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Fantasy Environment 1

By AlexRuizArt
This is concept art for a project I worked on recently. I'm not allowed to say the name, but I'll let you guys know when it's out which should be soon;)

This would be considered a 'paintover', in which you're given a rough scene blocked in by a 3d artist( literally just blocks, primitives in Maya, Max etc.) and are pretty much asked to make it 'pretty.'
I'll post the rough 3d scene as well so you guys can see the difference.

Yes, kind of annoying, but that's one of the things you have to deal with as a concept artist. You usually work on a project early on, which means you can show the work until the project is done…and sometimes that's years!

If you'd like to learn the digital painting techniques I used to create images like this,
definitely check out my download store for incredibly affordable video tutorials:


Visit my blog to see sketches and other crap:


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Hey, did you finish this?  Or have this without the URL?  I REALLY want this piece.  Already bought quite a few of your pieces from Fineartamerica, and just found all of your Deviant stuff.
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Hey, I love the epic-ness and fantasy + sci-fi themes, so I bought the print.  In the future you might want to remove the URL at the bottom, or make it much smaller, on the print version, as it is kind of distracting from the piece.

I would love to see a calendar of your artworks as well!
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thanks for buying the print, much appreciated! Thanks for the heads up on the url too, I actually don't do that anymore on prints I sell because of that:)  ps, calendar in the works!
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This is beautiful. 
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This has so much detail, it is one of the most intricate concept art that I've seen
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Beautiful. I wanna live there lol
That is so cool! There is so much detail in this piece, from the gate in the water on the right hand side, to the face carved in the tower, to the sails on the left...I keep coming back to see more and more!
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Wow, fantastic work!
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Wow... I'm speechless. The amount of detail is just mind blowing.
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That's amazing!!!!!
I'm so jealous..>.<
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It looks absolutely fabulous:)
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Just marvellous... :D
The realism is absolutely staggering!
I just love the vibrant colours here!
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