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this is a wing commander picture

I do not own the rights to wing commander, but I do adore it and I am putting this up as a print at cost (no profit to me) because I want to get one made for me :D
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I'm officially gonna stop drawing now that I've seen this. I god-damn wish I could draw space scenes, ships and perspective like that. You'd good, dude.
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this looks more like a a dreadnought from the draconian's from the tv show buck Rodgers. 
Wow, really nice stuff. Fleet Action is one of my favorite novels.
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mine too.. the cover really pops on that novel.   
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this came out epic man
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oh yes.. and hopefully for the birthday it'll get better
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Ohh the Cat's supercarrier!
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prrrrrrrfect..  you noticed :D 
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Very nice! :) (Smile) 
The color and bow of the ship makes me think of the Draconia from
Buck Rogers in the 15th Century for some reason... :o (Eek) 
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that's a super-sweet comparison and one that I'd not noticed before..   the ship is based around the cover art for 'wing commander: fleet action' a novel from the late 90's set in the wing commander game universe.   but I'd be willing to bet that it as one of the original designer's inspirations when he was making the book cover :D
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