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Commission: The Beast Is Gone.

Another commission via Sketchmob. I really recommend that site to any fellow artists! But they wanted this scene from Beauty and the Beast but with all the other characters sad.

this is my most popular commission style so if interested this was $25 and for more info please visit my Etsy shop!…
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The beast maybe gone, but it doesn't the human has another chance. Human or creature, dead or alive, young or old, no one, NO ONE AT ALL deserves second or more chances. 
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The Beast is amazing in your style omg 
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Thank you so much! How did you like the new movie? I loved Beast in there at first I thought he looked weird but he was sweet....and had a body LMAO!!!
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I love the new movie
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Very touching. Can't say much more because everything is spot on.
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Thanks so much!!! ☺
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but he did not die.
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...I know that it was just a commission from someone. This was their idea. lol
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I just watched this movie a few weeks ago and saw the Special Edition, the added scenes for the first time when the characters sing about being human again.

So sad to see the beast treated like that by Geston, who fell to his death immediately after trying to murder the beast, with no success thank goodness.

Although the beast is hideous on the outside, at least he's more handsome than Geston ever was on the inside!
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Yea Geston was an ass. Beast was a sweetheart and will always be better!! Looked better then him as s beast too 😂
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Oh no, how sad! :(
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I know right :( was many me sad drawing it lol
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