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vectorman 2012

fast fan art one of the my favorite genesis character)
hope you like it too ;)
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This is spiffy! Would you be okay if i used your art in making one custom shirt to wear? 
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Yep, sure, why not
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Yay, thank you^^ i'll be sure to credit you as well of course.

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Ooooo. So many fond memories! I love it!!
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This is absolutely amazing! Loved Vectorman!
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Oh man, incredibly well done! This was one of my favorite games growing up!!

The soundtrack to Vectorman 2 was also one of my favorites!
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I've been thinking about this game so long ago! I couldn't remember the name of the game/character.

Not only did you remind me, but I got to see a really BAD ASS render of him! Thank you!
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I hope this character sometime will return to us)
I'm seriously in love with this picture. I show it to all my friends even though they barely know Vectorman. Seriously, good work!
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Nice, I liked those games, (especially the unorthodox levels like the train one, and such) you really did this obscure Sega hero justice here. :) Very awesome coloring/shading. Especially, the lighting on his blaster shot.

Who'd of thought a hero who's basically a robotic garbage-collection man could be so cool?
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Nice, you know he made it on the petition competition for ASRT DLC, just barely but he did, so there is a chance we might see him again. Do wish he would make a comeback though
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Awesome stuff. Vectorman and Ristar should have been in the last sega racing game lol
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omg CAN you say EPIC?.... cause I can!...... I been waiting for a drawing of this dude for about 8years.... and you did it PERFECTLY almost a lil better then i could think of in my head.
i wanna buy it from you on a canvis
You know about the petition Sumo digital made to see what character people want as DLC in Sonic sega all stars racing tranformed, He's almost has the 1000 votes they said chatacters need to have a chance of getting in. So you can vote for him if you want. It's about time he got some well deserved love.
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Yeeah! Awesomeness!
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Wow . It's vectorman . Good person .
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занятно - следующим в списке новых работ от группы идет похожий на него Рейман
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ahh vectorman... old school retro gaming... i miss you :(

btw, this is awesome!
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One badass orb-bot comin' up.

Very nice I love it.
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O mey gawd!!:faint:
I loved that GAME!!:iconloveplz:
I play that game each and every day 24/7!!
the second was awesome as was the first one but it got better!!! I liked how in the second one he got all those cool abilities so you can own the bad guys and you can also use them in the boss battle!!!
This brings back great Memories!
Great Job:iconexcitedlaplz:
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