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Pre-reader Anniversary Banner #2

By Alexstrazse
Yep, it's that time of year again! Here's a banner of all the currently active pre-readers.
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GZneonknight45's avatar
why put AWESOME MOST BAD ASS samurai jack in this?...
Mysticwrites's avatar
There sure are some sexy pones up there.
mirtar34's avatar
I love the ponies, but I gotta ask though, how did Samurai Jack get added to the equation?
Alexstrazse's avatar
There is one of us who goes as "The Samurai."
Vimbert's avatar

One of our pre-readers goes by "Samurai Anon" and posts Samurai Jack when posting on chans.
unitoone's avatar
Yay for BronyCray!
ClexYoshi's avatar
Couch crusadin' for all of time.

... you know, this is also the first time I've really seen Polecat pony. it's kinda weird because uh... I'm used to non-ponified Polecat. : P

also, is Midnight Shadow no longer a Pre-reader, or am I just not seeing him' here...?
Vimbert's avatar
He hasn't been an active pre-reader for a while. He still lurks around and complains about things, though.
Couch-Crusader's avatar
Alexstrazse's avatar
Sort of active I guess.
christhedemon's avatar
Searching for the horsecock in the BG. You guys better not be treating it like S3 treated Derpy.
SordidEuphemism's avatar
Having just seen this post... yeah, perfect spot for you, right up against me.
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