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Creature sketch

A recent sketch of fancy photoshop tricks here!:) But what I want to get across to you guys, is that the drawing comes first...once you know how to render in plain pencil, just black and white, the rest will come so much keep drawing!!:D
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Fried-Ricer-Man's avatar
Very cool, it kind of reminds me of Lord Transyl from Omniverse.
Sick lookin' beast, nice draw :D
EricaT03's avatar
Oh, that´s great
Awesome! I love the free flow.
Darethus's avatar
I want to make out with that thing...... err, i mean whaaa??
AlSabidTorres's avatar
Loose work is the best...Good job :)
xxhollyraexx's avatar
This is incredibly:) though im sure you're well aware of my not so expert opinion though, i do feel it needs a touch more depth...4B shading in some areas?? simply to illustrate the darkness?? argh, forgive me if that is out of line:)

xo holly-rae
GRAYgoose's avatar
I CAN draw like this but i have no imagination thus i have nothing to draw...
Who needs Giger? :D
nice wrk..inspiration to draw for me!
LingerieAddict's avatar
wow mamaaa
im scared......


cool art man....=D
TheButterfly's avatar
Wow! I love this sketch! I'm trying to wrap my mind around the clavicle and the shoulder muscles... I can feel my upper arms getting stiff just looking at this! Fantastic detail in the head. Off to look through more of your gallery!
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man.. that looks like you did it like within 30mins... i wish i could get like that... ENVY!
monoCrohm's avatar
That's a nice sketch. I like sketches because they can be so messy and clean at the same time.
Archbishop01's avatar
Oh shi ... thats a real nice sketch id say
LittleBlackPixie's avatar
do you use an electric eraser??
AlexRuizArt's avatar
sometimes, but not on this one:)
LittleBlackPixie's avatar
in that case, this is some neat erasing!
AGrimReaping's avatar
His beard's nearly as long as mine!

Keep this up and you'll be rolling in praise. *two thumbs up*
tatitati's avatar
ey, its very good!
loess's avatar
what pencils are you using? I have such a hard time with pencils and shading. Pen and Ink come much more naturally for me.
AlexRuizArt's avatar
I basically just used a mechanical pencil on this...smudged around tones with my finger, then erased out:)
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Very nice :)
My favourite thing to draw are creatures.
And I seem to have trouble with getting them to be interesting to look at. If you have any tips that would be awesome.
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