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Viking harbor

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Looks like what I'd imagine Solitude looked like back in the Second Era.
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I showed my group your pictures and we agree it would be perfect for a D&D campaign we are running. We are filming and I like to add pictures. Your art is simply stunning. Is there any chance we could use it on YouTube? I'd give you full credit and link your deviant art in the description of course. Credit goes where credit is soooo due. Just let me know. We'd LOVE to show off your work.

Thank you,

David "Bard" from Natural 1
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Sure thing. Watch out for dem' beholders!
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haha Thank you friend. I cant wait to see what else you do. Big fan, and thank you for responding.
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Great stuff - as many others have said, it reminds me of Solitude from Skyrim. A direct inspiration?
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woah. you're great.
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I was thinking this reminded me of Solitude from Skyrim, so I scrolled down and the first several comments beat me to it.. XD
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Thinking the same ;) :D
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Yup. All the memories of running from guards down the docks came flooding back...
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It remainds me a world of Skyrim. Great!
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skyrim nostalgia intensifies.
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I want to just hop right into this scene! Gorgeous!
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Fantastic work. 
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Awesome work! :)
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Fantastic idea and design :)
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This look a lot like Solitude in Skyrim ;) Good work!
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Was looking for such a comment :P That's why it's awesome
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I thought about Solitude too:)
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Spectacular view! Solid skills!! Really tight forms all throughout. I get a real, heightened sense of looking back at a bygone age.
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