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a hakaga carrier from wing commander fleet action by alexvontolmacsy a hakaga carrier from wing commander fleet action by alexvontolmacsy
I'm liking this space ship in profile thing
AlecciaRosewater Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
This must of been tricky to draw with the complete lack of reference available. It looks so different from the one in Wing Commander: Standoff!
Where are the hangar bays? The Hakaga had six of them, each fully self contained. I would think that those should be more prominent.
alexvontolmacsy Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the book cover doesn't really show the hangars (the cover art)   but I put two of them underneath and in the middle.. and one on each of the forks in the front (for light fighters and quick scramblings)   (I also imagine a fly through hangar in the middle on top, but it'd be hard to see from the side view)

and the book text makes a point of stating that they are all works of art.. so I don't really feel bad that the one in standoff and the one I drew look different from the ones on the book.   they built 6 of them and had another 8 in the shipyards if I recall correctly.. I sort of picture each one having a unique style attached by the designer. 

but I definitely like tricky drawings.      for the record, I adore the one in standoff, but they worked so hard on the model and textures I do not want to detract from their design by doing a carbon copy myself.      so great.. one of the hardest fights in wing commander and it comes from a prophecy mod :D
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