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Concept art of planet Vormir in Infinity War. There was already some initial exploration done on this sequence before I created my own variations....i.e. the purple color tone, eclipse, and atmosphere, so I had some ideas to bounce from. 

I played with sand dune patterns, more moons, and green glowing slime pools:D

Also, the mountain is Mt. Kirkjufell in Iceland( yup, that's a real place!) so we had an awesome prop to work around:)

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Very interesting and epic, would love to see that turned into a matte painting :D
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Wait, you worked on Infinity War?
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Beyond awesomeness!  The color technique is so amazing. Excellent work. If you get time please give feedback on some of my art. 
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This is something! Very great!

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The eternally eclipsed world.
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wonderful work and thank you for the link to Tutorial
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