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SMZ - clay render

By AlexSone
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Clay render in Luxrender
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looks really cool,how did you do it? if you care to explain in a few words:P if not i dont mind:)
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Thanks! First I have made a box with the blueprints of this car on it's bodysides for modelling. Then I have made separate parts of the car (body, boot, hood, doors, roof an another parts) in one layer. Second layer I have used for background. For making the body parts of the car I have extruded the polygons of planes. For another parts of the car I have used simple primitives like cilynder, torus, etc. You also can find the tutorials how to make the car in Blender in youtube. For the background I have modyfied simple primitives like box, plane etc.
For texturing and render I have used Cycles render - it's very easy to texture and add the materials for models with Cycles.
The models and textures of rats I have made in Sculptris alpha 6.