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Today, my gallery got it's record for unique views in a single day...  probably by a large margin.  

Y'all are great!
the 'Ratfist' fan art image in my gallery was featured with other fan arts on Doug TenNapel's webcomic website.  you can visit here: or to go straight to the fanart section &nbs… you enjoy.
I was tired of looking at the other post.   So now I update my journal and promise to make some artwork in the near future.   Real life work has been keeping me busy.  But I have got a few cool projects in the works.
my rates are $16/hr  (or if it is a bunch of simple lineart I charge per image instead) and I am easily reachable at /
instead of webcomicking.. I have decided to do something a little different.  A daily art drill on a randomized topic where I have 30 minutes or less to produce something related.

check often, it's only a half-hour a day so I should be able to keep up, although work sometimes puts me out of internet range.. so on those days there might be a late update

you can find the art drills here: one-a-day.paraplegicracehorse.…
New stuff is good stuff.   There is new stuff here.  And that is good. :P

ok.. no webcomic for now

Sun May 3, 2009, 7:16 PM
yeah.. my real job keeps interrupting my artistic comic flow. (aka I'll never make steady updates in a timely manner at this rate)

I *am* adding content, so that is good!  I'll put up some new stuff here too soon.

hehe, wow. time sure flies

Sun Mar 1, 2009, 1:26 AM
I finally got around to opening a deviantart print shop

so as you all can see.. I have done virtually nothing here lately..  that is all about to change.   for you see.... I will be attempting webcomic-ing for the first time.

expect frequent updates in the near future.. and flog me with a wet noodle if I forget.

also erhm, yeah I'll like upload some sketches and stuff I have done in the last.. I dunno..   3years? :P

Deviant Shop

Thu Jan 6, 2005, 3:21 PM
I finally got around to opening a deviantart print shop

Be sure You check out all my wonderful prints and paraphanalia at the deviant art shop.

The Moose image is the first to be submitted.  Thanks again for browsing my gallery :D

Ok.. Journal entry number two involves critiques.

Give them to me,  I would much rather have an honest opinion than an ego booster.  Trust me, my ego needs no boosting.

However,  this does not mean that a post like

"This is teh suxx0r" is going to get a pleasant reply out of me.
You are more than welcome to think it sucks, but I want reasons!

Once you make the commitment, follow through.
So this is it.. the mighty Deviant Art.

I do believe I am gonna like it here :D