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Dulcior Nocens Somnium

By AlexRuizArt
**updated version for the Hive Gallery art show this Saturday in LA, if you're in town sing by! It's printed 40" wide, massive:)**

Hope everyone's new year is off to a great start! Here's something I've been working on for a while, and it turned out to be quite the contrasting complement to an image I created over two years ago:[link]

In case your wondering, the title means in Latin literally, 'Pleasant Bad Dream', in that if I were having this dream I'd be terrified as well as awed!:) All done in photoshop and painter, and took waaay longer than it should have haha.. There's things hidden in there, as well as things I don't even know about...tell me what you see!

Thanks for looking!
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AWESOME! I see a million different squids, an weird stag-like thing, a rocket, a dragon, a leopard-skin... this reminds me somehow of Van Gogh's art!
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Looks kind of like a wolf
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This is un-godly EPIC, can only wish to one day make a piece this intense. Perfect title for this as well. excellent piece. Peace.Love.Light.
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This one is so beautiful.
Yes, finally found it! I used this as my wallpaper and I'm glad that I now know the name of artits, who did this.
I'll be looking at thia awhile , very good
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i see......magic!!!!!!!!! :O lololololololoo!!!this is simply amazing
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Your work has been featured here: [link]

If you want it removed, please let me know :heart:

Have a wonderful day!
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how do you get the spine looking shapes and the spiky circles? do you paint individual or paint a set and then work with copy/paste and/or other tools?
AlexRuizArt's avatar
I use a lot of custom brushes for that effect.
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oh, well, very cool. so, if i were to guess a way, cause i'd like to try getting back into painting, then could i cut a brush, or something, into a saw-toothed shape?
AlexRuizArt's avatar
absolutely, you can make a brush out of anything! I have tutorial downloads on the exact subject for sale here: [link]
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thank you !!!
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Adore it--this is an incredibly inspirational piece with all of these gorgeous colors--thanks for sharing. :)
Beautiful! What did you do to make this, any compositing other images, or just pure painting?
AlexRuizArt's avatar
thanks:) yes, much compositing of photographs, and a hell of a lot of custom brushes and shapes!
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I have no clue what is going on in this piece but it is too visually stunning to lessen my love for it! Great work!
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Simply amazing! One feels the hours spent doing this work ^ ^
Liketheisland's avatar
This is just- wow. So much detail and depth, and excellent lighting!! It's blinding me with awesome. *fav*
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