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By Alexstrazse
Greetings, friends and followers.

If you haven't heard, I've started a new website in the same vein of Equestria Daily. It's a pony blog that focuses on fan content and the occasional bit of news, and it's called Canterlot's Finest. The difference between this site and Equestria Daily is that Canterlot's Finest has a higher acceptance rate so that anyone can be featured. Whether you're professional or amateur, your work will get its time in the spotlight. So please, I invite you to submit your work there! There's no doubt you'll have your work featured.
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...if I were to submit my fic, (www.fimfiction.net/story/13432… ) what are the chances it would get featured?
I get the feeling that it'd be pretty low chance, but I'm curious and figured I may as well ask. :shrug:
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I don't see why not!
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Sweet! I'll be submitting it today then! Now that I actually have a cover image, bad though it might be :P
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Awesome!  I just submitted some art i made recently so I hope you like it! :)