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Punches-Slashes FX Animations Part 2

More FX animations that I did for a game called Hunter Island by ZigZaGame Inc.

I think it will be out soon for iOS devices.
Facebook page of the game [link]

Please tell me what you think! :) I appreciate any feedback.

Done with Flash CS5.5

First Part

You can not use it under any circumstances. It belongs to ZigZaGame Inc.
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how do i use this?
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how to download
this video
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so i watched videos of the game.... didn't see any of your animations :(
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hi may I ask how you managed with making them shin bright I have problems with that
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its glow effect.  also watch his video on making lightning. 
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dude if you don't want to link me just say..i wouldn't bite and I won't
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link me to it please
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you are amazing
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BTW: I stay corrected. In some way it reminds me to a modern game as well. In "Asura's wrath" there are some fine "Anime" scenes where you can see some similar things, but they have not the same love to detail like your work here:…

Wished I could see every single effect frame by frame, so I could learn better how to draw it.
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Once again: This is so great to look at.

It doesn't remind me of a modern game, it reminds me more of the effects inside animes and some older, other animation movies, which I liked, and like to watch :)
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really excellent-  a tutorial please?
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Probably my favourite, it is SO great!!!!! :D

Although I don't understand what kind of explosion is the one before the sphere is formed.. :P
Is there a tutorial for this???
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Your VFX are really good! I like them a lot, they are impressive, great job here!
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Really nice FX, good job ! If u have some advise for us to do that, i take ! :p
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Hi  AlexRedfish, I love all your animations, do you have a tutorial for this? 
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