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What's team seaker? Why can't I get a Lady GaGa icon?

In other news, Toady released a NEW dwarf fortress today. And it's not an April fools joke!
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Okay so I lied. Phase seven is coming out sometime between now and when the world ends in 2012.

In the mean time read Capitan Ester goes to Heaven. by Virus Comix. It's a story about a bounty hunter in a dystpoian future, Really good.
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Phase 7 soon.

Sorry for the wait.
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Nothing happened to me.

I just have another case of the writers block.

I know Kim'inay is probably going to say yes but I want it to take up a whole page and I don't know how to draw that.

It doesn't help that the medicine woman is speaking in BIG LETTERS while Kim'inay has normal letters, forcing me to keep using those letters to avoid any confusion.

I suppose the main thing is what kind of background I want. The next page is the end of the chapter and will probably have some sort of fade to white effect but I'm not sure what.

And when It's done I want to go somewhere else before jumping straight to Kim'inay waking up. Probably into the city. But I'm not shure what I want to happen when I get there.

Perhaps ask my readers?
Do any of you guys even read this?
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Wow I'm Getting back to the comic and everything.

In outher news,

KMFDM's new album is like totally awesome. There isn't a song on it I don't love.
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Well I'm done dumping my Sketchpad.

All that's left is two short comics and a few pictures I can't/wont post because they contain depictions of Real people / Organizations and I do not have there permission.

The Comics will go up tomorrow night.
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At my grandma's house. That means I have access to a scanner.
Standby for incoming art.
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Well Some of you know I was in the military.
That ended on the 28th when I was discharged from the United States Air Force after serving for less than 6 months. I did not chose to do this but sometimes in the military you got to do things you don't want. I knew that But I never thought that would include leaving.

Fortunately now that I am a civilian I have more time and resources at my disposal. I intend to wait 6 months and than appeal for my discharge to be upgraded from uncategorised to honourable and attempt to re-enlist as either Army or Air National Guard. In the guard I should be able to keep my military and civilian lives in balance fulfilling my need for a mission with my need for freedom.

In the meantime I will Chill with my dad in Orcas Island, Get a job, and most importantly for you guys; catch up with my art. I did a few sketches while I was in the Air Force and as soon as I get a scanner I will upload them.
Standby for moar art.
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So the general consensus is for me to buy a tablet.

Should I get a Dinky little Bamboo, A big fancy Intuos, or save up for a Cintiq?
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I am considering getting some kind of wacom tablet to make up for my lack of a scanner.
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Once aggain, Writer's block. This time it is not from not knowing how to draw something but rather where to take the story.

I know I want to have the Medicine woman re-construct Kim'inay's arm (It had to be amputated and re-grown from scratch, The medicine woman is a VERY good doctor.) and have Kim stay in the Medicine woman's Grotto while she recovers. During the period she observes the Medicine woman working and eventually decides she wants to be the liker her.
She asks to become The Medicine Woman's apprentice, and after initially trying to discourage her, The Medicine Woman sees something in her and accepts her apprenticeship.

I wanted to get that far before shipping out but I have no idea how to translate that into pictures.

If this were a novel I could just narrate it like "I spent the next month in that room."
But that doesn't work well in a visual medium.

What to do?
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:iconpsypsynel: Tagged me, Now I has to tell 8 things about myself and shit.

1. I am indecisive because I fear choosing one option is rejecting all other options.
2. I love any kind of information, not matter how obscure or useless.
3. I dislike passivity and think people should be more straightforward.
4. I Dislike people who think they have it all figured out, But often act that way myself. (Hypocrisy is part of the human condition)
5. My Favorite Food is a bacon Cheeseburger.
6. I am Enlisted in the United States Air Force and ship out for basic training on the 14th.
7. I started ruining every day to get in shape for boot camp.
8. I don't have 8 people to tag back ;_;

The Rules:

1. Post these rules. (Done)
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about their self on their journal. (Done)
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal. (Don't have 8 people to tag)
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them. (Can't)
5. No tag-backs. (Ok)

Because I have nobody to tag, I give my 8 Tags to anybody who wants them. First come first serve, send me a link to your journal entry.
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:iconallande: Featured me so I has to feature him back.

He is an amazing artist who draws cool fairytale type art.………
(I can't seem to post thumbs, I think I have to be subscribed for that.)

He Featured me but he posted one of my scraps, Silly.
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I'm over my writer's block.
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Fucking writers block
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Ok, Lets get to it.

Some of you may wounder why I have made no mention of school so far,
Well the reason is because, I am enlisted in the United States Air Force. I begin Basic Training in October. Basic training lasts 6 weeks (unless I suck, in which caste is might last longer) after which I will begin training to be a Air Traffic Controller.

I obviously won't be submitting any art while I am in Basic, and I don't know how much free time I will have once for art while in technical school, But That is still a month away. Until then I will continue to post art as often as I can. If My story ends on a cliffhanger I will leave a note explaining everything.

I started uploading my art because I knew I was going away, While posting I decided to get to drawing, And the next thing you know, I have a webcomic. If I wasn't joining the military I should have gone to art school.

Now, Back to the art'ing.
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One of thoes dumb meme things that evryone is doing.
Inspired by

- Basics -
Full Name: Not old enough to have a real name yet.
Maiden Name: Kim'inay

Meaning: The suffix "Inay" denotes that she is still a child and has not yet earned a real name. Kim is just a random syllable that dosen't mean anything.

Nickname: "Kimey", "Brick" by Seena (because of her red skin)

Actual Age: 12 and a half

Residence: A hut on top of a building, underneath The City.

Age Appearance: Pre teenager.

Birthday: unknown

Astrological Sign: Her planet has different constellations, Not all of which are named, Thus Astrology does not exist in her world.

Species: Homo Sanguinis [Bloody man, A sub species of humanity with red skin]

Gender: Female

Allergies: None
Sexual Preference: Mostly Straight.
Way of Speaking: Quiet with occasional outbirsts
Marital Status: Unmarried.
Theme Song: Haven't deiced.

- Appearance -
Hair Color: Brownish red
Hair Style: Knappy
Eyes Color: Brown
Eye Sight: Nearsighted. [Everyone in her tribe is] No glasses to correct this.
Height: 1.45m
Weight: something around 38kg
Outfit / Clothing Style: A primitive skirt made out of Triangular sections of cloth attached to a belt that holds a pouch and a knife.
Necklace made of human teeth (her own baby teeth), Random bracelets and bandages on limbs.
Distinguishing Marks: none
Self Care / Make-up: none
First Impression On People: A shy, Skinny, half naked girl.
Skin Color: Brick red
Body Type / Build: Skinny, Flat chested.

- Relationships -
Lover: None yet but a few village boy's are interested in her, and Son has made a few advances that she is uncomfortable with (He's a cannibal)
Reaction To Meeting Someone New: Wait to be introduced.
To a comrad: "Hello"
To a stranger: Distrust.

Ability to Work With Others: Hard worker.
Friends: Ting (brother), Senna (Cousin by marriage), Mai'Inay, Reko, Yo'Inay, and ChiChi (Kids from her Village).
Least Favorite Type of Person: Lazy people.
Mother: Renna
How Well They Get Along: Renna is a bit of a ditz but she cares verry much for her children.
Father: Laloo
How Well They Get Along: Laloo is a quiet guy who likes to care for his family from a distance.

- Personal -
When You First Meet Them: A shy girl. Tries to avoid strangers.

As You Get To Know Them Better: Opens up. Still mostly quiet but will occasionally burst out and become talkative.

As You Know Them Better ( And They Dislike You): She gives you the silent treatment.

Positive Characteristics: Hardworking, Determined, inquisitive.

Negative Characteristics: Shy.

Favorite Color: Pale Blue

Favorite Food: Worms

Favorite Instrument: Singing.

Favorite Element: Dirt.

Least Favorite Color: Bright Orange.

Least Favorite Food: She's not very picky and will eat just about anything that's not rotten.

Least Favorite Element: She cannot swim.

Hobbies: Climbing things [a popular hobby with her peers] exploring the undercity.

Usual Mood: Blankly observing everything around her.

Drink, Smoke, Drugs: The little yellow mushrooms.

How Serious Are They: She lives in a place where almost everything is trying to kill you. Despite this she maintains a positive outlook.

Believes in Ghosts: yes. In her world, the dead sometimes do find a way to come back in one form or another.

(In)dependent: She spends a lot of time by herself and could live alone in the ruins indefinitely if she wanted.

Opinion on Swearing: She is not given to profanity.

Daredevil Vs. Cautious Cautious: Curious yet shy.

Music Type: Tribal.

Movie Type: Adventure.
Book Type: Sci Fi

Game Type: Point and click adventure

Cleanliness/Neatness: 14 individual species of lice live in her hair. Soap is unknown to her.

What Animal Would They Be: Rat.

Drunk Type: Laughs at everything.

Gotten In Trouble With The Law: No

Which “Seven Deadly Sins” Would They Be: Envy

Which “Seven Virtues” Would They Be: Diligence

- What Role Would They Be If They Were In -
Romance Movie: Jane Eyre, A simple girl who falls for a dark, brooding complex man.

Action Movie: Damsel in distress.

Cartoon: Straight man (or woman) who tries to stay serious despite the wackiness.

Horror Movie: The chick who is alive at the end.

Princess Bride: Never seen it.

- How Do They Act When They Are -
Sad: Hold it in.

Happy: Small smile.

Angry: Smolder quietly.

Afraid: Cautious, quiet.

Love: Has not loved yet.

Dislike Someone: Ignores.

Want Something: Asks, or just takes it.

- How Do They React To -
Danger: Eye's narrow, Observes the situation, and acts.

Someone They Dislike/Has A Crush On Them: Back away slowly (This happens allot with Son)

Proposal To Marry: Shoot down.

Death Of A Loved One: Try not to let it happen to her.

Difficult Game / Math / Etc: Try again, harder.

Injury: Grit her teeth and bear it.

Something Irresistibly Cute: Its probably poisonous, don't touch it!

Loss Of Hours Of Work: Start over.

- Knowledge -
Language: A corrupted dialect of pacifician. [the language of The Original colonists, and only language spoken commonly in her world.]

Schooling Level: Never received a formal education. Eventually becomes the Medicine woman's apprentice.

Puzzles: Above average.

Math: Can not count above 10.

English: it doesn't exist on her world.

Cooking: Good, Like her mothers.

Botany: Can identify hundreds of verities of plant and fungus.

Planning Ahead: Always caries the tools she needs to survive. (not very much)

Impulsive Vs Strategy: Not a tactician.

- Romance

Take Initiative: No

How They Act: shy

Slow Vs Jump Into: slow

True Love Vs Testing People: true love

Protective: Isn't That the guy's job?

Act Like Friends Or Lovers: friends, too young.

Presents: It is customary for suitors to present a young girl's family with a feast.

Kisser: No

Want Kids: Yes

Marry: Yes

Good or Bad Decisions: Good.

Jealous Easily: Envious but not jealous.

Beater: No

Marry For Money: "People marry for other reasons?"

Dream Date: She doesn't know.

Opinion On Sex: Too young.
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Went hiking today.
2 pages tomorrow.

Blueberries in a plastic baggy is the best snack for a hike. They stay fresh in the bag as long as it doesn't get crushed.
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So yah, Four pages and going. This comic is looking good.
A nice little slice of life in the world of the city.

Feel free to comment on the art, plot, whatever. (PLEASE)
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The piece entitled Alien Geisha is not mine. It's just a screenshot of my desktop. I found it on 4chan.
Please stop faving it.
I have plenty of good art that I did draw.
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