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Alex Voicer Reference Sheet 2018 update by AlexVoicer001 Alex Voicer Reference Sheet 2018 update :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 16 17 Alex Voicer as a Kirin by AlexVoicer001 Alex Voicer as a Kirin :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 24 33 Life Problems Suffocates Us by AlexVoicer001 Life Problems Suffocates Us :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 8 20 I Don't Want To Go by AlexVoicer001 I Don't Want To Go :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 9 9 Tick Tock mlp by AlexVoicer001 Tick Tock mlp :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 17 33 I'm hear for you Mrs.Bliss by AlexVoicer001 I'm hear for you Mrs.Bliss :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 32 23 Meeting Flowey by AlexVoicer001 Meeting Flowey :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 9 38 SiblingTale by AlexVoicer001 SiblingTale :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 13 20 Dr.Wolf's japanses office redo by AlexVoicer001 Dr.Wolf's japanses office redo :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 12 11 Pashy Jealous by AlexVoicer001 Pashy Jealous :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 18 16 Outlook of Alex (Vent Art) by AlexVoicer001 Outlook of Alex (Vent Art) :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 13 19 Teric Dragon Update Vector by AlexVoicer001 Teric Dragon Update Vector :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 10 14 Brawny Buck  by AlexVoicer001 Brawny Buck :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 11 12 Aura Glow:Effect Test by AlexVoicer001 Aura Glow:Effect Test :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 12 16 Deep-Six and Alex Voicer finally meet!! by AlexVoicer001 Deep-Six and Alex Voicer finally meet!! :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 14 20 Master MLP by AlexVoicer001 Master MLP :iconalexvoicer001:AlexVoicer001 12 9


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AlexVoicer001's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Skills: Traditional and Digital Artist

(Been on deviant since Oct 17, 2015)


Times am busy: Am looking for a job now, since I'm done with college (Sun and Wed)- Church (Random days)- Family time, boyfriend, Events, and etc. *Remember everybody, that I have a life as well and that I need days off to spend time with friends and loved ones or even just have alone time to relax or doing college homework or other. Thank you for your understanding and respect!!*

Art Program: Paint PRO aka Clip Studio Paint Stamp by MillArts-Artworks

"Ask me about Trades", "Ask me about Commissions"

Art Trades: -Closed-
Commisions: -Open-

My Idols: :icondrwolf010: :icontericdragon: :iconlightning-bliss: :iconjoshscorcher: :iconmlp-silver-quill:
My Artist Idols: :iconmaximum993: :iconestivalequinox: :iconmrtomfox: :iconstarbat: :icontyandagaart: :icontsitra360: :icondear-cotton-candy:

Favorite Brony Musician: Sam Synthis---> Synthis Icon by mlplover789

My OC's Backstory: "Coming Soon"
Learn about my OC:…

Nicknames: AV, Alex, Al, Voicer or Dragon Snout

My sayings: "Where imagination is Possible" - "Love and Tolerate, treat others kindly with respect and kindness. Tolerate others no matter who they are treat them fairly and with kindness"

Important Bible Verse: Don’t mistreat someone who has mistreated you, but try to earn the respect of others and do your best to live at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:17-18)

Religion: Christian…

Age: 24

Birthday: Nov.27,1993

Hello Alex Voicer here,
as you know I love to draw and I hope to become a better artist am know as the happy cheerful silly and kind mare around here just ask my good friends. Don't be afraid to say hi, I don't bite *giggles* I love making new friends and getting to know the real you also just to let you know I can be shy at first "but" once I get comfortable with you then you will get to know the real me. Am a tom-boy I'm a sweet, innocent, shy, modiste, confusing person, I'm hard to understand and I'm bad at explaining certain things if you explain your question or other to me I'll understand what you're saying. I get bored easily, am sometimes moody "but" mostly am happy, also am a very picky person on things and food. Am always on DeviantArt or Youtube 24/7 listening to music or chatting with my closest friends if I get the chance. I love art also hanging out with my family and friends, to my friends am known as the innocent one, am a girl that's fair and true and does what truly is right to help others as best I can and understand.

Check me out on Facebook here:…

Skype Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
I also have Skype as well: Alex Voicer

I have discord as well: *only closes friends sorry*

Favorite Flower: Red Roses

Relationship: Taken ^^ Lionvoicer Fan Stamp (request) by SuperstarEdge96

My Heritage: Mexican, White, Indian, Wampanoag, Cherokee
Know any plushie makers Alex?
Yes there's :iconcinnamon-stitch:, :iconkiashone:, :iconchopstickgirls:, :iconmayesdot: and :iconpinkuart:


Alex Voicer Reference Sheet 2018 update
Felt like redoing my character sheet of my OC, and I like how it turn out got the inspiration from Lightning Bliss to make my own version. So, I hope everypony enjoys this!! :) 


Head bases belong to: :iconviexy:

Pose of my OC I trace over to practice credit goes to: :iconbast13:
Alex Voicer as a Kirin
I had to much with this, and oh my goodness my OC looks so adorable as a kirin after seeing Brogar as one I thought why not try it with my OC. Well I hope everypony enjoys this!! :)

Alex Voicer belongs to: Me


Kirin picture I found on google belongs to: "Hasbro" 
Life Problems Suffocates Us
Life problems gets to us so badly to where is suffocates us....literally. Crushing our very hearts, don't let your problems get to heavy my friends hope everypony enjoys my artwork!!

Anvil belongs to: "Google/Creator" 
Feeling Dead Inside by AlexVoicer001
Need to get this off my chest.

I feel so different from when I joined DeviantArt then the MLP fandom and groups that I'm in on how I met my online friends, I was so full of life and positivity even becoming a better artist and person thanks to those who believe in me. But, sadly.........over the years I've been losing friends and been opening my eyes more on those who where my true friends and those who never really cared/respected me at all, it did a lot of damage to me even my struggles from my own life didn't really help every day I've been dying inside more and more pieces of I once was is slowly fading. Been feeling deeply sad, very aggravated, even to the point to where half of me just gave up/caring for even feeling numb some things. Have been drawing less and less even to where I don't talk in groups and to some of my friends/fandom family cause everyone has been beyond busy or I don't feel like talking to anyone I only talk to those I feel closest too (that actually care, respect me, know me very well and keep in contact with me) sorry to be blunt but it's the only way to get people to listen these days. The more I open my eyes, the more my thoughts, feelings and opinions don't matter to anyone anymore.

From now on, I keep my distance from people and not get close to no one I will only talk to those that I feel comfortable and closest to if anyone comments and ask me who I trust Just DONT I MEAN IT, unless you want a dead blunt answer to put you in tears DONT ASK. I am in no mood and I'm tired of people asking me that, I hate explaining myself and repeating to everyone also if anyone keeps pushing my buttons about it I will be blocking people....  

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