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Future Egypt Revisited

By AlexRuizArt
This is an update to an image I created four years, does time fly!:)

I think it's very important as artists to look back at our old work and recognize how far we've come. And on some occasions, update the work with the skills and techniques we've learned along the way. ( see the original here:

I've always liked the concept of this image, a future Egypt occupied by hovering structures and retrofitted with some kind of scaffolding and tech.

If you're interested in my techniques, I've made video tutorial downloads in which I explain in depth how to make images like this. Visit my store for more details.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD STORE: conceptmonsterstudios.blogspot…
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sjd764's avatar
Dark and interesting at the same time. I really am not sure why I like this one.
Maybe because it's rooted into something out of Enki Bilal or that I can see all the work you did in it.
All I can say is fantastic work, really. :)
Awesome art! can i use it,has a backround image for a monotized youtube for a song i made?
Altough for some reason this videos the are just songs with an image background don't show ads dunno why.

Amidamaru88's avatar
This looks so sad
destinyeternity's avatar
A nice concept, hopefully the world won't destroy the once beautiful wonders of the world.
soundtripgrL-Harlene's avatar
You Rock man! a Total artist indeed!
GreedMore's avatar
too dark future, i think...
MackTheNinja's avatar
amazing work, love it.
Fredy3D's avatar
Most excellent!
SolarArchitect's avatar
Damn! This is awesome!
QAuZ's avatar
This great work has been featured in news article [link] :heart: :)
wow nice masonic shit !! tarrzan you are crazy :)
pariah87's avatar
:wow: this is just incredible :nod:
:clap:, thank you for sharing
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
After dumping Mubarak they finally took off :) Awesome SciFi concept!
RAC1000's avatar
indigonight87's avatar
Wow, amazing piece. I love the extream detail, you can gaze into it forever and still notice different things. excellent work :-)
Kudlaty25's avatar
looks overloaded for me :3
changingcactus's avatar
dang future egypt looks cool.
AceOfKeys72's avatar
Earlier I read how opposites are really pairs that help define reality. Seeing this piece proves that for me. Oh and you're right about what you said, that an artist should look back at old pieces and update them ;)
NiGHTS-098's avatar
The epicness of this picture on the epic scale has reached epic levels!
MrCod's avatar
Great picture. I love the contrast of the past and future.
Lyna-LoopS's avatar
I don't no why but... it's really scary !
Toonicorn's avatar
I agree with you about reviewing our work and updating it with new techniques. For years now, I've been a "traditional" artist; I'm only now getting into Photoshop. Now I take my paintings and chalks and freshen and update them using PSE. It's fun, and after all, PS and other digital artists programs are just another color in the palette :) Great picture BTW - VERY atmospheric and convincing.
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