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Power Rangers

By AlexRuizArt
This is some concept art I made for a director who was pitching his film version of Power Rangers. If you guys remember someone made an amazing PR fan film this year, which lit the fire under many asses to get a full on Hollywood film made. So, many a director jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately our guy didn't get it, it went to another director. Such is the nature of the film business. 

And if you want to be a concept artist, you have to accept that most of what you work on might never be seen and/or made. Many things fail, or get shelved, of indefinitely postponed, usually early on but sometimes even in production. This means you might not be able to show the work you did on that project for a very long time, if ever. But it can really depend on the client, your relationship with them, and how long it has been since you made the actual artwork. It always varies.

So never stop doing your personal work, because sometimes, THAT is the work that will get you hired on a project like this:)

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no comment cuz it's so awesome

Bracey100's avatar
After seeing the movie we got I wish this had been greenlit.
PaleNative's avatar
First: This is fucking awesome. Second: I find that your advice is very enlightening, so thanks for that. Thirdly: This is really fucking awesome. Lol
QinDynasty97's avatar
This is what Colossal + Power Rangers "higher budget film" should've been !!  (◡﹏◡✿)

*shame on you box offices* 
(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
Darkton93's avatar
So THAT'S why the movie looks so terrible! It's based on a terrible fan-film that was a PARODY of what Hollywood would do to it!
Lythsera's avatar
The monster's hammerhead look reminds me of the kaiju in Pacific Rim, which I consider an unofficial Power Rangers movie anyway. This is some really gorgeous work.
Saberstorm001's avatar
Looks awesome!
That chest/head section looks like it made it into the 2017 movie.
JJWS92's avatar
THIS IS WHAT THE MEGAZORD SHOULD LOOK LIKE! I've seen toys and concept art for the new, 2017 Megazord, and it's terrible!
Wat u use to make this?
Der-groBman's avatar
It looks nice, but... It just doesn't feel like Power Rangers to me. This feels more like something that would be more at home in something like a mix of Evangelion, Man of Steel, and Armored Core. The monster looks too much like a Lovecraftian mutant, and the sheer EDGEiness of the Megazord is just off putting. Again, it looks good, but just not for something like Power Rangers.
Rainbowhawk1993's avatar
Really hoping the movie will be along the lines of this (Avengers/ Pacific Rim). That would be the movie everyone will be talking about for ages.

King1cheetah's avatar
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!
ThexSilverxWolf's avatar
Awesome. Just awesome.
Divinewolf7's avatar
Reminds me so much of Pacific Rim
AkiraTheFighter24's avatar
That Megazord looks like a Decepticon. XD
StormofGreed's avatar
I wish these was the moive
hunterN05's avatar
Frigging awesome dude, ahahaha! :clap:
This is fantasticly well done :clap:
TEANO's avatar
I like the obligatory movie obsolete army guys that are shooting at the creature. They're like 'Who cares if it has no effect? Just keep shootin'!'
AdletoArt's avatar
nice color plays!
weremole's avatar
I hear good things from the guy who did though. Power Rangers shouldn't be dark and mean spirited I feel, which is why the Power/Rangers fanfilm never sat right with me. I do think the hollywood project was announced several months before its premiere though, but I can be mistaken.

Really dig the the punchy spikey gauntlet look of the Mastodon shield and the interpretation of the silhouette of the Mehazords helmet silhouette.
Terra-Cosmic's avatar
Power Rangers that's actually EPIC for once. I like it! 
erubin's avatar
You should watch Zyuranger.
starshinenyx's avatar
omgLa la la la :happybounce: I am a dummy! its amazing. there is no more room fabulousness
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