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This is very much inspired by artist Sparth, one of my concept heros. Here I'm mixing past an maybe future elements....these ships no doubt have engines, but I'm sure the captains don't mind saving energy by having sails on the ship:) About a full days work here in photoshop. I'll be putting a tutorial up soon, so look out!

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This has been one of my favorite pieces of art for the better part of a decade, now. For every job I have ever had, it has been the background of my work computer. Now, the first thing I do if I move jobs or get a new work computer is download this art and set it to the background. It's funny how this art has stayed with me through moves, grad school, and new jobs in a different part of the country. Thanks for creating this!

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much appreciated my friend:)

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Love this so much 
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This is my favorite painting of all time!!! I can't wait until they get here. I got a big one for the house and a smaller one for the office. I could just look at this forever...
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Very cool painting.
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A great days art!
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Great work thanks for sharing
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This is amazing! I'm looking for ideas. I've never drawn an airship in my life! I have much to learn.  Thank you for the inspiration!
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Great work , well done
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Impossing, great work
lol like something out of treasure planet.
This is simply amazing and beautiful. What do you charge for book cover paintings or to license existing work for books? Please email me at

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This is amazing!
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I was instantly overjoyed after seeing this. The design of the airship is gloriously beautiful, and although, it could be possibly overtaken, it seems to have speed on it's side. Which makes me smile. This is a personal Fav.
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This conveys a sense of overwhelming excitement and discovery through the eyes of a child in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world.
Very impactful!
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There are a few moments in one's life when one sees art that makes you stop, open your eyes, and say Oh My God. This picture caused one of those moments for me. I just had to track this down when I saw it on an image hosting site. Now its my wallpaper:)
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This is really wonderful, I adore the colour theme, also how you combined sails and cyberpunk, awesome. It's great that there's still some greenery in this world, this raises some hope that progress isn't equal dead planets. And how the little boy runs to the shore to show the majestic ships to his mommy!

But (yeah, big bad but) aren't the ships' sails billowing the wrong way? Unless the ship's backing into it's parking space you'd want the sails billowing to the front so the ship's being pulled forward. ;) But then, it seems as if the fleet performs a right-to-left movement, which to me indicates leaving, so the sails would need to "follow" (actually cause) the movement. And if they already ARE in parking position the sails would be shortened.
(I browsed all comments to see if anyone had already pointed that out and if you gave a clue why the sails would be billowing the wrong way. Though there were comments on the sails you seem to have boggled their minds too much for them to recognize the tiny flaw.)

Nevertheless, great art.
And sorry for being a smart-ass.
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