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Actually my whole favourites collection is my inspiration. :deviation:
Most of the stuff I put in here has either overcame my high and sometimes "odd" standards, or simply left a good impression. So if you've got some time to spare drop by and have a look at these great artists and their work. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed one bit!
:sing:Perhaps there's something that might inspire you as well?

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'Sid the Sapper' storyline
Basic info
Full Name:       Sid Milz
Current Age:    18 (19)
Occupation:      Field sapper, weapon technician, mechanic-suit pilot
Reality background
      A post-apocalyptic radioactive wasteland devastated by years of nuclear warfare. The planet has been rendered uninhabitable and the human race faces imminent extinction. Most scientific breakthroughs were made within the weapon industry leading to extremely advanced battling technologies yet leaving most other sectors deficient in the process. Upon the Merge nearly all of the terrain has been converted due to the lack of any significant arena value. So far only one native is accounted for.
Pre-Saga history
      Drafted at the very early age of ten, Sid was among the last recruits to finish the five-year extended training program at the war academy before the complete destruction of the biosphere. Among other achievements he was also the young
:iconalexvsharp:AlexVSharp 1 2
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Most of my better writings are still off-site. There are links in my journal, so if you're interested go check them out!
:ohmygod:    :eyes::gallery:
Yeah, unfortunately I am not really that active about my gallery. A few good pieces I'm fond of are featured, some other ones are sorted. There's mostly old work and a bunch of scraps, and nowadays I upload only when I feel my creation is perfect enough to submit... meaning every intercalation or so.
I really should go in and clean up my junk sometime soon...

:pointandlaugh::unimpressed:  { Meh... Shame my inner Mr.Perfectionist won't allow me to remove most before revamping them. Guess he has a "point"...


Aleksandar Nikolić
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Who says only Premium profiles can look cosy?
/:flowerpot::couch: :beer::stereo::plug: \
~Won a bet! Ha ha!

[Hmm... something about Alex, eh?    }:cough:

:trophy: :meditate: :trophy:
Well I'm rather open minded (exceptions excluded; seriously...), cool-headed, calculated, literally full of ideas, and to top it all: kind of a perfections in my own odd way. Rather talkative too.
Wonder if all this makes me a wiseacre? Sure hope not! ;P
If you need a creative suggestion, advice or help of any kind just note me - I'd be happy to assist whenever possible, really.

Speaking of which...
:coffeecup::coffeecup::coffeecup: :work::trash:
...I'm usually daring my luck at writing, and doing so in both my native tongue and English, one more then the other, at this moment both quite stalled. Shoot me a message if you need some text regardless of format (even do HTML now - a bit). I could use some trade/request work. We can always reach an agreement, but try not to strain it; show some modesty.
I may be bored silly, but I still have a life...
...well... chores, that is... and collage... yeah...

:ninja:...other then that I also dabble with:
drawing, spriting, colouring, animation, digital editing, formatting, film and photography, reviewing, as well as directing, organization, research, development and design, also my strongest aspect is thinking on the fly, specifically storytelling, so add that to the list... and...
[Let's stop while we're ahead, shall we?   } :paranoid:

I suppose that sums up the short version then.
Nothing more to say here... I think.

:bow: {  Be hearing from ya. Ћао!]
They say that self-pity journal entries are a good therapy technique yet... unfortunately... although a tad emotional due to the nature of this music playing in the background of my sleepy room, I have no desire to write on such a topic just yet. B-)

So the main question on my mind is: So what now?

Well first I have to get this profile all fixed up and running again. I have officially unwatched about 70% of the groups I use to follow. Why? Short answer: They failed to meet my expectations. When I have to browse through about 3.000 images in order to find at least 3 worth collecting then something's definitely wrong. As of now by using an extremely high criteria I managed to narrowed down the 10.000 deviations and 600 journal entries stored in my inbox to about 5.000 pictures. Hopefully I'll manage to clean it all up as soon as I have some more spare time.

Which bids the other part of the question: What am I to do with this account?

Obviously I don't spend as much time on dA as I use to. But I've invested too much time and effort into getting everything to look the way I want it, so there's no way in Hell I'm going to do something as drastic as closing it! I still like looking at beautiful artwork! There are many extremely talented artists whose masterpieces I can not help looking at without feeling all warm and happy about. Although it may sound a bit odd saying it like that, I consider keeping contact with such splendid people something crucial as long as I'm online. One never knows what might happen in the long run.

So no, I'm not sure if I'll be using this account for anything more than casual browsing, collecting of artwork that catches my attention and leaving a comment or two, yet I will definitely try to be as helpful to these people as I can. Not saying it'll always be possible, or appreciated for that matter, yet providing assistance can be anything, all from quickly Twitting about it to getting my hands dirty with some writing, design or something else if necessary.

Thus where does all this leave me at? Well, like I already mentioned, I can most definitely be found via Twitter (!/AlexVSharp) spreading whatever news I deem worthy of a wider audience. Other than that, I will be writing articles (like I already did so far) on my Desura account (actually it's kind of deserted now. Just go to instead). If I could I'd add a feed widget to share my stream - can't do that unfortunately. Only other thing I can think of is reposting news I do off-site here after they go live; not so sure how many people would actually like that, or even care for that matter. To each his own I suppose.

And I guess that about covers it.
Should have been sleeping about 5h ago, yet I felt like I needed to write this.
If for nothing else, at least my own soul will sleep better.

Good night and pleasant dreams. :sleep:

Edit: Nah, I'm pretty much passive everywhere nowadays. Not that I'm not here, I just don't feel like posting online. :P
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