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By AlexRuizArt
I know you guys wanted to see mummies, so here they are!:D
I used a lot of interesting textures on this one, including microscopic images of...well, I forgot....but they sure looked cool! All done in photoshop, been working on and off on this one for a few months...thanks for lookin'!
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This so Cool...I look at Subject Matters: Dark Science I like it was nice...
sevenofeleven's avatar
No slummy Mummies here!

Looks great.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Your spooky Halloween image has been featured in my News "Halloween Bash" >> [link]

:pumpkin: Have a sweet Halloween !!! :pumpkin:
Long-Pham's avatar
Yaww I like the job ! good one !
feddie138proof's avatar
are the mummies the pillars?
dijinstar's avatar
u better be on the design team for metroid prime 4
AlexRuizArt's avatar
that would be sweet!;)
Hideyoshi's avatar
great! That color combo always works nice! :)
AlexRuizArt's avatar
thanks man...yeah, can't lose with the blue and orange scheme:)
BlutigWolf's avatar
Fantastic! :+fav: That's all I can say. :D
bluemattersoda's avatar
brilliant! the details, lighting...simply beautiful! fav!
ricolarr's avatar
same here, cant really figure out whats going on, but nonetheless, awesome scene :boogie:
DSil's avatar
Strong sense of space. I like the way you used color to focus the viewer's attention in certain areas.
McFilms's avatar
It's a beaut!

Well done, Alex!!!

willymj's avatar
:wow: epic... man your good!
ArrinKirr's avatar
Oh noes, they're out to get us!
jvgce's avatar
awesome as always........:)
ATArts's avatar
interesting one !
Trauma-Advocate's avatar
Pretty awesome. I'm having a little trouble telling exactly what's going on, but it's undoubtedly very cool. Those thick wires hanging down from the ceiling are seriously ominous.
Akajork's avatar
good idea to use microscopic images.. they sure look uniqe and they add a nice destroyed and dirty look to those mummies:) great work love the lighting btw
FXMorph's avatar
That looks amazing. Can't see the Mummies thought. XD
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