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Yay, critique time! This is a really amazing picture, and I felt the need to give some input on how I feel. So, here we go!

As for your vision, you pulled it off perfectly. The changes to the character strongly encompass the look and feel of the 90s. Everything about Cheerilee, from the hair style, to the clothing and accessories to the look on her face is done greatly. She really has that grunge look to her, and it's fantastic.

Now, when it comes to originality, I had to dock a few stars because you based it on an existing image. However, you did make it a pony, so it's unique in it's own way! Not much else to say here!

Your technique is really well done. The proportions match the show just about perfectly, and the clothing and accessories seem like objects that could appear in the show. They don't stick out, and they seem natural. The way you made the hair messy also seems like something that could be show accurate, so awesome job with that. It looks really professional. The only problem I can find is that some of outlines don't have a set thickness at points, but besides that, great work.

Finally, the impact. As I said, this was done extremely well, and the piece really hits home with what it's intention was - styling Cheerilee for the 90s. The mood is there, everything fits, and best of all the art style matches the source. And, with growing up in the 90s, I can completely relate to all of this. It really struck me as a great looking composition, and I was very quick to hit the favorite button.

All in all, incredible work. The piece as a whole looks really fantastic, and I applaud your effort to make it show accurate.
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Cinnabeeess Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Student Filmographer
Thank you so much!!!

I'll try to work on outlines in the future. c:
One question I do have is clothing, like with her plaid jacket. I had to copy/paste all the little squares. How do I get the design in without manually drawing it repeatedly?
I'm glad you liked it! Thanks again for the critique!
samutoka Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can probably achieve a plaid effect using multiple layers and blending. The darker squares are where crossing bands of color would intersect.
Cinnabeeess Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Student Filmographer
Alright thanks!
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