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Fluttershy's Tail
Fluttershy hummed softly to herself as she trotted through the Ponyville market. Today was her grocery shopping day, and she was aptly prepared. Resting on her back were a set of old brown saddlebags, full of small scrapes and a patched up hole here and there, but otherwise intact. Sitting on top of her head, snuggling into her soft pink mane was Angel, who idly looked around at the various vendors. Every once in awhile he would perk up and gaze hungrily at a nearby vegetable stall, but he knew better than to run off and take something. His mistress would get to it eventually.
The pegasus moved at a relaxing pace through the street, taking in the sights and sounds of a busy Ponyville day. There was much more chatter and commotion than usual, but she had gotten used to it from her uncountable past trips. By this point, it was nice to see everypony, whether or not she really knew them.
That was when she spotted a pony that she did know. Twilight Sparkle stood near the fountain, le
:iconalexstrazse:Alexstrazse 32 5
When Aliens Attacked
“That’ll be four bits, hun.”
Lyra threw four coins on the counter and levitated a paper bag next to her. Behind the desk was Bon Bon, smiling cheerfully as she put the money away. It was a normal day at the candy store, and Lyra was picking up her usual snack. The unicorn grinned as she peered into the bag, then said “Thanks a lot, Bons. I’ll see you later, alright?”
“Of course, Lyra. I get out at my usual time,” Bon Bon replied, poking at the cash register.
“Got it!” With that, Lyra walked out of the store with a bag of candy and a spring in her step. She pulled one of the treats out of the bag and popped it in her mouth, savoring the sweetness and flavor of it. Bon Bon’s candy shop was one of the best in town, second only to Sugarcube Corner itself, and even then, it had confections that the Cake’s place didn’t. It was the place to go if you wanted to get your candy fix, and Lyra needed one daily.
She humme
:iconalexstrazse:Alexstrazse 2 1
A New Spell
The old wizard studied his reflection in the large hourglasses polished surface. Heavy wrinkles creased across his forehead, while bags hung under his faded violet eyes. Below his chin lay a mighty, snow-white beard, which he couldn’t help but smile at. It was his namesake, and something he took the utmost care of, because they didn’t call him ‘Starswirl the Bearded’ for nothing. After the momentary reflection on his title, he looked back to the rest of his features. One thing was certain: he was getting old.
“Tell me, Clover, how is the luxury of youth treating you?” he asked, glancing over the sands trickling into the bottom of the hourglass. A moment of silence passed before he looked to his side and saw his student huddled over one of the many library desks, poring over a book. With a slight smile, he trotted over to Clover.
The moon’s light poured through the top of the room, shining onto Clover’s pages. How resourceful... Sta
:iconalexstrazse:Alexstrazse 3 0


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