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superman by alex

hello people!! that is my version of superman, jejeje hope like!!!

aca my version de superman, me canse de verlo en calsoncillos, ademas con esos zapatos golpea mas fuerte!!!, saludos a todos
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Very nice interesting design!
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Old work, tx per comment!!
belts, boots, and black shorts ruin it
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Looks more like something the old superboy woulda worn.
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if i may... the face is not so great... but the costume... AWESOME!!! it practically radiates with awesome
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yes my friend, i will remake this one, for all the views on it!! tx for support!
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XD i hope you didnt get mad at me for what i said... its just that his face doesnt go well with his body and costume :-?? ...
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O no no, dond worry jejeje but i think that at tis time i draw i little better than a few years, i will make a new one version of this superman!!

tx per your comment!! ;)
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youre welcome... keep up the good work , youre on the right path...
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i like it
punkish kind of style
great work
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hey nice that it likes you!! tx per comment!
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=D no prob
its a great pic after all
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it is super man for the younger generation. no tights no fancy red boots. and somthing a farmboy from smallville would wear.
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that is the way!! XD
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Beautiful-hotter then the real superman.
This, to me, is what Superman would have looked like if he started being a superhero during his angsty teenage years. Wait, did Clark Kent even have angsty teenage years? I just have trouble seeing Clark Kent as anything even close to emo.
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man thats awsum.
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yai!! nice that it likes you!
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Nice work. I really like the depth the shading brings to it.
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ya tx is an old draw, i must do a new version soon!! tx per comment
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Well let me know if you do a new one. I would very much like to see it.
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thats one bad-ass Superman! i looove the costume :D
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tx a lot. i appreciatte the comment!
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WoW!!! Nice work with the costume!!!'s like a MARVEL version of the DC Superman...

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