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cool! it's look like Indiana Jones XD
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Whoah. Mystic <3
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I've featured this in my journal! Great work! :)
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Your lighting here is fantastic. I'm getting really inspired to try my hand in further painting. Keep doin' what you're doing.
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It's lovely! I like the warm atmosphere, so many earth tones and yet it's not monotonous. Great work :)
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Well seriously, this one is absolutely great.
I wonder how did you depict that wonderful rock texture.
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I've been experimenting with papers in Painter lately. I used to be skeptical about using textures in drawings because I was convinced I could draw any texture by hand. Since that didn't work out I've just searched for some textures of rocks and simply applied them randomly in my drawing.

Can you follow me? :D
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Oh, now I see the texture. I think if it looks completely natural and makes the picture nicer, textures would be very useful even though I'd been also skeptical about it for a while. Thank you for your explanation! :)
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you know, I really want to know how can you get a good inspiration like this... This angle, interior, and the atmosphere did not pass by my mind even if I had search for some references....oh my...

this one is very nice... I envy you... lol.. :D keep up the nice work!
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Thanks lol.
Well, I'm not really satisfied with this drawing. I've had different end results in mind. But time was not on my side this week.

Either way, to me it's all about randomness. I just gather all my experiences of a goldmine (such as games, movies etc) and try to draw something similar to that. I only use references when I'm stuck at a certain object.
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I understand, we have our own goal on an artwork..and it is fine to not satisfied with it..

from games and movies? sure your imagination and memory are very good, I love the angle and cave structure...

You're welcome..
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Games and movies are just an example. ;)

I'm sure everyone has a certain picture in mind when they think about some location. Angle and structure always come at a later fase of the drawing. Not even I can follow myself when I start drawing. I always just start adding colors, Flipping the page, adding lightning and so on. Eventually I'll be able to recognize something in it. And from that point on it gets so much easier.
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oh.. I see...indeed, I have pictures in my mind when I think about some place and what I wanted to draw...sometimes the result quite different from what I think.. Okay! thank you very much for the tips. I am glad I asked you for this.. :)
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that came out awesome! xD very atmospheric :D
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I'm less satisfied about it. Had a busy week, so I may have neglected this one a bit.
Thanks anyway :)
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Wow, that looks really good :) *Thumbs up*
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