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Walking Dead

**see the video for this here!:…

In the spirit of Halloween, here's Jack and Sally!:) I've always wanted to do a somewhat realistic take on these characters and film. Done in photoshop in about four hours today. Thanks for looking!

print available here:…

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Hi! I wanted to let you know that a shop called SOCAL ARTS is selling prints of your work. When we asked the clerk if they had rights to sell these pictures (there were numerous stolen fanarts there), they said “Of course” but I have my doubts.

Just wanted to make sure you knew. I have picture evidence if needed.
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Fantastic work, came across your work being sold on Redbubble, here's the link (looks like the sller has stolen a lot of random images) get in touch with them and they will take it down pretty swiftly…
Question, how would you feel if I were to get this done as a half sleeve tattoo?
are you selling these from China? I keep seeing TONS of this on ebay- from china
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Here's someone who take your work. I love your work, so I am guard of it, hehe.

We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
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Got a tattoo of this I will be uploading it soon and giving u credit bro
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Not sure if it matters but I saw someone selling these exact designs at the LA fair today....
AlexRuizArt's avatar
thanks for letting me you remember their name?
CrunchBunny's avatar
Unfortunately was a booth selling various art and I saw this one amongst the others. Sorry about that. I would contact the la county fair people...since that is where the booth was.
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That's very realistic! :la:
SpookyMuffin4545's avatar
That's most EPIC TNBC picture I ever seen. :o (Eek)  
(And I see a lot of them)

I mentioned your art in my journal. Jack Skeleton Chibi…
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I reallu love this! Congratulations!
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Unfortunately, found this on RedBubble "Nightmare Before Christmas" by GHelenS.  Here is their Copyright procedure.
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hey, thanks for this! God, I hate when people do this, but I'm thankful there's people like you to help me bust their asses;)
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Checked today and the user has been removed from Redbubble, I'm glad they don't mess around.
gillianivyart's avatar
My pleasure, I happened across it and thought I had seen it before.  Went to share it with my sister as she's a supra Nightmare Before Christmas fan, and a friend commented they saw the image on deviantART.  I've just joined RedBubble, and hope they handle this well.  I commented on the store that the image belonged to you, and refrained from being nasty about it ;P  So hard to do!  Well, I made sure to delete the share of their item and shared your proper deviation with my sister instead.  Checked out your site, it's really awesome.  So one good thing has come from the theft, you have reached a wider audience.  ;)  Good luck getting it removed expediently.  
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That is amazing!!!
*favorites picture then unfavorites the picture just so I can favorite it twice*
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Am I allowed to use this for my wallpaper on my phone?
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Unless this is you, someone is selling your art on ebay:…
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I am so getting a print of this for myself for christmas!
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Hi! I found a person who cropped your image, you should report them!…
AlexRuizArt's avatar
thanks for letting me know! asshole has been reported;)
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