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Airships Process

Here's a look at my process on this one, with some closeups added. Basically, I started out black and white, until I was satisfied with the composition, perspective, and values. Once you have those nailed, your colors are much more likely to turn out good.
Hope this helps some of you guys:)
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Thank you so much for this! You know? i've always wondered how did you do stuff in the first part... Do you use pictures, or reference of them? Or you begin making lines with no sence, and find shapes?
I've always wanted to do something like this, but i really don't have any idea about how to start
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glad you dig it:) I'll be doing some live painting tonight on ustream at 7pm pacific time, I answer a lot of my questions there: [link]
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Thank you so much, i'll be there :)
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nice man! sure. Is really atmospheric!
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Thanks. This should help a fair bit
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very nice. i like how you did the close ups on smaller details that we might miss by viewing the pic. it's amazing how well detailed this picture is. and i like how you don't do just details to have details. they serve a purpose and do not overcome the entire piece.
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This so will come in handy!
I've been trying to practice backgrounds but I just can't x( I never know where to place the variou selements of it or where to center the picture.. I should start by using reference pics and then adding fantasy elements or something.. I dunno.. if you could give me some tips on how you started yourself it would be great!
Anyway, your work is overwhelming and inspiring. I shall watch you
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This is very Interesting, thank you for Sharing your Knowledge with us Tarrzan ^_^

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Yeah, thanks a lot for your help^^
Now, wheres my graficpad...?!

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Thanks for the insight into your work flow.
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Thanks for sharing the process involved in creating a great image! :)
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did you make your own grid or can you find those online somewhere? again awesome work.
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I make those grids by using the line tool, and just extend from a couple of vanishing points.
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How did you create the basic structure of the ship?
And what is the res? :)
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The ship was basically made by creating many rectangular shapes, that all met up with one vanishing point.
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and oh yeah, I usually end up with 300 res:)
Amazing image. A great help into understanding art, also.
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just amazing :wow:
thanks for sharing that with us :worship:
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thanks a lot for this ! Very interesting. Did u also use vanishing points for the environement at the begining (before you add the ship) or did you just use atmospheric perspective?
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a lot of both my friend:)
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