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By AlexRuizArt
This is matte painting sketch for Grant Morrisons MBX, a new online animating series developed by Virgin Comics and Perspective Studios. It's based on the epic Indian poem, the Mahabhatara. The poem contains stories of Krishna and an epic battle that eventually destroys the whole earth....pretty heavy for a poem written thousands of years ago!
I was asked to create a decaying city, a New York on steroids. I thought, even better...New York on crack!!:D can see some of the character concept art here:
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Holy shit for my shitty concept art i already need weeks how long did u work on this here?
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This is great and gritty. I don't believe for a second the future will be clean and pristine.
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Awesome! :D

Can I use it for a game, granting you credits, and an annual percentage as it turns commercial?

Please consider my offer :)

to the following link:---> [link]

Have a nice day!
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awsome, can't wait for the retelling!!!
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Wow... Very nice one :)
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Amazing!i love futuristic cities..i wish i can do something like this someday:)
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All I can say is Wow!!
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Beautyful ! very detailed, very good work ! thanks !
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Amazing job.
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Quite Epic......Very well executed and your a Master with your toolbox... Bravo....
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c'est absolutely zajebiste.
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Impressive indeed...
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I love your style! This is fantastic! :)
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3 favs in a row.. what can i do... absolutely stunning work!
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Breathtaking! The perspective works perfectly, and the use of light and color is masterful and effective.
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Wow...this is something I can get into. Love this work, part of me just wants to crawl in and look around but the same side would say flee if I had the choice. :)
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