. He remembered: Doctor Whoof leapt about wearing royal robes, a skirt, and a crown with a scepter hanging from his saddle. "LO AND BEHOLD! I AM THE QUEEN OF EAGLE-LAND! The Time Lord Victorious! All shall feed me pears! Or-" He grabbed the scepter and brought it down with a cracking noise on a random adult pony in fancy clothes with a feather in her hair who was playing in the mud like she was three, "EXTERMINATE!"

The little filly Twist hadn't eaten a piece of candy in weeks, she couldn't bear the sight of one, even the ones she made herself. Spiral. Spiral. Spiral. SPIRAL! All she saw was her legs and neck twisting like taffy and twisting around everything like snakes. Spiral! The word echoed in her head like a mantra.

Applebloom looked in the mirror for the tenth time that day, no, her hide was yellow not black, and her eyes weren't glowing, she wasn't one of them . . . maybe one more check.

Sweetie Belle threw out her doll collection, the one she had painstakingly put together over the years and organized. She couldn't bear the looks on their faces, when she looked at them, all she could think of was that empty dance she did as one of them with another poor filly turned into a filly sized doll.

Diamond Tiara smashed the glass dolls in her room, each one worth more than Applejack made in a good month. "It's not fair! It's not fair! Mama was free and I couldn't even hug her! It's not fair!" She actually threw a couple at a few brave servants that dared see what the trouble was, beaning a couple on the head. Diamond Tiara had turned into a pony sized dress up doll . . . and wandered about, and then danced with the living dress up doll pony Sweetie Belle. The two danced for a bit like ballet, then they took off their heads and legs and tails and began exchanging body parts. Golden Tiara, better known to everyone else as Screwball, floated above the chaos laughing at the antics that made perfect sense to her.

The unicorn Lyra and the Earth Pony Bon-Bon kept coming up with excuses not to come within a hundred hoof falls of each other. Normally finding the two apart was impossible. Lyra remembered worse than Bon-Bon. Lyra remembered her own voice sounding like an out of tune harp, and gleefully and eagerly stomping her hoof down on her best friend who was now filled with creamy filling, again, and again, and again the grin never leaving the corrupted Lyra's face. She had barely stopped herself from hanging herself with her own harp strings after the world was sane again.

Silver Spoon had locked herself in her room and had refused to come out. It was there. Her father laughing while trying to behead his daughter with their ancestral weapon. Silver Spoon running like mad her eyes now ON her glasses and her hide now very soft 'silver.'

Photo Finish tripped over the triple layer dress she was wearing again. Thankfully not in front of her entourage this time ... the footage from the security cameras of her own home having gotten into the hands of the tabloids somehow, showing her running around 'naked' EATING her own dresses.

Blueblood screamed in terror at the sight of the sun again, the royal guards restraining him to take him back inside. A few weeks ago he had been turned into a mare, made of living ice, running for her life from a stallion made of solar flames who wanted to coddle and caress and ravish her.

Philomena wouldn't go into her cage even when Celestia outright ordered her to, instead roosting at the tallest parts of the castle. She had burst into flames every time Discord had changed her, only to return to her true form . . . after the second dozenth time Discord got bored and tossed her ashes into a jar, a small one, left it with one tiny air-hole, and tossed it into the deepest of the royal fountains.

A catatonic grayed out blue unicorn with a wand cutie mark wandered about in a broken daze as the ponies around her went mad, not even noticing them or herself.

Octavia wore sound proof ear muffs, having been barely stopped by her fellow band members from ripping her own ears off when the world was repaired. She was insisting on writing out her messages and requests rather than speaking. She remembered. Octavia rolling on the floor, holding her head screaming as even the sound of dust falling was amplified to the noise level of a front seat to a heavy metal rock band, which was nothing compared to the mad cackling and wild screams of agony of others around her. As the horrid noise wouldn't end, first she wished she hadn't been in Canterlot that day, then wished she never left the rock farm, then wished she had gotten a rock for a cutie mark, and finally wishing she had never been born if it would just make the horrid sounds stop. At least now she had finally stopped screaming at the noise of the dinner bell.

Ditzy Doo held her child close, almost like a plush toy in intensity but at the same time treating her like Dinky was as fragile as glass. Sleeping with her each night, not letting her out of her sight for a minute. She kept saying, "Mama loves you. Mama's sorry. mama won't hurt you. Mama didn't mean it. Mama loves you. Mama's sorry." The memory wouldn't go away. She had told her own baby -with straight eyes, perfect grammar, diction, and a sickening grin- that, even if Dinky now had Pegasus wings and no horn, she would never be her child. That Dinky had been 'adopted' and how Ditzy never loved her, and how she wished Dinky had suddenly died before she ever 'adopted' her. She had said Dinky would never be her real child, with how worthless and invaluable she was. At least both Dinky and Ditzy had stopped sobbing themselves to sleep each night.

Mayor Mare had done more work in a few weeks than she had in a few months. She wasn't a slacker at her job in any way before, but now she was practically acting like a super pony. And the sleepless nights and skipped meals were beginning to show. "I do care about all of you. I promise." She muttered under her breath when she thought nopony was listening. Blocking out the memory of a pony now made of living rock shouting with a megaphone that she had wasted most of her life in this town and she could have been an administrator in Canterlot by now if she hadn't settled for this job and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as ponies three inches from her were bleeding from arrow wounds.

The orange in Carrot Top's mane had begun to show green roots again. She didn't try to dye it again this time. Instead she did her farming for the day with a big smile on her face and a friendly air about and went straight to her bedroom and locked the door and began hugging herself. Reliving memories of a grayed out Carrot Top running about swinging (and hitting with) a battle axe in her mouth, taking out the axe only long enough to occasionally scream how she hated the color green before attacking another pony who happened to have any green to her eyes, mane, coat or attire.

Snips and Snails were strangely quiet, very quiet, and hadn't caused trouble since Discord's fall ... in fact, they hadn't done much of anything. They acted like they were scared of everything almost or at least intimidated by it. Left with the brains of dogs after being tainted by Discord they had then fled for their lives while being attacked by a strangely fast giant snail and a pair of floating giant scissors trying to cut them in two. Looking at their cutie marks now had to be done in short glances.

And AJ knew, AJ KNEW, that this was only a TINY PORTION of every pony in Ponyville!

If emotions were images, and thoughts could be seen, they would show a giant globe filled with everything Applejack had seen bearing down on her shoulders, making her legs buckle and the weight ever so slowly causing her bones to crack. And a little yellow filly with a bow pushing up against her sister's belly, bearing some of the burden.

A distant part of Applejack reached for the lever, and another part of her speared her other hoof hard just below the lever, and the hoof pushing at the lever did so, and did so again, and did so again!

'No. More. Not afraid. Not afraid. Show me more. Show me all of it. I'm not scared! Show me all of it!'

Applejack saw the grayed out Rainbow Dash . . . at Cloudsdale? Discord appearing beside her, telling everyone she had saved Cloudsdale by sacrificing all of Equestria. The majority of Pegasi present wanting to clip her wings in response. Right before Discord turned them all mad as a last 'gift' to Rainbow Dash before teleporting away. And Dash's soul being crushed by pure overwhelming guilt and self loathing. Pretend to be delusional. Pretend you never made it to Cloudsdale, never have to face the guilt.

She saw Applebloom, scared out of her wits, galloping like mad in the Everfree Forest. Undead skeletal remains of ponies rising out of the ground after her. Telling her to stay in Sunnytown. That if she stayed, she wouldn't become like Ruby.

Then the image shuddered. In one, Applebloom was following Twilight out of Everfree. In the other, a new resident of Sunny Town enjoyed a party. Barely two days later Applejack was ripping the Everfree Forest apart, bucking trees out of the ground one after another, snarling and swearing to Everfree itself she'd uproot the entire forest until it coughed up her little sister. Her friends helped at first, before restraining her to keep her from working herself to death. She escaped and got back to work. Zecora finally came and told Applejack what little she knew. And Applejack found her delusional and now cursed little sister . . . and proceeded to tear Sunnytown to its foundations and bucking the head off of any zombie pony that got in her way.

Now Applejack saw Twilight Sparkle and Trixie on a stone platform surrounded by turning black storm clouds supported only by a long straight staircase. Trixie was wearing a silver necklace chest plate with six black gems. Applejack noticed THIS Trixie however had a purple and white star cutie mark, exactly the same save for the colors of Twilight's white and purple cutie mark. On the stairs Twilight screamed, "SIS! STOP THIS!"

On the platform Trixie snarled, "WE'RE NOT SISTERS! Celestia may have raised us together but she only ever considered you worthy of anything!"

"That's a lie! Trixie! Who's been filling your head with this nonsense?!"

Then the image shuffled, and now it was TRIXIE on the stairs begging her foster sister Twilight to stop this insanity and come home to their adopted mother Celestia.

Applejack saw a gray tinted Twilight Sparkle, whose colors suddenly returned with no real explanation, and began to trot out of her bedroom before knocking over a vase . . . and remembered that she replaced that vase once before but was not sure how it had been broken.

Another image of the same Twilight, this time writing something down and hiding it just before Master Discord retracted the memory revitalization spell he himself had cast on her to amuse himself with Twilight remembering how things had once been for a few minutes, again.

Now the same Twilight, still grayish, but now with memories of herself from before, talking to a filly named Apple Pie who was apparently the descendant of Applebloom and one of Octavia Pie's colts after they had fled what Ponyville had become. Apple Pie smiled at Twilight Tragedy and said, "Hey, even in the darkest of times you hav'ta find something to laugh about!"

The scenes shifted again, this time much closer to the present, but marching forwards. Winona as an old dog Applebloom needed to drag upstairs in her mouth. Then the Apples gathered around the small unmarked grave of the ancient loyal dog, AJ noticed this Applebloom now had her cutie mark but the scene shifted before she could focus.

This time the Apples were all in black (and Applebloom no longer a little filly), minus Granny Smith, whose tombstone they all surrounded, and wept.

In the blink of an eye Applebloom now with streaks of gray in her mane was surrounded by her fully grown male children, her husband a bit behind her. She visited the graves of her brother and sister on the anniversary of their deaths. Then, her sons as entering their twilight years themselves along with their children and grandchildren mourning Granny Bloom's death.

The images shifted once more. A much larger Spike, now carrying a wrinkled Rarity wearing a face veil like she was royalty and he was her elephant, and showing absolutely not the least of resentment, if anything a sense of honor.

A even larger Spike cradling the elderly and weathered remains of Rarity in his claws almost like she was a broken doll, the mighty beast openly weeping. A graying adult mare version of Sweetie Belle with a music based cutie mark wept along side him.

One of Applejack's front hooves violently pushed and pulled at the lever, her other front hoof felt pain.

Then there was a vision of herself along with her five friends. With sweeps of the image, one by one they were replaced with grave stones, each time the group a little bit more elderly, Twilight's graying however wasn't happening nearly as fast as the others were. Finally Twilight stood before the graves of her five friends (four actually, AJ had been buried with rest of the Apple family) with a giant purple and green dragon looming behind her with a sad look on its face.

Sweet Apple Acres expanded, Granny Bloom's risk taking days had actually paid off. However sixty years after her death, Pegasi figured out how to grow produce on clouds via a new process that enabled clouds to hold soil. At first this was seen as an oddity at best and a joke at worst and rightfully so. These Pegasi had no clue how to farm besides what they read and the produce was low quality. But with a more direct access to the weather system and sunlight they would manage to slowly outpace the Earth Pony farm market once their product quality had improved. This was due to thirty or so years later when the first generation of True Flutter Ponies had come into being, Earth Ponies who had permanently severed their magical link with the land for the gift of being able to fly and were hired on the spot by the struggling Pegasi farm industry as consultants. They were slurred as 'fairies' or 'pixies' by Earth Ponies who mostly considered them deserters or traitors. And with a faster Pegasi delivery system, the smaller farms began to dry up. The pony Applebark saw the way things were blowing and began to invest in the new market in spite of the words from his family. His grandson was the first Earth Pony in their family to convert. The rock farmers' market by contrast exploded as they grabbed up the quality land where before they had been given the left overs.

Dragon flames tore through Ponyville like a hot poker through paper as Luna's Night Troopers and Celestia's Day Soldiers fought against Dragon Queen Tiamat IV's expansionist army. Spike and other dragons loyal to Equestria fell under suspicion and had to fight that much harder to prove themselves. Lady Twilight 'Magica' Sparkle spent a year recovering from burn wounds she suffered from a blast of dragon fire that had reduced other unicorns to ashes. What remained of Ponyville was just under half its buildings, either burned out shells or dragon carcasses having crashed through the walls, and a quarter of its population dead and a fifth maimed. A century and a decade of rebuilding later it was assimilated into part of Canterlot, the capital and the small town -now more of a city- were so interconnected now they functioned as one anyway.

For one flickering instant, Applejack saw Princess Celestia, except, WITH WRINKLES, and looking OLD. Behind Celestia in the sky was an equally ancient and elderly red sun. The image went by so fast Applejack wasn't sure she had actually seen it.

Again with a yellow sun in the sky, Twilight Sparkle (with a white mane with grayish streaks) was chatting with a friendly yellow Earth Pony with a black mane and a blank flank. "The world is so beautiful." Said the Earth Pony in an awe inspired, but strangely sad voice. The two nuzzled.

The image shifted again. This was a tall white tower, the sky showed a starry night devoid of its moon. Six stood before a massive black Alicorn. Its wings were white bones, just like its face. Its cutie mark was a Tarot card with a skull on it. It had a familiar black mane. It boomed, "The moment ponies devoured the Fruit of Magic they sealed their fate! Entrusting their future to the Elements they cling to a dim hope. Yet, it is through harmony that all is revealed: Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end. It matters not who you are, Death awaits you."

Opposed to it was Twilight Sparkle, her mane now completely white but, strangely, not showing any other signs of aging. Along side here were three other ponies (a white unicorn, a pegasus and an Earth Pony) who AJ didn't recognize except the Earth pony who bore some resemblance to Apple Pie, a young blue and green dragon, and a GRIFFON. Each of them wearing an Element of Harmony while Twilight was wearing the familiar crown.

Twilight shouted at the black Alicorn, "Living means not cowering before death! It's about what you leave behind, not whether or not you'll always be here! That's why if you say Equestria's time to die is now, we'll fight you to the bitter end to prove you wrong!"

The black Alicorn replied as if he had been ordered to fight his best friend, "Then come to me Twilight! Your friends are waiting for you. This battle is the path of your own choosing!"

The images shifted again.

Applejack saw herself as a blank flank, Auntie and Uncle Orange taking her to an early morning show. Then she saw herself as an adult mare . . . but with a shorter mane, no sign of her precious hat . . . wearing a dress, and with three orange gems as her cutie mark.

She saw herself acting and speaking like Rarity, but with more calm about herself, more open. She saw herself protecting her older aunt and uncle from rioting ponies during the Nightmare Moon night.

She was invited to meet six ponies who had apparently saved the world from Nightmare Moon and were now on an Equestria wide tour. Being one of the most successful business mares in Manehatten, of course she attended. Then she found out there had been a more direct and real reason for her invite during their stay.

"BIG MAC! BROTHER DEAREST!" The two hugged at once.

Orangejack kept asking why her brother hadn't told her he had helped save the world. He admitted he was embarrassed being the only stallion in a group of mare heroes.

"You should visit more often! I always have a place for you!"

"And ya could visit the farm ya know. Applebloom would sure like to meet the big sister who keeps sending her them expensive dolls."

"Brother dearest we have been over this many a time. I have a lot of businesses to run. I can not just abandon my responsibilities just for feeling nostalgic."

"Ah'm not talkin' about going back! Just a visit! Ah promise Granny Smith won't try to guilt trip ya this time."

" . . . I shall consider it sincerely, brother dearest."

Then the image shuffled again. Showing two scenes at once.

One showed Applejack meeting a polite but down to earth Earth pony in Ponyville, she couldn't see his face (DANGIT!) but they hit it off on the dance floor at Pinkie Pie's town wide party and with each other. He had been a drifter, just passing through town, nothing special, but he found something special in her. Said it was nice to meet a mare who didn't play 'mind games' with him. And two years later, with her husband she looked at a newborn yellow male foal with a matching mane. The proud mother whispered the foal's name but Applejack didn't hear it no matter how hard she tried.

The other showed Orangejack meeting a flying-on-the-edge-of-your-seats unicorn stallion whose sense of adventure caught Orangejack's eyes at that year's Grand Galloping Gala (the repair work since the disaster years before had been a miracle). For the next year she kept making excuses to visit him. A year later she got tired of waiting and asked HIM to marry HER! . . . And then again the image of a proud mother, this time of a red unicorn female foal with a green mane. When the nurse asked what her name was, all Applejack managed to hear was that her name began with 'Fi-.'

"No." Applejack whispered, "It ain't fair, it ain't fair! It ain't fair!"


Applejack stared at the pools, her eyes were like billiard balls, her pupils were huge, tears were streaming down her face. "Not . . . fair . . . ain't . . . fair . . ."

Celestia shouted in alarm for the third time. "APPLEJACK! THAT'S ENOUGH! JUST STOP!" AJ didn't respond.

Luna shouted, "'Tia! Her hooves!"

Luna always did catch details better than her, then again she was the artist of the family.

Celestia's eyes widened. While one of AJ's hooves was indeed on the lever and trying to pull it, another one was -stuck in the gears- to prevent the mechanism from closing. 'There is no way that was an accident.' Celestia thought.

"Applebloom!" Luna shouted, "Pull your sister's hoof out of the gears right now!"

Applebloom didn't need to be told twice, seeing her sister in this state had prevented her little mind from putting the mechanics together, but everything fell into place in nano seconds as she pulled the bleeding hoof free. Instantly the shutter closed.

Applejack fell to her knees at once, her eyes still large and tears staining her face like rivers.

"You stupid pony!" Luna cursed in dismay. "You didn't need to prove anything!"

"Not now Luna!" Celestia shouted back. 'Why do Applejacks have to be such stubborn pig-heads!?'

With their link to the Truth broken (not wanting to risk FORCING the vision to end), the Alicorns were at AJ's side in the blink of an eye, repairing the damage to her foreleg and helping her up.

"WHY!" Celestia said, for the first time in so long, upset with one of her ponies. Her voice boomed echoing in the chamber, it made Applebloom cower and want to beg for forgiveness even though she had done nothing wrong. Even Luna shuddered.

AJ spoke in tired breaths like she had done the Running of the Leaves in sixty seconds, "Ah . . . Ah said I wouldn't be scared of da Truth . . . so Ah wasn't, wasn't gonna, wasn't gonna let mahself turnin' chicken get in the way of seein' it all . . . "

Celestia let out Equestria's smallest laugh, blinked tears, and wrapped her neck and wings around the orange Earth pony. "Oh Applejack, you silly pony."

"Big sistah, ya did that, on purpose?"

"Had ta show dem Truth fellah ah warn't scared o' none of 'em." AJ said, finally able to closed her eyes a little and had stopped crying.

Applebloom pressed herself against her sister's side. Luna thought how it reminded her of herself and 'Tia.

"Celestia . . . so all dat weird stuff that . . . that was Truth too?"

"Those were truths that have been explored down different paths. Some of it was your future, some of it were futures of other versions of you."

Applebloom asked totally confused. "Other versions? Huh? Whatcha all talkin' about?"

"One moment." Luna said and tapped her horn on Applebloom's forehead. "I promise you'll remember every detail of today when you wake up. But for now, have sweet dreams, dream of Ruby and playing with her, dream away your monsters, and know you have nothing to fear because your family is there for you."

Applebloom fell asleep still on her hooves.

"Wha . . what was that fer?" AJ asked.

Luna shook her head, a bit dizzy, that trick always took power out of her. "You have confessions and questions you don't want your sister to carry right? She's endured already more than any filly her age should have to."

"Ah know . . . now . . . so . . mah . . . mah son . . . mah daughter . . .they're both real? But . . that ain't fair . . ."

"That things are not fair is -why- the truth brings pain Applejack. I didn't know -what- you'd see, but everyone sees paths they never explored and dismissed." Celestia answered.

"But . . . ah felt it . . .ah loved'em both. Ah always told mahself I'd have been miserable there. Or I'd have become one of them selfish arrogant snobs. Ah told mahself if Ah stayed, if Ah somehow got happy dere . . . it would be just makin' others miserable. Ah didn't think . . . Ah didn't think Ah could make somethin' as wonderful as that there too. Neither of them deserve to simply . . . not exist."

"Both will live in their particular path where that you made your choice, and in turn make their own choices. And both down their road WILL make that you proud."

Applejack felt the pain inside her lessen. "Thanks. Ah think Ah finally understand . . . Ah knew everypony was sufferin... but, Ah was just blanketin' 'em all together. Like they were all havin' the SAME problem. Ah guess maybe it wasn't all that real, not really real ta me . . . I'm gonna take a nap now . . ."

"Such a silly pony." Luna sighed.

"I know Lulu, I know. But she's wonderful for it."

The two Apples were taken back upstairs and put in one of the royal guest rooms. They returned home later that night. Applebloom seemed calmer when she woke up, more in control of herself, but she was still smiling and looking at everything in wonder and joy.

AJ didn't get any farm work done the next day. She had a lot of work to do.

First she played with Winona, telling her what a great dog she was. Then she was sure to tell Granny Smith that she'd always be a wonderful dancer to AJ. She also told Big Macintosh that she KNEW that given the chance he was as much a hero as she and the others were. She also had Applebloom tell her all about her adventure in Everfree Forest . . . and hugged her and told her that she was safe, and that she was a very very very brave pony. She could have let those monsters take her, but she didn't.

She wrote a letter to Aunt and Uncle Orange, telling them in no uncertain terms that she would always love them.

She also visited Rainbow Dash via Twilight Sparkle's balloon and thanked the stars above that "Twili's cloud walkin' spell was long lasting!"

Rainbow Dash of course was VERY surprised to see her. After proper greetings and everything AJ told her. "Dashie . . . I know what happened at Cloudsdale . . . the real Cloudsdale . . ." Dashie's face twisted in fear but before she could do anything AJ finished, "And Ah forgive you! Discord would have made whatever choice you made worse. And Ah know the others will forgive ya too!" Rainbow Dash's hug was very unexpected.

Applejack did a LOT of walking around Ponyville that day, and that evening too, also having to look up a few addresses while she was at it.

At least everyone knew that AJ was one of the six ponies who saved the world (twice, but most didn't know that).

"You two being together is STILL your strength. If you let yourselves be broken apart because of this, you're letting Discord have the last laugh." She told Aloe and Lotus.

"DISCORD is the one who hurt those ponies. Not you. Would you ever do a thing like that? No? Then it wasn't you! You have a special talent the same as any pony... use it to PROTECT PONIES, prove Discord wrong about what your talent means." She said to Archer.

"Look. I don't know a lot 'bout you. Or what yer story is. But whatever ya did, know that Discord affected the rest of us too, there's nothing to be ashamed of. It could have easily been someone else who Discord twisted about. I know it's hard to hear, but yer the same as the rest of us that way. And that means we all accept you as one of us." Doctor Whoof finally came out of his blue shed fifteen minutes after AJ left.

"Yer Twist right? Mah little sister is a friend of yers right? Look I know she doesn't hang with you as much now that she formed her club and you got yer mark . . . but she's there for ya just like yer parents. And I KNOW that just because yer not blank anymore doesn't mean she isn't there for you. Show 'dem blanks that it's not just about getting yer cutie mark, but what ya do after, and that getting it doesn't make ya more or less of someone's friend!"

"Look at yer sistah, Sweetie Belle, after Discord, she acted like she was walkin' on nails around her own jewels. But she fought it and BEAT IT. And if she can, then you can too! Those dolls are yours, you're NOT theirs!"

"Ah just wanna speak ta yer daughter! I'm not sellin' nothin'! Oh come on please? Hey I happen to be friends with Celestia just so you know and-HEY! Put me down ya yellah-UGH!" AJ sighed and walked away from the Tiara household.

"YOU KNOW that Lyra wouldn't have ever done that if that was really Lyra. AND YOU know that you'd never do that to Bon-Bon if that was really you! Yes I know what they say about hypnosis but it wasn't no hypnosis! Take it from someone who knows someone who knows what ya went through. That -wasn't- you. You know you'd never do anything to hurt her. Don't prove that scum bag right by lettin' your friendship go because of him."

"Hello. Huh? NO! I'm NOT a kidnapper! I just had a bit of a bad experience tryin' to talk to some ponies in big houses. Just because yer glasses HELP YA see, doesn't mean they ARE your eyes. And yer name is your NAME, it doesn't make you you! Cheerilee is a teacher and it doesn't have to do with her name or from how her cutie mark looks. Ya can still be however ya want ta be. And ask yerself too, would yer daddy really try to hurt ya? . . . If ya don't know yer pa' well enough to know, maybe it's time you GOT to know'em!" She told Silver Spoon on her way home from school.

"Look lady! I know we ain't friends or anythin' alike! But ya KNOW that things like what those rags are sayin' are part of the business yer in! I know dem dresses meant a lot ta ya! Yer a lady known for her confidence! And doin' somethin' because of what dem rags say only encourages 'em! . . . I'll be going now." AJ walked away from the front gate, having had the entire conversation with Photo Finish through the intercom.

AJ wrote three more letters. One was to that sassy dolt Blueblood . . . tellin' 'em that if he really loved his Auntie that he wouldn't fear her embodiment, and he should take the whole thing as a learning experience. And consider maybe, just maybe he's the one that needs to change and not the girls he dates for one evening apiece.

The second was to Philomena, she didn't know if the bird could read, or if the paper she picked out was fireproof enough, but she wrote that Philomena should take pride in thwarting one tiny piece of Discord's game. And for distracting Discord long enough likely for some ponies to be left unharmed by him. AJ knew it was weak, but she also knew she couldn't help every pony, er, everyone equally no matter how much she wanted to.

The last letter was to Octavia Pie. AJ wrote, in the best Manehatten style of speaking she could, that if Octavia really loved music, then she shouldn't let what Discord did to her make her abandon it. Her music made a LOT of ponies happy, and she should remember how it made her happy.

"You two are the picture of a mama and her young 'un. I've never seen a ma and her filly as closely bonded as you two! And I can tell ya right now that ain't an exaggeration on ma part! You two are wonderful for each other! And I KNOW what you two share is stronger than anything Discord could have done to ya." There were her words to Ditzy Doo and Dinky Doo.

"Mayor Mare . . . WE ALL KNOW that you care about us!"

"Carrot Top . . . Ah know you've always been scared of other ponies opinions. But anyone who blames ya for what Discord made ya do is a donkey! Pardon to Miss Matilda. Yer not a thug, yer not a bully, yer a farmer same as me. So Ah know you don't have anything to be ashamed of."

"Hey you two! Your cutie marks are ALWAYS something to be proud of! They're a mark of what makes you you! They're not something to be afraid of simply because somethin' that LOOKED LIKE them tried to hurt ya! It WASN'T them! So raise yer heads high!" She told Snips and Snails when she finally found them with Luna's moon rising.

Applejack knew the truth that it wouldn't be as easy as a couple kind words from a total stranger, no matter how much sense they made, to turn things around. Many would ignore her words, or perhaps only take them partially to heart. Others might have closed themselves in deeper because of what she said. But AJ had no regrets. At least it would start them down the right path or if they were already on it, help them along the way to healing the claw marks Discord had left on all of them.

And finally . . .

"Hi AJ . . . I've heard from Pinkie Pie you've really been making hoof tracks around town."

"Sure have Twili. Don't worry, this is just today, it ain't gonna be Apple Buck Season Part Two. In fact, that's kinda why I'm here, well, not directly, but it's a big part of the reason."

"Oh really? What is it?"

" . . . there's a unicorn pony in Hoofington that really needs yer brand of help."


The Reharmonized/Recovery Pony POV series!

Previous Part: [link]
Next Part: [link]

Discord is beaten. The world is restored to it's proper balance and sanity and Celestia rule the day once again. But it's the scars ponies bare that you can't see that take the longest to heal.

Of all the Mane Six, Applejack seems next to Pinkie Pie and Twilight handling what happened to her in the maze the best. But while AJ understands the truth, she's gone one heck of a ride to realize the WHOLE truth.

A spiritual (and not so spiritual) sequel to my Discorded Ponies POV series found here. [link]

Recovery POVs Told In Order:
Fluttershy and Flutter Cruel: [link]
Rainbow Dash: [link]
Rarity: [link]
Applejack: Here
Pinkamina: [link]
Twilight Sparkle: [link]
The One And Only Trixie: [link]
Penultimate Alpha 01 and 02 (actually part of the same chapter split due to size limits): [link] [link]
Fluttercruel and Fluttershy: [link]
Penultimate Beta02: [link]
Teacher teacher: [link]

Here is a POV looking at Applejack's original descent into darkness and her original thoughts on embracing kind hearted white lies over truth. [link]

MLP FiM Copyright Hasbro

EDIT: Corrected a lot of spelling mistakes, and toned back AJ's accent in some places. And added another scene to AJ's vision.

EDIT: I put in the revision to Ditzy Doo and Dinky Doo's Discorded memory done by Baka-No-Kokor. [link] Thank you.

POV SIDE STORY CANTERLOT CHAOS: (Consider canon of your own free will!)


EDIT 2011 12 31:
As edited by The Nineteenth Lord of Fear, Pumpkin. [link]

EDIT: 2012 06 3rd: Edited the donkey line to make it fit a bit more with the story verse.

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20130329: Artist is [link] Owlor, taken from audio adaption.
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Three down, four left to go. Now it is Applejack’s time to start her new journey.

After a friendly greeting, we learn that Discord had a much larger impact on this world than Nightmare Moon and thanks to the fact that the Draconequus had his final showdown in the middle of Ponyville a lot of ponies got interested in the heroes. So now a group of interviewers tries to make a documentary about the group that saved the world twice. There is nothing more to the interviewers.

Everyone suffered under Discord, not just the main characters. They all try to hide their pain and force themselves back into their old lives like nothing had changed. But they did change. Few are able to admit that. The world had lost its innocence. And it took so long to rebuild this innocence after the Draconequus broke it the last time. All he needed was one day…

Applejack feels like she sees the picture clearer than others, suspecting that it is connected with her Element, Honesty. And she actually made more progress by herself than the others so far did.

She understands that she started to lie because she was afraid of the truth. And AJ kept lying no matter how bad the condition of her friends and family became. The earth pony lied to herself. She is ashamed that she ran away from the truth but doesn’t even realize that she does in fact see things much clearer than Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity did. Applejack understands what Discord used to break her. No wonder the others call her the most dependable of ponies.

Applejack vows to herself no never turn her back on the truth again no matter how painful it is. Little does she know that her determination will soon put to a test.

Both she and her sister Applebloom get invited to Canterlot by the Princess. Without the rest of the heroes, even Twilight is surprised by that development.

Applebloom just loves the chance to get her Cutie Mark in something related to royalty. Big Macintosh still suffers under the effect of Discord’s torture but promises to take care of the farm anyway. He is not only terrified by the family dog but also by working on the fields. This practically ruins his entire life as a farmer. Granny Smith is still feeling the pain of her endless forced dancing. We also no learn if Discord bothered to fix her hip before that, knowing him the answer is likely that it would be “funnier” if the old earth pony did dance for all eternity with an injury.

Neither of them spoke with a doctor about their ordeals. Sometimes they can be too stubborn for their own good.

The flight in the chariot goes as well as expected with the hyperactive Applebloom. But AJ is able to secure her sister before she can accidently fall off. The way through Canterlot isn’t as relaxing and involves scaring every Pegasus in armour, a royal fountain that is very clearly labelled, Applebloom ignoring the warning and becoming a seapony, the ghost of a Hippocampus and a lost family locket.

But the warning couldn’t be anymore specific: “No Public Bathing, Fillies Stay Away, Do Not Drink The Water, This Means You Applebloom.” It is almost like magic is involved.

Princess Celestia really enjoys Applebloom’s energy but even her sense of humour has its limits and she telekinetically moves the filly back to her AJ’s side.

And the Princess immediately answers the obvious question: Applejack got called here to see the Truth. But she isn’t supposed to gain “lie detector vision.“ Applebloom was summoned as well to help her older sister. Both are rightfully confused.

Eventually the Princess decides that they should discuss the rest in privacy. The entire room seals itself and the floor opens itself to reveal a secret staircase. The path down into the darkness is so long that they have the time for a conversation.

Applejack is able to talk honestly about how she was corrupted unlike Rainbow Dash and didn’t gain a phobia of apples like Rarity got one with her gems. AJ promises that she has learned something and will never make the same mistake again.

Even Celestia praises her for the realisation that the truth can be very painful. The Princess also shows her strange sense of humour by saying that she could just have teleported them all down there. The room down there is apparently sealed by both Alicorns. Inside is a strange mechanical construction with a spiral shutter.

Princess Luna is also down there, greeting Applejack like an old friend. Here mere "Close enough I guess." to the completely wrong story Applebloom has heard about her is entertaining. She has likely heard stories that were even further away from the truth.

Finally both Princesses unseal the secret sealed down here. Down there is the Well of Infinitely/Pool of Truths/the Sun And the Moon's Shadow or shorter Truth. It is not a tool in the classical sense. It can’t predict chaotic things like Discord and doesn’t just show what the observer wants to see. It is Truth after all.

Without Luna Celestia didn’t have access to it for 1000 years and the year after her sister’s healing she was too weak to unlock it. There was no chance for the lonely Alicorn to foresee Discord’s return with it.

The innocent can’t comprehend Truth but after her torture by Discord and a certain other event Applebloom isn’t that innocent anymore. We also learn that Luna sees everything that happens under her moon’s light and shares the information with her sister. This is how she had learned about Applebloom’s adventure.

Celestia quickly changes the topic as Applejack tries to find out what everyone is talking about.

Then she finally starts to explain what this is all about. Dicord used lies to break Pinkie Pie, brute force against Fluttershy, an impossible choice against Rainbow Dash, her inner demons against Rarity and the corrupted versions of them against Twilight. But the Draconequus attacked Applejack with truth, a self fulfilling staged truth to be exact. That is the other side of Honesty, the hurtful truths. Like the knowledge Luna has about Applebloom.

Applejack isn’t on a trial or to be punished but to learn the whole truth in all of its horrible glory. Applebloom is there to support her sister because of her unbreakable trust in her older sister.

AJ can still back out without losing anything. She is asked three times but her determination or stubbornness is too strong.

Her sister is by her side and all she has to do is to move the lever to open the seal to behold truth.

At first she merely sees her reflection but soon she starts to see how everyone suffered under Discord.

The twins working at the spa (Aloe and Lotus) were turned into a two headed pony and now their close bound is twisted into revulsion of each other and both are ashamed that they feel this way.

Archer was transformed into an evil version of cupid, piercing countless ponies with his unlimited supply of arrows and enjoying it, even his own mother (five times!) is attacked. Now the earth pony is deadly afraid of her own bow and haunted by the memories of what she did to others.

Dr. Whooves refuses to leave his tar… his little blue shed after being transformed into a seemingly useless maniac threatening to “EXTERMINATE!” ponies for rather childish reasons.

Little Twist’s legs and neck distorted themselves all on their own like a mockery of her ability to create candy. The child is still traumatized by this and afraid of candy, the very thing she is so good at creating.

Applebloom kept checking herself in the mirror if she was still a normal pony and hadn’t turned back into a zombie. But the doubt won’t leave her that easily.

Sweetie Belle threw her doll collection away; it took her years to get so many of them together. The look on their faces kept reminding her on the empty eternal dance Discord forced on her and another unfortunate filly.

Speaking of the devil Diamond Tiara was Sweetie Belle’s dance partner and even started to exchange parts of her with the unicorn. But she is even angrier that as a mindless puppet she lost her one chance to actually hug her own mother flying above her.

The bound between Lyra and Bon-Bon was corrupted as well; Lyra sounding like a broken instrument attacked her best friend viscously, who was suddenly filled with creamy filling. She almost killed herself when she realized what she did.

Silver Spoon was almost killed by her own mad father. We get the “lovely” details later. This broke her connection with her own family and later she lost her bound to Diamond Tiara as well.

Photo Finish was running around with her trademark clothes and actually ate her own dresses. Even worse someone sold the footage of this afterwards to some tabloids, humiliating her before a large audience.

Blueblood was turned into a mare made of ice stalked by a mad stallion made of fire. He definitely had issues that Discord came up with a torture like this. Now he is deadly afraid of the sun itself.

Discord forced Philomena to rebirth herself over and over again until he got bored and just trapped her under the water. Now the powerful phoenix won’t even leave her cage.

Trixie had become completely catatonic completely ignoring the madness around her. After the healing wave hit she… we don’t learn what happened to her afterwards.

Octavia, apparently the sister of Pinkie Pie, decided to become deaf and mute after Discord had amplified her hearing to torturous levels.

Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves was forced by the Draconequus to reject her little adopted filly Dinky, breaking the entire family in one strike. Now both desperately cling to each other, hoping that the painful memories will eventually fade.

Mayor Mare was turned into a useless and boastful statue, that did nothing for the injured right next to her and is currently nearly working herself to death in an attempt to prove the others that she does care for them.

Carrot Top is deep in denial about her change into a mindless brute who attacked anything living with the colour green.

Snips and Snails are frightened of everything after they were attacked by monstrous versions of their cutie marks.

Discord caused SO MUCH SUFFERING to everyone for his mere entertainment. They were all tortured in different ways. They are still suffering in their own ways. Applejack is nearly crushed by all this information. Just knowing that her little sister is at her side helps to lessen the burden. Still the farmer would have quit at this point if she hadn’t blocked the mechanism with her own leg. So Truth shows her more.

Applejack learns that Rainbow Dash faked to be delusional to run away from her guilt.

She learns that Applebloom did visit the horrible place that is Sunny Town (form Story of The Blanks) and was just able to escape from the zombies. Then Applejack sees another world where her little sister didn’t manage to escape, became another cursed resident and that in turn her older sister ripped the forest and the town apart. Later we learn that it could get even worse in this world.

Then she sees alternate versions of Twilight and Trixie (using seemingly a counterpart of the Elements of Harmony, both raised by Celestia about to fight to the death. In the next world the roles of the two unicorns are reversed.

Applejack beholds the world of the epilogue and Twilight Tragedy but something is different. The cursed unicorn manages to write a note to herself, slowly breaking her corruption until Twilight can restore her memory and think clear again.

She even sees her own family dying one by one of old age: Winona, Granny Smith, Big Macintosh, Applejack and finally Applebloom. But their family continues to live.

The farmer views Spike and Rarity as the unicorn dies much earlier than the dragon does, just like Rarity knew it would turn out. She did form this relationship anyway.

Applejack desperately tries to pull the lever but her other hoof continues to block the mechanism. So Truth shows her even more.

She sees herself and her friends dying one by one as they leave Twilight behind. The unicorn strangely seems to age much slower than the rest of them. The pegasi start to grow plant life on clouds and start to replace the earth ponies as farmers. Ponyville becomes part of a war between the dragons and the ponies. Eventually the wounds heal and the small village merges with Canterlot. For a moment the farmer sees even the eternal Princess Celestia becoming old.

Applejack views an old Twilight befriending an earth pony that eventually turns into an Alicorn representing death. Twilight and a new group of Elements challenge him on the top of a tower to safe Equestria from death. This is a nice reference to Persona 3 but this is not the last thing we see from this Alicorn.

Finally she sees how her life could have turned out if she had decided to stay with her aunt and uncle. She would have become a different person, have a different cutie mark and not become the Element of Honesty. But she didn’t change into a worse person; Orangejack is just different, maybe somewhat distant to her Apple family. She stands up to protect her aunt and uncle from rioters. In her place her brother became the Element of Honesty and fought Nightmare Moon with the others. In the end she sees the two families she could have if she would have stayed in Manehatten.

She could take everything Truth showed her but to see the family she never had almost breaks her. Finally Luna notices that Applejack is actively blocking the mechanism and Applebloom pulls the bleeding hoof out. Both Alicorns are angry that the earth pony tortured herself in such a way. Celestia is even angry enough to use the traditional royal canterlot voice. Applejack was so determined to show Truth that she is not afraid of it.

Luna uses her compelling voice to let Applebloom sleep and both Alicorns explain to the farmer that she saw alternate worlds, things that could have been and things that will be. Applejack is devastated by the fact that her children will never exist, because she didn’t take this path. But the Goddesses assure her that both children merely live in other worlds with other versions of Applejack.

At the next day the farmer goes to meet everyone she had seen suffering in her vision. And she tries to help everyone in a different way: Winona, Granny Smith, Big Macintosh, Applebloom, Aunt and Uncle Orange, Rainbow Dash, Aloe and Lotus, Archer, Dr. Whooves, Twist, Sweetie Belle, Lyra, Silver Spoon, Photo Finish, Blueblood, Philomena, Octavia Pie, Ditzy Doo/ Derpy Hooves and Dinky Doo, Mayor Mare, Carrot Top, Snips and Snails.

Some already make some progress after her visit. When she forgives Rainbow Dash the pegasus hugs her in return and Dr. Whooves is finally able to leave his little blue shed. Unfortunately the Tiara household rejects her.

She knows that she can’t help them all by herself and that one talk can’t end their suffering but she has no regrets about her actions. Applejack is sure that she can help them walk their own paths. In the end she goes to Twilight to tell her that Trixie desperately needs the help of the gifted unicorn.

Overall the chapter is just incredible and not only provides character development for Applejack but manages to flesh out so many characters in one story by showing how they were tortured by Dicord, how they reacted to this and how Applejack tries to help them. And Truth is also a very interesting concept that will play a larger role later on.
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Yeah. This is among my favorite chapters next to Rarity. Too bad I ended up drifting into action.
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I think the mix of both character development and action works very well. In my opinion the differences between the chapters support each other.

The characters give the action meaning and focus, while the action allows them to use their new abilities and knowledge. And there are still chapters without action scenes later on like Trixie’s Last Hurdle, most of the Butterflies chapters or Fluttercruel’s Cute-Ceanera.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Wow, Just wow. Now, I have been reading the rest of these POV's that you have made, and I have enjoyed all of them up to this point. But as I read this one, I could tell it was different. I was enraptured by your writing, drawn in. Not only was this written smoothly, but it actually makes sense, and stays within the bounds of what is expected of the character. This story fits Applejack nicely and I could definitly see celestia having something like the truth. Having applebloom support her sister was a nice touch as well. I feel that having applebloom come really added substance to the story. Also, Applejack sticking her hoof in the gears fits her stubborness perfectly. All in all, I was exceedingly impressed by this story. Great Job.
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Thank you for this review.
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Why thank you. :-)

In short the story was alive. :-)
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

First point, you need to run this through another beta reader. I know a guy. And that guy is me. Grin.
Second point, the accent is stronger than it should be in the first part, and then you switch almost entirely to third person. The reason for doing so is clear enough, but the fact that you don't run the whole thing from one viewpoint is slightly jarring.
Third point, I can't find anything else wrong with this. You tell one story and launch the seeds of a thousand more, you yank our hearts out and show them to us whole, you explore the concept of the Myriad Ways, and you allow Applejack to grow into a stronger mare by helping her confront the Truth. So much is done to help her and those around her that even the ending carries a triumphant feel. In particular, helping Rainbow Dash with the Cloudsdale incident? That was a heartwarming scene, the kind I hope to one day see more of. Not bad, Warlorn. Score 9897: Finish Him. (Incidentally, I now have an image of Applejack going through a Magic Overload when she finds out about her sister in the forest... so cool!)
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Thank you for this review.
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I'd be happy to accept your edits.
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Okay, back to this series. This chapter was definitely a long read. It was interesting seeing the bits of advice given to the various troubled ponies.

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Thanks. This was basically the beginning of long chapters for pony pov that became a staple.
Apotheosis: The beautiful Mirror, her birth starts here.

Endrel: No, her potential birth in the POV Timeline starts here.

Apotheosis: Hmmfph.

OOC: An interesting chapter that gives Applejack an ability that would stick with her throughout the story.
So, the one who was posting the comments of the 'translation mix-up' versions of these chapters? That was me. I am EndermanBoss, and I got stuck on this particular chapter, google translate was having problems with it, I've now found a work-around, and here is this chapter's translation mix-up.

Horse Reharmonized new cider, "the truth and the whole truth

How are you. AJ here, you know, cider? A small, is not it? Sure looks like a heckuva than a few weeks. Unlike Nightmare Moon (through a remote forest Everfree sisters under the castle), we have gained the right not to Ponyville harmonies. Regardless of how much you want to contribute Everypony not remember the incident, "when the issue up.

So now here is a group of ponies you want to know more about the Six delivered two times around the 'weekly' Makin or something. "Not really listening hand" but Mara mayor make sure that all of that is, too, enough that we all recovered to return to life without the Czechs' fake allow happened.

Nothing wrong with the water, but obviously limited everypony when working a little more than what they do, a little faster charging them or stop talking at all ... go to the "circle" Thang same game repeatedly. Everypony lookin 'over their shoulders when they were not before.

Ponyville used, simple, shallow throughout the city and the best way to solve the prospect. But now feels "like a calf purity Lil gone a little too fast.

I think you can see that things clearer since I thought you represent Monica loyalty element.

Scary thing is really like they are forgotten, or blocked in the form of all the memories, they pretend not to know, "Why is it one of the actin everypony are such that only comes from the conference Dragon Slayer ".

I fear.

Oh let-down more easily than most people. The dispute may be concerned, but I know I made ah ah, what the United States to do that, and what's wrong, and helped me to recognize reality Twili. Everyone, I just spewin a bad thing, "Makin. But he was too afraid of what might happen to see. When, however, I'm lying to myself that it was a mistake Mah. Do not want to identify the tort not want ah mah way tried and failed. -care- my family crazy when you lie down, and you said that's good. Apple season Buck grandmother again. So the girl who Twili "I snapped back actually slept with A trip down memory lane.

Oh you know, lying only limitation is a coward who does not want to deal with reality when it comes to a bad person. Well, ah knew it was cowardly, I confess! This brave and reliable, and most rely on potatoes pony tail between his legs and he did not know what he should be.

But oh know, I'm turnin 'chicken again, that eh read something that he did not enjoy, and as promised here Cowpony! Not after what the cost of the mine but my family quite Dang Ponyville, Equestria and the world. And that is to prepare -Truth!

I do not care if it's burning me alive, it is nevah raised "Yellah Gain real!


All speculations that what happened today can bet Gettin 'summons to personal use only invited- -In some women alone. And the wine, "says sis Applebloom doubt even a little ... carrying children ... Pegasus chariot to allow said can not be expected to Eithah.

Twili fails to do so, as this message is sent when a book does not get all the details INTA! Just take mahself and Applebloom in Canterlot by the carriages in his way.

Applebloom, where to start? He surprised everyone a little more fear of a "princess. Within ten seconds of each other." He said Wall, escaped what he wants to fight Somethin Cutie Mark "or others.

Big brother promised to be able to handle the day without experiencing problems. Not sure on the right. Macintosh've worked hard enough, maybe too hard (yes, when I was making myself crazy), but he avoidin "Winona Cutie Pox and treatin work in the field done all his life as a" Takin bad Tastin. Oh I swear I'm doing it with your eyes closed! Oh well, better said, referring to ask you to dig hole Im new plant.

It is not difficult to guess why, perhaps we should all guard against the core of apples and smash the sign as a meeting "and the doctor, after all.

At least as Granny Smith says his sore ankle after something "after all the dancing, and he made after the issue drove him crazy. I did not ask if you do not bother to correct his harmonic lap before she danced "The only thing in his head. Maybe you should.


Men were just in time. Applebloom asked a million questions and no one to answer them. Twili "I said: 'ello Queen has promised to do so, and I'll do it.

Air. Rush.

Woman thinking hell "? They've never heard of salvation? Applebloom did not know it was supposed to be his fear of magnification is high. This is not good. We have to ensure that it is rockin 'Shopping givin' have a opportunity to show that I'd catch her if she fell ... or perhaps easy to grow wings.

He would not "stop the group, but on the ground the better.

Oh admit, the idea is not bad. I love all the Hoofin ', but it was not bad.

Then hit me -really-.

This is the first time Applebloom Canterlot. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no! I note add a blue-plate special - to be careful around wander so that he will not go "areas, and the other lost.

Effects brought Winona.

Make sure Applebloom were given a tour of the gardens of the castle. . . But the whole Canterlot blew himself? Celestia!


He does not usually lie if I say no. "That's what lawyers always glorious Yin.

So you would not be lying if he said what happened aftah landed right Canterlot. This involves frightening Applebloom Pegasus armor around the royal Applebloom Czech redefine the source to pay "public bathhouse" ... and I think that the specter of Hippocampus earrings lost family, but not sure which refers to "the game They have the information.

Then again Applebloom have four legs instead of two legs and a tail, and your listening, if they need to make the signs saying 'is not a public bath, "fillies" Go away,' 'do not drink 'means Applebloom (I did not sleep) much larger, and its members do not believe we're finally going back to the temple. Now Applebloom sure they understand that ah, he said. "Do not go near the" do not go where I wanted to beat all marked "do not touch '

Sign royal castle. The combination of "The Princess. Applebloom. Applebloom run poorly shooting and asking the right questions. Thanks Princess Celestia humor. It allows me Applebloom go slowly, and he telekinetically subtle changes Applebloom back to me.

Ah'll admit, I think. And very confusing. Why do you want Celestia under any -me-? Make sure you have the elements of disagreement, but why do not we all? It does not make sense. Finally I asked and up-Up is about.

Cider like me, you are right here (or curse) the horse was never more than a thousand years ago, to see the truth.

'To see the truth? Maria will give me a lie detector or something? "

Applebloom jumping up and down. "Wow! I can find Toogood?"

Celestia laughter, sounds fresh and spoke to me. "No .. What you take will not have anything in the body ..."

I feel awkward -REALLY- Talkin 'one-on-one and Princess Celestia, I must keep my feet on the taps. So, uh, why do you ask to Applebloom? "I turned to my sister that she was stuffing pie royal couple when my back was turned.

"It is entirely for the benefit of cider, and nothing else. I want to explain what tad beyond that. Now ... the two of you to take a few steps back ...

Trust completely submerge both are capable.

The Fund, the lights, locked the doors and windows closed Celestia themselves. Applebloom Yelp. Carpet, and we had to roll to one side and rocks floating floor combines separate from each other! Floating "stars in the sky, showing a spiral staircase.

What do you have there or a dragon or property or dragon made from the South or maybe a cute magic sign a confidential source, which can be "

«Applebloom ... a pie Pinkie lift you." My voice nurses who do not. .. Am Mah size of ripe apple and stuck wherever they are, however, under the open ,.

Applebloom received a present. "Oh. Sorry."

"Follow me, and watch everything you do, it's a long way down. If invitin said Celestia" us.

We follow the sun goddess poured all Cosfno Rhbino back. I hope they do not suddenly anywhere quickly moved to Celestia stroke or teleport forgot about us. I do not really want to die a slow suffocatin dark. The foundation of Celestia is the source of light. This rock is not like other Canterlot, the perfection of the polished stone is damp, dusty and difficult.

Applebloom peace, we spent the next few minutes, only to fall and the decline and fall.

"Cider". Eyes, said: Celestia to him, "How do you rate the debate from the second?"

"... Ah've to do" better than most people think oh horse. Ah know what's going on and I Now TA day and do it again. "

But the big sister! There is no way you ever wanted to be "

"Not now Applebloom".

Tell me again about the suit and how to spot cider ".

"We all burst into that rock Oh and some apples that my cute encountered a group of apple trees and some large pile of apples Yin Talkin 'to save the forests of the truth." So I said to the dispute or something. "And they said I could ask a question that I would. I asked that I drive ... and he showed me and my friends a voucher mah 'reality and a kind and cruel lie ... And when Twili "Find Me."

And now? »

"Now of course it is not" Run! You have to deal with the head! "

Celestia polite words. ... Real ... How rare is the perfect place to live like Equestria. "

I went to the loop. "Huh? Why not right?

"It is not right or wrong. It just is. Now I'll just ask cider, you would know the truth of these words?

I will not hesitate. "Yes."

So we are here. "He paused.

Huh? How to reach the end of the ladder? But the big door does not come from nowhere. Is there?

I was really tired Walkin '. Could have been sent to all of us here?

«Applebloom! "

". I can not, then what is the point?" Just say: Celestia.

Door entry is the same height Monica. But there is a second door with a symbol of the moon with it. . . Its Celestia line horns at the door, and it is a bright open space.

Dank, dark, but still nice but it was a huge room. Returns, and the side of the road and fall, but the width of half of the decline in the main singer sealed metal spiral speed camera. Gears gears to appear in the first place.

We went inside, both looking for a football jaw, when we closed the door behind him (they're going to stop ?!). On this side of the leaders saw the door here.

It was when I saw a man who never expected. "Luna princess!"

I'm glad to see you again. .. Cider, I'm sorry, it's not time for me to get to know them better. Princess said that night we were old friends.

"Wow, so you have a princess who was kidnapped a month nightmare and went with my sister to save him?" Said spouting Applebloom find a lot to have a description of your personal Princess Luna and safety nightmare moon will understand that the same horse.

"Close enough, I guess." Said Luna, sounding and feeling awkward questions Applebloom. Looks better than darkness Luna. He told me later that there is no withdrawal from the sky every night that he was not satisfied.

Sister. At this moment. "

All rights Celestia ... Are you sure? "

"No, that's why we do not.

Now I was totally out! Not sure about Celestia? This is far from the truth!

Unicorns flew across the room and out lock horns. Spiral with bright line speeds, swimming and fully reflects the direct. . .something. . . I was not sure if it is a glass or water, so it is completely smooth.

"Cider". Then, attention Celestia mah. "Some people also called eternal that some call it swimming in reality, some of the sun and the Shadow of the Moon, or just a fact. But what do you do under God has given me over the Lions, here or anywhere else. To see the lake when it reveals the truth.

I do not want to be bothered at all to come forward to talk to who is usually one of the will. "Wait .. If it's here," something "is usually how to use it and why it will not help to win the debate?

Princess Celestia, he said firmly, "cider, you can live and do not know the answer to the first question. The same issues are often unexpected levels of reality. And besides, there is a list of where you can just browse through the index and see who you like. -that- Side, it takes two magic unicorns resurrection (it is designed as a safety measure) and Luna spent a year recovering its magic and corruption. "

I really small.

Applebloom leaning his head. Lexi? "

"Great book to learn more about it." Gabriel Luna said, speaking directly to Applebloom.

"Oh. OK. Please wait ... If you know a lot of things!" Applebloom stepped on the rock, and look at the end of the "eternity or something! Darling? And how do I get it?! ..."

«APPLEBLOOM! "I took my little sister mah teeth extracted.

This is good cider. Applebloom probably very safe here. Mother said: Celestia.

-wha Say? "

«Applebloom is, more or less, still innocent. Evidence of the human soul without mistakes, the truth is that glass glory.

Why everyone is referring to me, "Now I get?"

"Besides," Celestia. It is not even activated once ... although perhaps 'innocent' is not really the right word Applebloom ... but I was not able to impress cute enough to hide the truth.

Applebloom innocent? "Good to see you."

"There is nothing that says my sister." Luna said a word a little like a nightmare to learn that the Moon. He sounds as if he knew the words would reduce Applebloom tears. I do not like. "They hold the light was the moon, my, I can not see. -Nothing.- And when we return to the sister has promised that there will be a secret between us.

Scared under the cold eyes like midnight. Nothing? Kiss all the hidden love ', each festival under the ground under the full moon: Luna did not see them at all, that is, between Celestia ... There are fewer than a little scary.

"Luna, remembers what we talked about." Even Celestia can only be a big sister.

"Sorry." He said sorry at all, but he did not know me or Celestia.

I do not know why Luna know things like "do not agree Applebloom? Takin a chance."

"That Applebloom what?"

"He will tell you when he is ready." Gabriel Luna, said only that "there is some pain when -forced- a great danger. Sister is here to help -you.-"

Why me? - "The United States is Celestia, but I was distracted at the time by senior revealin" secret passage.

Big Sister? "Compliance Applebloom.

Oh, and said: 'Look, we have as private as you can ringgit in Equestria, not everything about that?

Celestia said to me, "layer cake cider Fluttershy Pinkie -FORCED- denominations and other attacks around dusk Spectrum is caught in an impossible choice is rarely attacked the demons of its interior, but, due to the difficulty of your items The other part of your entry ..... .. The reality as possible, and the pain, but it still is the fact that the uprising in -because- seen, however, not the scapegoat ...

Suddenly I did not care that I was speaking to print or not.

"Yin" Now I -weaker- than others? "

"Cider just did.


"Hey! Mah name sis! Is not focused on 'weak' game!" Applebloom jumped in front of me.

"And that is because this is what you think, even in the depths of the human heart, Applebloom having you here.

"Waiting ..." and said: "This is a test or something and protection mah Applebloom?

Celestia surprise for the first time in years. "Huh? No! This can not be what gave the impression that he is not on trial or convicted or suspected anything, cider ... you came here to read!

"See that?"

"-say- You see the truth is bad, but until you see the fact that, contrary to a statement full of dreams staged to bring him to you and your element is kept from reaching their full potential . Everything here -help-, cider. Try to strike ... However, to see the truth is ... the pain. I'm not going to ask you, whatever you choose to give part of loyalty.'ll contemptible cowardice or the loss of your relationship with others if you have declined.

Abigail Jacqueline Thursday the fifth line, I asked you whether you really? "


"I asked you for a second, voluntary, and you will see the truth?"

"States who said 'yes', is not it?"

"Do you want?"


"I ask you for the third time. In view of these facts will bring the pain. And you hate, if he refused it. Do you want to see the truth?

"Yes! Dangit! A million times yes!

Applebloom me lookin 'pretty scared.

Very nice. Applebloom "filly sprang a surprise, for the first time Gabriel spoke to him directly." Stay with your sister did not have any problems and I think that's all you need to do. "

Applebloom rested his head "Huh? How could I have been"

What's more important than you might think. You are here to serve the community. "Said Celestia.

Oh, and he said: "Well I think this is the" truth "dis" Tang game outside of the battery itself.

"Most often they do not want to face the challenges of life alone but the choice of their own horse ... Besides, there is no vacuum handle the truth would not be appropriate for you to stop.

"Well .. So, uh, how do you do it?"

"Standing on the balcony and look straight down. It is not a coincidence, in addition to your own power. Lever to your right. Pull or push it in, and this speed was closed for a while. You will be judged on how long look, "he said.

What Zibrov Terrace huh? How's this? Applebloom here lately? "

I'm not sure. "

Oh swear could hear the water falling Celestia.

Well done though, looking down, Applebloom near me. Sistahs corn touched rays over the edge in my opinion.


Cider and looked down to the lake and looks back at her. The first is seeing its reflection in a dark room and the roof. And he saw his sister and acorns, then up the stairs, and Canterlot Ponyville, Equestria all at once, then what has changed.

Cider just a picture, listen to the sounds heard on this subject, he felt his feelings to you all.

Twins, blue and pink, Aloe Vera and I slept separately embracing the Lotus, back to back. Earthquake shame and hatred even unintended touches to spend some of the terms of indirect tension on two horses owned terminal connected to the waist at the back.

The lives of two on each side of the proud, and now I just feel pain. It does not fit their lives because they do all the parts and provide other forces that now is the same idea that made them sick. Aloe eyes, and Lotus really want to hug her sister, but the image of two horses to finish trying to go to two different places burned in his mind and made his muscles freeze. It took so long just to be able to make eye contact again.

Horse named Little Blue Earth, Archer was curled on the bed sheet in the chest and the life and death like a dummy. His name was placed at the far end of the room where he was denied re-signed after the debate. Memories never stop. He grew wings like Pegasus, the joy, and the supply of missiles fired out the attack, legs, throat and the eyes of all the horses were laughing mischievously unlimited anytime. Archer could not even see the bow, and said he got good -ceañera. Her parents (including mother that he was shot five times) to save him and told him that it was not a bad horse, and that he did not do anything, because I wanted to help power or memory is saved every time again he closed his eyes.

Horse with a clock signal locked themselves cute little blue shed and because the incident did not go away, despite the opposition of his friends. Note: Dr. Whoof jumped shirt, skirt and crown rods depends on the form I am the queen of the eagle, this time the success of all I grew up here make "took the baton and he came down penalties for horses. Random adult fancy dress at her death, playing in the mud like three "Destroy! "

A little twist calf does not eat candy week, he can not stand to see even he himself. Spiral. Spiral. Spiral. Spiral! What he saw her leg and twisting as flexible and full bag like a snake. Spiral! This is echoed in his head like a mantra.

Applebloom look in the mirror for the first ten days, to keep his yellow, not black, and his eyes did not light is not one of them. . . Perhaps a greater control.

Darling Ben threw her doll collection, which was painstakingly gathered over the years and I would be killed. He could not prevent their face when you look at everything you can imagine that the dance its empty conducted as part of their other poor calf size doll.

Diamond appeared in the reflection of a person in the living room of her dolls are worth this much made good apples. "This is not right! It's not right! Mom free and I can not even hug! Wrong!" He really threw some serve a few brave dare to see what's going on, a pair of heels. Pop is the jewel doll horse ... and lost and dance and cute horse doll dress up old life. Dancer roll slowly as the head and legs and tail and physical changes begin. Gold appears, known to everyone around laugh mad and went over the antics of excitement, that makes perfect sense.

Smartphones, and the earth that is under development to keep up with a reason not to come within a hundred feet down. Normally you get two carrots impossible. Memory Worse smartphone. Remember smartphone voice of harp happy and eager stomping her feet, her best friend, now full of cream, again and again and again, a smile does not leave the device is damaged. He barely stopped himself and himself with a rope depends on the villain behind the world was normal again.

Cape lock himself in his room and refused to leave. It's there.

Photo Finish map three times in layers of clothes she was wearing. Fortunately there in front of him suddenly ... meter security camera of his house by receiving several ways to display the clothes run around "naked" Her diet.

Blueblood Sun screamed at the sight of the royal guards arrested again and struck him in the back and took her inside. A few weeks before he became a horse, made of ice, running his horse in flames solar energy want to take care and caress her and rape.

Philomena enter his cage, even when told Celestia, instead, preparing for the night side of the Temple. It went up in flames and harmonic is not changed to create a real yield. . . After the inconvenience of the second period dozenth bored and cast in a small bowl, leaving a small air holes, and cast into the abyss King sources.
Blue-gray scar catatonic shock wand wander cute pony run crazy atmosphere can be hidden with them or you.

Octavia wearing ear muff sound evidence, which barely stopped by members of the band members own ears ripped off when the world is fixed. He insists on writing messages and suggestions rather than talk. She presses charges. Octavia roll on the floor, holding his head and screaming as the sound of dust falling increased noise in the chair in front of the rock, Heavy band, it was nothing compared to Squawk crazy and wild cry of pain of others around her. Stunning sound does not leave, for the first time, he no longer needed her Canterlot day, and the blessing of quitting the farm, then they asked me to not get cute Rock and the eventually had to happen if the view is just awesome sound. At least now finally stopped crying sound of the dinner bell.
Two careless held close to his son, almost like playing a velvet powerful but at the same time to treat her as Dinky brittle like glass. Sleep with her every night, never letting his eyes for a moment. He said, "She was like a mother. Mother Mother sorry. You can use. This means that the parents. I love you. Mom unhappy." Memory is lost. He told me the son of -With eyes, perfect grammar, vocabulary and painful despite wings of Pegasus grin- Now Dinky funds, was not developed. Dinky is 'accepted' and how carelessly and not to his liking, and he wants to suddenly Dinky died before ever "adopted" him. He says:. Dinky is not his true and some are worthless and priceless least Dinky and careless stop crying yourself to sleep every night.

Mayor Mare made a number of weeks than he had a few months. His lazy to work in any way, but now he is the modern horse. And sleep and food to skip starters. I care about all of you. My promise. "He whispered quietly when he thought nopony listen in. To remove the memory of the horse, now composed of living stones with microphone crying spent most of his life there, and can Canterlot manager now if you are not satisfied with the job I did nothing, less than ten feet from arrow wounds bleeding.

Carrot Top orange mane and began again to show the lowest. He did not try to fly again at the moment. Instead, he has not experienced the day with a smile and friendly air and went straight to his room and locked the door and started to hug him. Relive the memories of gray carrot comes oscillating head (and) battle ax ax mouth long enough to shout from time to time how he hates green before another attack on a hundred horse Lmaiilih blue eyes or clothing.

Extract and snails strange calm, quiet and not cause problems because of the collapse of the conflict ... in fact, they did not do much of anything. They act as if they are afraid of almost everything, or at least most threatened by them. I left the dog's mind was filled with harmony, he fled for his life when attacked by a giant alien snail speed and have a big pair of scissors trying to cut it in half. See their cutie mark now be made at a glance.

AJ AJ knows that it is only a small fraction of all the horses Ponyville!

If you're feeling, images and ideas can be found, they would show the earth is full of nothing See All cider giant on his shoulders to his feet and weighing not made her slow down bone end. And a small calf in December yellow belly pushing against his brother, the load.

A remote cider a lever, and the other half of its iron nailed to one having trouble following this lever, and Horseshoe push the lever to do this and to do it, and do it again!

"Not yet. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. I added. I'll do it. I'm not afraid! Let me see it all!

Potatoes brewery gray bow. . . Cloudsdale? Harmony comes close to him and told everyone to be saved by the sacrifice of all Cloudsdale Equestria. Pegasi most participants want to respond wings. Just before the conflict crazy denied that the "gift" to bow down Teleporting away. And his soul is crushed with guilt decisive and angry. Pretending to be delusional. Do not Cloudsdale never to deal with feelings of guilt.

He saw Applebloom, excessive fear of wild Everfree rode like a madman. Dead to rest your bones out of the ground behind him. Tell him to stay Sunnytown. If he stayed, he would not be as Ruby.

Shuddered. On the other hand, Applebloom next Twilight movie Everfree. Second, US new home for the team. Two days later, barely forest converted cider Everfree apart, shook the trees from the ground one after another, biting Everfree oath and he wanted to pull out all the forest itself until he coughed the little sister. Friends first, before her catch her working themselves to death. He fled and returned to work. Zecora finally came and told me that he knew a little of the potato. Cider nurse found a little strange, and now it's a curse. . . And he said to rip Sunnytown foundation shook his head from the zombie horse getting its way.

Now nightfall and potatoes of a power stone platform surrounded by a black cloud innovation supported only on the steps of a long straight. Including breast plate chain six black South. Cider back, however, I noticed a beautiful brand really purple and white save for the appearance of twilight purple and white cute. Twilight on the steps and cried, "Singapore International School! Stop!"

On the platform, the other growled: "We can not nurse Celestia raised us well, but you should not have anything!"
"It's a lie! Back! Fill your head with nonsense?"

Then shuffle, and now it is at this stage, including the sister of animal asking him to stop movie Twilight craziness and return home to his mother to feed Celestia.

See cider dark night of dark energy, and when he returned without any real sense of suddenly galloped out of the room, before knocking a vase. . . And remember this is the pot once before, but not sure if it was broken.

Another image of twilight Similarly, if you write something down and hide just before this controversy Masters spell increased his memories led him to entertain themselves in the memory nightfall again in a few minutes.

Now the same thing is in the gray twilight, but now with memories of his previous classification and Applebloom calf apple pie and probably one of the cake Colts Octavia after escaping from Ponyville anyway. Twilight tragedy potato pie smile and say: "Hey Although the hours of darkness hav'ta to find something to laugh about!"

This scene has changed and, in this case very closely and until now, but the march. Winona, who Applebloom old dog that dragged down to his mouth. Apple then approached the tomb puppy AJ true heart of the ancient Applebloom mark now it cute, but the landscape has changed, before fixed.

If all the apples on the black (no Applebloom a little calf) are, Granny Smith Stone put all the graves surrounded by weeping.

In a moment now Applebloom gray mane, he was completely surrounded by men grew after his wife received her. He visited the grave of his brother and sister on the anniversary of their death. So her son in the twilight, and their children and grandchildren stop to mourn the death of my grandmother.

The picture changed again. Spike is carried far higher line almost face veils, such as King, and Phil and not really angry, at least if you have a sense of honor.

Spike sits three adults and a rare commitment nail almost like a broken doll loudly sobbed. An older version of a mature horse Bell cute sweet music voice-based as well.

One of the hooves before cider promote violence and pull the lever of the caliper opposite sense of pain.

Then there is the very idea, and the five members. With a picture of the campaign, they were replaced by the grave stone at a time of gray older age groups, however, there is evening, which was almost as fast as the others. Finally, standing in the dark in front of the graves of five members (four, AJ buried in the Apple) with purple and green dragon in front of him with a big window for itself.

Apple acres to expand diabetes, the risk of blowing grandmother really paid off. However, years after the death of eager, Pegasi understand how to make using the new process that allows clouds to prepare the ground. At first it seemed a strange jokes best and the worst, and it should. The Pegasi I have no idea how to make a field other than what they are learning, and the product is low. But direct access to the weather and the day they will rise above the market slow the Earth below, where the quality of their products better. It was three years later, when the first generation in response to a real, magic horse in the land of the link is disconnected when it is not to fly and work in an area that is difficult Pegasi industry, farm advisor. Sure that the "myth" or "the talking horse Pixie, most of them will be considered a traitor. What about small farms and fast delivery Pegasi began to dry up. Horses see Applebark blown through and started to invest in new markets, despite her family. Her grandfather ground beneath their first family change. Farmers markets rock "instead of the brakes as they see the quality of the soil , where before they were provided on the left side.

Dragon fire rip Ponyville like a hot poker through the police forces combat Luna at night and the soldiers Celestia add-IV Dragon Queen Tiamat. Rising Dragon and the other is devoted to Equestria and fell to the ground of suspicion and the fight against it is often difficult to prove. Lady Twilight "Magica" Energy spent a year recovering from burns suffered an eruption of fire and ashes and other wildlife unicorn. What remains from Ponyville is half built bomb or burn dragon body slammed into the wall, and a quarter of its population killed and five other disabilities. One hundred and ten years of restoration, which is part of Canterlot capital and small towns of -Now over the city to play the role of interface number.

Flashing the moment, cider see Princess Celestia, outside, and wrinkles and look older. Sunny sky behind Celestia is fairly old red and the elderly. This picture is so fast that he did not know that he saw it, of course cider.

With a yellow sun in the sky, Twilight of energy (with a gray mane) to discuss again Playing with yellow below, with a black mane and a blank section. "It is such a beautiful country." Said ground beneath is not a surprise, but regrets strange voice. They rubbed.

This image has been changed. This is a great tower, found that the stars in the sky moonless him. Six men standing in front of a large black corn. It has wings and bones, as her face. Their cutie marks the tarot cards with a skull on it. It is a familiar black mane. He grew up "an opportunity to consume the fruits of their magic the future waived their entry hopes dimmed, however, using the Harmony All performances. Beyond the beaten path in the end. It does not matter you've been waiting for you. "

Contrary to force this evening, just completely foreign company, but showed no other signs of aging. Here are three below (Pegasus and the world) that AJ was unheard of Earth horseless found some similarities with apple pie, baby dragon, blue and green eagle. Each of these elements has an agreement to sell the latter part of the crown.

Crying black unicorn Twilight "life will mean that before death! That's what you leave, no matter how much you're always here! It's the fact that if you say the time should now Equestria We will fight to the bitter end to prove wrong! "

Black Unicorn reacted as if ordered to fight his friends ". So I come at nightfall Your friends are waiting for you fight is your choice!"

The picture changed again.

Cider view of a bunch of empty orange aunt and my uncle took him to appear in the morning sun. And he saw himself as a horse graduate. . . But just short of his precious hat. . . Wear and south three orange, signaling its cute.

I found myself playing such a rare thing, but, more liberal opening and more comfortable about themselves. He has his anti-defense, ponies dust Nightmare Moon at night.

Were invited to meet under the age of six, that probably saved the earth from the moon and what's happening, and now the tour Equestria. As part of the most famous horse business study Manehatten Yes. Then he discovered that many other reasons for a real invitation to direct his obedience.

MAC big brother! Family cute! The two embraced again.

Orangejack I told him why his brother that he helped to save the world. He admitted that he had many heroes team horses.

"You should visit more often! I have been in the room for you!"

You can visit the farm. Really want to meet continued his sister to send their big expensive toys Applebloom.

"Dear brothers, we have a lot more at the same time. I have a lot of business to run. I can not just leave their responsibilities, I think just a longing".

"Now I do not mean to go back! Just visit! Oh Granny Smith promised to try to guilt trip."

"... I used my beloved brother."

Then shuffled again. Introducing the two scenes at the same time.

One showed a meeting cider respectful way, but the planet Earth Horse Ponyville, she could not see his face (dangit!), But they hit her on the dance floor in the city-wide party with cake and small finger. Hobo just passing through town, nothing special, but he saw something special in it.

Some have said that the meeting between Orange Jack flying up out of horse-eye commentary Grand Adventures Orangejack Gallup (gaming organizations in the work of this year due to the disaster of the year before it was). In the next year, has always had an excuse to visit her. After a year, she got tired of waiting and asked her to marry him! . . . Then again, the picture is the mother of a proud red bottoms while just green. When the doctor asked what the name of the cider is listening to everyone whose name started "Fi".
"No," with potato ale, "This is wrong, this is not true! That's not true!"
Cider and looked at the pool, his eyes like billiard balls, his disciples tears seeped from her. "... Right ... Is not ......"
Celestia alarm cried a third. «Cider! Stop! Just stop! "AJ has not responded.
Luna cried, "hooves Duck!"
Luna always better in private, and again, it is the artist of the family.
Celestia eyes widened. AJ hooves as part of the hold to try to pull, then gears- -Stuck to avoid closure. "There's no way that's a risk," he said. Celestia.
«Applebloom! "Luna cried," kick your sister from the use of fishing today! "
Applebloom did not tell me twice to see her sister in preventing some common machines, but all fell somewhere in seconds as it is hemorrhaging Nano Horseshoe download free. Faster acceleration.
Cider and fell on his knees at the time, but his eyes still big tears staining her face as the water in the river.
"You Crazy Horse!" Luna Curse disillusionment. "You do not need to prove anything!"
Not a hotel! "I shouted back Celestia. Grain Afl- Jacks must be tough like the head of a pig!"
The link to the actual damage (do not want to risk forcing the end of the forecast), corns AJ immediately, to repair the damage to his face vertical feet and helped her up.
Why! "Said Celestia for the first time in so long, angry at her. Her voice booming, superb room, it would have Applebloom terrible and wanted to apologize, even though he did nothing wrong. Although the hotel was moved .
Said AJ weary sigh as she made a run of leaves six seconds. . . He said: 'I am not afraid of the truth. . . So desire, I would, "I do not want to leave the chicken MAHSELF turnin 'get in the way of any Rowe ..."
Leaving you to laugh a little Equestria Celestia blinked tears and orange earth pony wrap the neck and wings. "Oh! Cider, a great horse.
"Sistah, he did it on purpose?"
Show up DEM "peasant truth even afraid o 'them. AJ said, finally able to close my eyes a little bit and stopped crying.
Applebloom pressing himself against the side sisters. Luna thought it reminded him '.
"Celestia ... So all the strange things ... the truth?
"The facts on the ground in different ways. Some of it is your destiny, your future versions.
Applebloom asked, completely confused. "Another translation? Huh? Whatcha talking about?"
"One minute." Luna said, and patted her on the forehead Applebloom funds. "I promise to remember all the details from the moment you wake up. But in a moment Sweet Dreams, dreams of Ruby and his dream to play your monster and do not need to fear, and that your family will be there for you. "
Applebloom lying on its hooves.
"And .. what FER is it?" AJ asked.
Luna grabbed his head a little dizzy, a plan that takes its power. "Confessions of a question and you do not want your sister right? She has more need for the old Siihth that."
"... Now ... daughter ... .. mah mah mah ... .. .they're both? .. This is not true ..."
This is something that is not true -why- leading real pain cider. I -what- to see, but all had to see that they never received, and evictions. Celestia.
But. . . Feel it. . Two ah Loved'em. And I want mahself to have fun there. Or want to own their selfish snobs proud. Mahself If you stay, oh happy to somehow get his name. . . It only suffering Makin others. Do not think. . . I do not think he could do anything Oh, "there are very large. They usually fit ... no.
"The two live in their own unique way in which you make your decision, and won its own discretion. Two on the road, they will make you proud.
Cider pain cut. "
Like a good horse, "he said. Sigh Luna.
"I know Lulu, I know. But they were great about it.
Both brought Apple back on top and enter the room. They return home the next night. Applebloom seems more comfortable when he awoke control, but she was still smiling and looking at all the surprise and joy.
AJ did not get to experience the work of a job the next day. A lot of work to make it.
First, he played in Winona, telling him what a good dog he is. So be sure to tell Granny Smith always wanted to be a good dancer AJ. He gives you the opportunity Macintosh to know that he was as much a hero as she and others do not. Applebloom told him about his adventures in the jungle Everfree. . . And I hugged him and told him that he is safe horse too hard. It is possible to let the monster to take him, but he did not.
He wrote a letter to Aunt and Uncle, orange, said that she loves.
He visited the wolf by twilight and power thanks to the stars above, long "Walkin Twili spell cloud"! "
Spectrum is obviously very surprised when I saw him. After accepting everything that he told her AJ. "Dutch ... I know what's going on Cloudsdale ... Cloudsdale true ..." Dutch twist his fear, but before he could do anything AJ finished forgive you! Harmony to do what you did worse. And forgive ya! "Unexpected Rainbow rugby.
Cider made a lot of walking around Ponyville same day, and at night, and I will look to address them.
At least everyone knows that AJ is one of six that you have to save the world (twice, but most of them do not know).
"The two together. If you allow it to be removed except that you are allowed to be suitable as the last laugh," he said. He told me that Aloe Vera and Lotus.
The issue does not hurt. Not all of them. Did you ever do this ?? So it is not yet! You have a special talent as a horse ... used to protect the horses, show the wrong suit about its ability means. "Said Archer.
Check. I do not know how much "game. What is the position. But what Elijah dispute involves the entire Nor we have nothing to be ashamed of. It might be easy for someone to harmonic distortion. I know it's hard to listen to but in the same position as we are all like that. And that means all of us to accept that, like some of us. "Dr. Whoof finally shed his blue AJ fifteen minutes then left.
"Ayers Mah friend and brother to know that I will hang you now, he founded his club Twist? And get your willingness solid ... but he likes the parents work. And I know that That is not an empty area of ​​more that does not mean we do it to you. " Dem empty it is not just about cute, but what to do next, and it's pretty much friends! "
See sis, Sweet Bell after a disagreement, she did as she was when she went to South nails environment. But she fought him and fought with him.

"Just wanted to say a girl! I do not sell" no "in? I happen to be friends with that simple Celestia know! I Yellah -UGH!" Sighed and went to Zar family AJ.
Do you know the device is not made before that if it was a real smart phone. And you know they did Bon Bon If this is true! Yes, I know what they say about hypnosis, but it was "Hypnosis is not something that somebody knows somebody who knows what's happening It -wasn't .. Did you know never do anything to hurt the display scum bags. Lettin 'your relationship because of it. "
"Do you. Right? I do not take it! I just got some experience in an effort to 'a number of ponies at home. Due to wear glasses, that does not mean your eyes. Where the name of your location, make it! Cheerilee teacher, and he had nothing to his name or mark and look cute. However, you still. And ask yourself, children really try to make a difference ... If Pakistan does not knowing that "well enough to know, maybe it's time to get Know'em!" he told me a spoon on her way home from school.
See a woman! I know we're not friends or anything, "the same thing, but you know things like rags that are part of a business location! I know DEM dress says a lot! A place known for its confidence , and to do something, "a rag DEM impulse only" ... I'm going now. AJ went out the front door, and all calls in a photo finish by interrupt.
AJ wrote three more books. One Blueblood dummy Bastos. . . Talking to them and that if he really loved her aunt that he was afraid to represent them, and you will have to do the whole thing as a learning experience. And to think that maybe, just maybe, it's the girls who need to change and it was not until late in the evening as well.
The second Philomena, she did not know if the bird can read the paper, or if you have enough to burn it took him but he wrote Philomena be proud avoid a little bit of the game and argued. And true enough to deter some of the ponies always seems to come through. AJ know it is weak, but he knew that he was not able to help with any breed of horse ah, all of them equally, no matter if he wants to go.
The book is a final Octavia cake. AJ wrote: The best style speech Manehatten not be allowed to music Octavia his argument on her to make her leave him. Makes his music is fun, and that's to remember how it made her happy.
"The image of the mother of the United Nations, a little. I've never seen a concerted and calf as you two! And I can tell you now is not exaggerating the part of these two long there ! And I know that the two share not make it a stronger argument, Lea. Her careless and Dinky Doo Doo.
"Mayor Mara ... We all know that you care about us'
"Carrot Top ... you know that your opinion is always the fear of others. But those who accuse it was not a serious Harmony! Forgive Mrs. Matilda. Bullies are located, is not a threat to farmers that position I . So ah know that there is nothing to be ashamed of. "
"Are you two! Your cute is always something to be proud of! They are a sign of what to do! They are nothing to be afraid of something that looked like they were trying to influence? It is not So the location of the recovery, "he said finally cutting and snails discovered she was Luna the moon rose.
The truth cider is not easy as the pair a total stranger, no matter how much sense they need to do to turn things around. Many people ignore it, or perhaps part of his heart. Some may be turned off by itself even more because of what he says. But AJ has no regrets. At least start them on the right path, or if they are already on their way to help when care debate show all the rest.
And at the last minute. . .
"Hey AJ ... I heard Pinkie pie ever done it really installed throughout the city."
"Ensure Twili. Do not worry about it just now, it would not be part of both Apple Mac. In fact, it's kind of why I'm here, not directly, but that's a big part of the reason. "
"Oh! Really? What is it?"
"... The horse Hoofington need help position the brand."
~ Fin
Megatyrant's avatar
"Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end. It matters not who you are, Death awaits you."

I just love that quote. Persona 3 is awesome. :)
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I'm happy people are still reading this. I hope you enjoyed this story. And what I'm writing lately aren't all lemons. Thank you for the comment. 

And that is an epic quote. 
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Today's episode made a reference to the fountain of truths. Congratulations.
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DON'T SPOIL IT! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT the episode and I want to keep it that. But thanks. 
MasterPhobia's avatar

Okay your story is good and the themes in story are well done, but I one problem. You do realize that AJ started into time (or to be more specific the Untampered Schism or the time vortex) and a nap fixes all that? I’m trying not to be harsh, but really if a pony stares into time vortex, sorry "The Truth", it would drive them mad like Discord mad not fixes them. Heck I love the concept that Equestria has an Untampered Schism/time vortex, but you need to do it correctly. I know you know about Doctor Who by the reference in the story, please  rewatch the 10th Doctor era again.

alexwarlorn's avatar
I wasn't going by the time vortex rules. BUT .. . . AJ's Dreams?  . . . If you continue reading, you'll find there's a price for AJ looking into the truth that needs to be addressed later for the sake of EVERYONE.
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I know that wasnt your intention,but you did make a time vortex because if I do quote The Doctor from  The Fires of Pompeii

"..... that's how I see the universe. Every waking second, I can see what is, what was, what could be, what must not."
Isnt what pretty much what happen to AJ when stared into The Truth. Just saying when I read that my mind automatically jumped to time vortex. I'll continue reading FYI
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I can appreciate that. And thank you.
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One showed Applejack meeting a polite but down to earth Earth pony in Ponyville, she couldn't see his face (DANGIT!) but they hit it off on the dance floor at Pinkie Pie's town wide party and with each other. He had been a drifter, just passing through town, nothing special, but he found something special in her. Said it was nice to meet a mare who didn't play 'mind games' with him.

That came so close to predicting one of Season 4's episodes that it's scary...
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I apologize, it wasn't my intention.
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