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The prince

By AlexShiga
I've been rereading the Harry Potter series (I'm on the last book now) and I really felt like drawing Snape (younger, before Harry came to Hogwarts). I think he's one of the most interesting characters in the story.

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Good job, I especially like your characterization and use of light. 
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I love your use of light and the particles :D
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I like the spooky atmosphere here, good job!
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Looks awesome!
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I like the glow on his face, and the green steam.  Nice effect.
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amazing work!! I love how focussed he looks..
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This is one of the best pictures of him.
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Looks really cool
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Severus is not only the most interesting character in the series, he is the true protagonist of the story, because he is the one who undergoes genuine transformation. Harry at seventeen is not that much different from Harry at eleven, but Severus recognizes that he has done wrong, repents, and spends his life atoning.

Besides, if he had not asked Voldemort for Lily's life, Volders would not have given Lily the choice to step aside, thereby making her death a voluntary sacrifice with magical power, rather than an ordinary combat death like James's. The entire saga pivots around Severus's decisions. If there had been no Man Who Loved, there would be no Boy Who Lived.
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He looks stunning!!
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Severus Snape Stamp by L3xil3in  He is THE most interesting character, followed by a few...:D
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I look sexy....Snape Snape Gurl AVADA K--OHSNAP Snape Approves Emote 
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:D Yes, yes you do!
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