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“Last time on Total Drama Domination,” said Don.

The camera shows Courtney maneuvering through the lasers and obtaining the grappling hook inside the bag.

“Our campers went incognito in our spy movie challenge!”

The camera shows everyone disarming their small bombs, only for the big bomb to blow up, and everyone glares at Topher once all is said and done.

“Though they all started off well, Topher blew it by disarming his bomb too late!” said Hawkeye.

The camera shows Topher reacting to his elimination.

“And he paid for it by getting eliminated,” said Chef.

The camera shows the hosts.

“Who will ricochet off these quarters next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL!” yelled Rolf.

“DRAMA!” yelled Don.

“DOMINATION!” yelled all four hosts.

*cue intro*

The campers were at the mess hall. “Soooo happy!” Rock told his girlfriend. “First, you come back, and now, my greatest enemy is gone!”

“Of course, we’re not gonna jinx anything, but we are in a comfortable position now,” agreed Taylor.

“Hello there, civilians,” Don said off-screen, grabbing everyone’s attention. The camera showed him dressed like a Mario brother, with tan overalls and a white shirt underneath. Some giggles erupted from the campers. “That’s no way to treat your superhero! Especially not on superhero challenge day! Come, my citizens! Follow me outside!”

The cast all stood outside. “As you should all know, unlike Don here, (Don h’mphs) I happen to be a superhero myself!” said Hawkeye. “I want you all to design your own superhero costumes, come up with your names, and your powers! You all get an hour to do so, and then you will be judged, so if you’re not ready by then, well sucks!”

The scene flashed to Harold, who was with a lot of white and red fabric. “Time to bring back Captain Alberta!” he said.

The scene now flashed to Courtney, who has black spandex and blocks of wood, and was currently making something out of gold. “Now that Lindsay’s not here, it’s time for the Human Cricket to shine!” she said.

Katie was making a red and gold outfit. “Since Lindsay did it and won four seasons ago, I’m gonna do the same thing myself!”

The camera flashed to the hosts standing on stage, with Don saying, “Let’s get ready to save the day from Pythonicus 2.0!”

Chef, who was wearing the same costume from TDA, frowned and said, “Thank god I get paid enough now for this.”

Gerry came out first wearing a white and periwinkle outfit with a periwinkle mask around his eyes, and he was holding a tennis racket. He pulled out a tennis ball and chucked it over to Chef, hitting him in his right eye. “You just got served by Ol’ Gerry!”

“Nice idea! Eight points!” said Hawkeye. “Next?”

Sanders, dressed up in her regular clothes, struck Chef with a taser.

“I mean, I can see where you’re going with that, but that’s just an ordinary thing for you. You didn’t dress up at all or anything, so a five for you,” said Hawkeye. Sanders looked down in disappointment.

“Alright, who’s next?”

Brick came out wearing an Army general’s uniform and kicked Chef in the face with a ballerina’s twirl move.

“Uh, OK? Six,” said Hawkeye. Brick looked disappointed. “Next?”

Ella came out wearing a light pink dress and a shiny silver tiara singing notes again, causing birds to fly with her. This made Chef look confused. “Uhh, are they supposed to attack me or something?”

“Uhh, yeah; I give this a three,” said Hawkeye. Suddenly, the birds turned angry and pinned the archer to the ground, causing him to cry out, “Uh, nine! I changed my mind! Nine!” The birds got off of him and flew back away. Hawkeye got up, dusted himself off, and said, “Next?”

Cameron came out dressed as Iron Cam and tackled Chef to the ground.

“Not bad. Seven,” said Hawkeye. “Next?”

Laurie walked out in her regular outfit, pulled out a box of bath salts, and ate it. She then turned pale all over, her eyes became bloodshot, and she dashed towards a horrified Chef.

“Chef, run!” cried Hawkeye. The cook quickly complied, and he took off. Hawkeye then shot Laurie in her right thigh, knocking her unconscious.

The camera then showed a set of loudspeakers, with Hawkeye’s voice coming out of them with, “Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Proud of Eating Meat Laurie had just indulged in bath salts and tried to eat Chef.”

The camera cut to the contestants who hadn’t gone yet gasping, with Shawn crying out, “ZOMBIEEEE!”

“Shhh, amigo, relax,” ushered Ernesto.

“Remember when Alf arrested Mike in Jamaica? Well, I’m about to have Chef call him to take Laurie out of the competition and book her into a mental hospital before she wakes up.”

“I got it,” said Chef, who pulled out his phone to do so.

Hawkeye continued. “Don? Rolf?” The camera cut to the two hosts that had not been involved with the challenge. “I’m gonna need you two to hide the bath salts in a more secure place.”

“Got it,” said Don, and the two went to the hosts’ residence.

The camera was now back on Hawkeye. “Anyways, our next superhero is Ezekiel!”

Ezekiel came out wearing forest green spandex while holding a bow and arrow.

“Can you see inside there?” Hawkeye asked in a concerned manner.

Ezekiel refused to answer. Instead, he raised his bow and arrow at Hawkeye and fired.

Hawkeye screamed and avoided the arrow that came in his direction. “Are you supposed to be camouflaging yourself?” he asked. He got a thumbs up from the prairie boy. “I think that’s effective! Nine points!” After Ezekiel left, Hawkeye said, “Next up...Noah!”

Noah came out dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

“There’s a difference between a superhero and an idol, Noah. I’m afraid this gets a five for me,” said Hawkeye.

“Whatever,” shrugged Noah, before leaving the stage.

“Beardo! Come on up!” said Hawkeye.

Beardo came out as a VHS tape.

“Mm, okay?” asked a confused Hawkeye.

Beardo then spat out a long line of black tape, much like a malfunctioning tape would. It wrapped up Hawkeye, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. “Very creative, gets the job done very fast, and it doesn’t give away your human appearance! Ten for me!”

Beardo made a ta-da sound, then left the stage.

Eventually, only Katie and Ernesto remained. No one who had gone after Beardo had surpassed his score. “Katie, you’re up!” said Hawkeye.

Katie came out in Wonder Woman’s clothes. “Uh, sorry, but Wonder Woman’s already been done. Both by DC, and by Lindsay in season two. No points from me,” said Hawkeye.

A disgruntled Katie took her leave. “Ernesto! You are the last one!”

Ernesto came out in his regular clothes, only he had a yellow cape on as well. He also held a soccer ball. He then kicked it in Hawkeye’s direction, who managed to sidestep it.

“That’s OK; I meant to miss,” said Ernesto.

“Seven,” said Hawkeye, and Ernesto left the stage. “That means Beardo wins the first part of the challenge!” Everyone clapped for the human noisemaker.

The obstacle course for the second part of the challenge was now set up. “Welcome to the second part of the challenge!” said Hawkeye. “You must now jump over that building, save the ‘girl’ on the mattress, and finally, survive the ‘meteor shower.’” The camera showed each part of the course as he mentioned them. “Beardo, for winning the first part of the challenge, you get to go first, and you get ten seconds taken off your time.”

Beardo was now at the starting line. “On your mark, get set, GO!” Hawkeye fired an arrow, and the human noisemaker jumped over the building, got the sack of potatoes, but was promptly hammered by the rain of bowling balls.

“Incomplete!” said Hawkeye. “Shawn! You’re up next!”

Shawn jumped over the building, got the potatoes, and tried to get past the bowling bowls by using the potatoes as an umbrella.

“Did anyone order mashed potatoes?” asked Hawkeye. Shawn looked and gasped when he saw the bag of potatoes he held had been totally crushed.

“You don’t do that to Jasmine, do you?” asked Don.

“N-no!” said Shawn.

“Ryan, you’re up!” said Hawkeye.

Ryan jumped over the building, got the potatoes, and was able to use his strong build to deflect the bowling balls to complete the challenge.

“38 seconds exactly!” said Hawkeye. “Next is Jay!”

Jay unfortunately tripped over the top of the building and fell to the ground screaming.

“Incomplete!” said Hawkeye. “Ella, you’re up!”

Ella allowed her birds to carry her over the building, then some of them retrieved the bag of potatoes for her and gave it to her, and then the birds carried her high enough the balls couldn’t reach her.

“That was 26.9 seconds; a new record!” announced Hawkeye. “Taylor! You’re next!”

She was able to complete the course.

“32.3 seconds!” said Hawkeye. “Katie?”

Katie jumped over the building and got the potatoes, but then she tried to punch a bowling ball out of her way, only to break her hand, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Medic!” announced Hawkeye. Jordan, wearing his Red Cross uniform again, easily lifted Katie over his head and took off.

Hawkeye whispered, “Between you and me, I think Jordan would make a better superhero than Katie with strength like that!” He then said out loud, “Kitty, you’re up!”

Kitty jumped over the building, got the potatoes, and she was able to use the claws of her cat costume to prevent the bowling balls from harming her or the potatoes, allowing her to finish.

“Nice attack, Kitty! Unfortunately, that slowed you down, as it took you 41.2 seconds!” said Hawkeye. Kitty looked a little disappointed.

Duncan, Brody, and Scott were all able to clear the course, but not as fast as Ella.

Dawn and Dwayne ended up getting pummeled by the bowling balls, and were unable to complete the challenge.

Cameron wasn’t even able to scale the building. “At least my glasses didn’t break,” he announced from inside his Iron Cam suit.

Veronica and Dara beat the course, but not as quickly as Ella.

Sky scaled the building, got the potatoes, and was able to zip through the balls due to her speed and gymnastic skills.

“26.8 seconds! A new record!” announced Hawkeye. “Harold, you’re up!”

Harold was able to top that score by using his farting ability to his advantage, allowing him to zip by the bowling balls unharmed!”

“26.3 seconds! Another new record!” announced Hawkeye. “Geoff, it’s your turn!”

Geoff got hit with a bowling ball, and his nose bled.

“Aw, medic!” said Hawkeye.

Jordan came back, lifted Geoff over his head, and said, “Y’all, stop gettin’ hurt!”

“I agree,” said Hawkeye. “Sammy, you’re up!”

She couldn’t beat the course as quickly as Harold.

Trent, Cody, Junior, Crimson, Devin, Courtney, Ezekiel, Sierra, and Dave also couldn’t complete the course as quickly as Harold.

Spud couldn’t complete the course at all, not being able to jump high enough to even get in a passable attempt at scaling the building.

“That’s sad,” said Hawkeye, though he clearly didn’t feel that way. “Amy, you’re up!”

Amy and Brick beat the course, but not Harold’s time.

Gerry’s age prevented him from being able to scale the building, and he fell on his face. “I’m fine,” he weakly said while giving a thumbs up.

Sanders couldn’t make it past the bowling balls.

Rock, Noah, Alejandro, Ennui, Ernesto, Sam, and Tyler all beat the course, but they couldn’t beat Harold’s time.

“And Harold’s the winner!” announced Hawkeye. Everyone cheered, until Harold farted. “Oops! Probably should’ve saved that for later,” the geek said.

Don and Rolf walked in after hiding their bath salts. “What did we miss?” asked Don.

The two sniffed, and then covered their noses. “What is that stench?!” demanded Rolf.

Hawkeye, who also had his nose covered, said, “Harold here felt like engaging in victory flatulence!”

“Aw, Harold!” said Don. “But congrats on winning immunity! Everyone, take time to strategize, and I’ll see you at the elimination ceremony.”

The contestants were in the craft services tent. “Who leaves?” asked Dave.

“Who didn’t vote for Topher last time?” asked Katie. Ernesto, Veronica, and Dara raised their hands.

CONFESSIONAL: I feel like it’s been almost two years since I last spoke!

“Idiots. There are some things that are just not meant to be owned up to,” smirked Katie.


“Who I guess...wants to go?” asked Alejandro. All three of them raised their hands. “That, is a cause for concern.”

“I will volunteer first, for I sold my game to be on Topher’s side,” said Ernesto.

“NOOO! Take ME instead!” his girlfriend Veronica jumped in front of him and said.

“Chica, no!!”

“Please, Ernie, it’s something you would do for me!”

Ernesto thought about it, then sighed in defeat. “Do it.”


Everyone was at the elimination ceremony. “Welcome everyone. While you were gone, we made these.” Don held up a golden Don statue. “Because Chris sucks, we will not be using the gilded Chrises. Anyways, Harold! For winning the challenge, here is your gilded Don!” He threw a gilded Don to Harold, who shouted “Booyah!”

“We also have gilded Dons for Beardo, Shawn, Ryan, Jay, Ella, Taylor, Katie, Kitty, Duncan, Brody, Scott, Dawn, Dwayne, Cameron, Dara, Sky, Harold, Geoff, Sammy, Trent, Cody, Junior, Crimson, Devin, Courtney, Ezekiel, Sierra, Dave, Spud, Amy, Brick, Gerry, Sanders, Rock, Noah, Alejandro, Ennui, Sam, and Tyler!” All of them caught their gilded Dons.

Only Ernesto and Veronica were left, the former of whom had his head down. “Lovebirds. One of you is about to leave. The final gilded Don is for…


He caught it, but still looked down. Veronica gave him a goodbye kiss, then allowed Chef to strap her into the Fireworks of Shame, which blasted off three seconds after the fuse was lit.

“Well, that’s just about it! What’s Ernesto gonna do without his girlfriend and staying loyal to the wrong side of the numbers? Find out this and more next time, on TOTAL!” yelled Don.

“DRAMA!” yelled Chef.

“DOMINATION!” yelled all four hosts.


#90: Staci (Z)

RETURNS: Duncan (R)

#89: Anne Maria (Z)

#88: Sadie (R)

#87: B (R)

#86: Justin (R)

#85: MacArthur (Z)

#84: Mickey (R)

#83: Jasmine (R)

#82: JD (Z)

#81: Rodney (Z)

#80: Scarlett (Z)

#79: Max (DECEASED) (R)

#78: Kelly (R)

#77: Blaineley (R)

#76: Lightning (DECEASED) (Z)

#75: Eva (R)

#74: Jen (Z)

#73: Dakota (Z)

#72: Emma (R)

#71: Jo (Z)

#70: Pete (R)

#69: Sugar (Z)

#68: Jacques (Z)

#67: Zoey (R)

#66: Stephanie (Z)

#65: Bridgette (Z)

#64: Beth (Z)

#63: Chad (DISQUALIFIED) (Z)

#62: Carrie (R)

#61: Izzy (R)

#60: Leshawna (R)

#59: Mary (Z)

#58: Josee (Z)

#57: Lindsay (R)

#56: Miles (R)

#55: Mike (ARRESTED) (R)

#54: Leonard (Z)

#53: Lorenzo (DISQUALIFIED) (Z)

#52: Tammy (Z)

#51: DJ (R)



#50: Chet

#49: Abby (QUIT)

#48: Gwen

#47: Heather

#46/#45: Ellody

#46/#45: Owen

#44: Tom

#43: Topher

#42: Laurie (ARRESTED)

#41: Veronica


...aaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s the chapter! Wow, it only took almost two years for me to finally find time to finish! That’s what happens when you’re a computer science major…

I was already planning on getting rid of one of my OC’s this chapter; I just chose Veronica because she was kind of like a satellite character to Ernesto, and her taking the bullet for him was basically one last attempt at breathing life into her character.

Laurie didn’t really have anything left after Topher’s elimination, and the reason I had her embrace carnivorism in this story was because I wanted to give that part of her more development. I may have flanderized it, but even by just looking at the Ridonculous Race, Miles seemed to be the more “normal” one.

Because it’s been a long time, allow me to post the list of the new interns and their respective idols:

Eddy (bypass a challenge and have immunity)

Wizard Whitebeard (ban another contestant from ever winning immunity) - NOTE: Wizard Whitebeard himself died in episode 45, but this idol still exists.

Jake (ban another contestant from being treated at the infirmary)

Arnold (forces two other contestants into an elimination tiebreaker and gives you immunity the following episode)

Ronald McDonald (allow another contestant to come back next season)

Chowder (accept a new contestant into next season)

Franklin (prevent another contestant from coming back next season)

Arthur (prevent a new contestant from competing next season)

Colton Cumbie (every confessional after the play before the end of the episode is sent to you. If the episode ends with no new confessionals, the next episode’s confessionals will be sent to you instead)

Numbuh 4 (prevents someone from using the confession cam. You can’t even use the bathroom)

Duckman (lets you see who voted for who at the ceremony you played it at, or the following one if you don’t play it at a ceremony)

Shrek (lets you find the exact location of any other idol of your choice)

Robbie Rotten (ban someone else from ever playing an idol) - NOTE: Although his actor has since died in real life, Robbie Rotten is still currently alive in-story.

Steve Harwell (lets Chef cook an actual meal for you)

All of the above idols also give you immunity, like the Chris idol.

Here are the idols of the older staff members:

Chris (duh…)

Don (gives you an extra vote)

Chef (takes a vote away from someone else)

Hawkeye (automatically eliminates someone else)

Rolf (lets you bring back any previously eliminated contest except for the five most recently eliminated)

Lance (gives you an advantage)

Jordan (gives someone else a disadvantage)

Morgan (lets you sleep at the hosts’ cottage for a night)

These idols also grant you inmunity, like the Chris idol.

There was the Millie idol, which let you swap teams, and the Keith idol, which gave you a free pass to the merge. Because we’re in the post-merge, both of these are now useless. Useless as in, they don’t work at all. They don’t work at all as in, they won’t even give you Chris-idol style immunity. But the contestants don’t need to know that now, do they?

Katie was acting a bit suspicious this episode, don’t you think?

Now we have the fifth and final of GirlPower54’s (aka IndianaGamerGirl1201’s) auditionees, and also the LAST MALE auditionee! It’s Evan, the athlete!


A room with dark blue walls and Toronto Maple Leafs memorabilia appears, and a white guy with scalp length light brown hair, green eyes, black shirt with a blue 01, blue shorts, white socks, red Converse shoes, and red and blue striped fingerless gloves is present.

“Yoooooo, this is Evan here, and the beauty of having me audition after my four bros is that we’re saving the best for last! I’m smarter than Lightning dolt, and stronger than that pathetic excuse of a jock Tyler, and I’ll make sure they know it! Well, you’ll see me next season, that’s for sure! Bye!”


Well, that’s Evan! He uh...does realize Lightning is no longer with us, right? Oh well; he’ll learn that eventually.

That means the FEMALE auditionees start next episode! I promise it won’t take that long to post one again!

Read and review on fanfiction dot net, and comment and favorite on DeviantArt!
Mandy Square
Credit to Cartoon Network; inspired by CoGreen20.
Billy Square
Credit to Cartoon Network; inspired by CoGreen20.
Grim Square
Credit to Cartoon Network; inspired by CoGreen20.
Gretchen Square
Credit to Cartoon Network; inspired by CoGreen20.
Big thanks to everyone who wished me a Merry 20th Birthday! I can't believe I've lived for two decades now!


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