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Looking at this makes we wish that exact landscape was in Doom Eternal. I'd enjoy looking around this area without considering the secrets. It just feels correct to be there. The atmosphere is terrifyingly transparent like sucked into it (Oh fuck where's my shotgun!?). I'm intrigued by your brushwork. Really unique and you used the smudge tool so effectively for defining texture.
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Hehe thanks for that. And I agree! The latest Doom games are nothing like the original. With sparkling neon items raining everywhere and over the top snapping demon necks...... Not for me

Oh well, I guess I'm being nostalgic. I was young and I remember being impressed by the fiery red sky in Ultimate Doom/episode 3. That really defined "Doom" for me personally. This drawing is based on that experience. 
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I really think that should be I'd think the same with the red sky. I prefer the more dirty less-neony look of Doom, and Doom 2016 for me is a slight inbetween. I'd say I'm between them. I like the chthonic atmosphere from the original but I'm also into 'rip and tear'. The neon stuff for me I would say seems unnecessary.

I've a wierd sense of nostalgia of this game in which I feel like I've been there before and somehow called it home but without ever played it before. For some reason when I look around levels in Ultimate Doom and Doom 2, I feel that, which i think is terrifying and I can't tell. To feel a sense of belonging in both a mars base and hell is so weird. I wish I was joking.
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Is it time to sing the Doom song now?


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