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training drawing ;)
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This is exquisite work. *Gives you a hearty round of applause.* :D
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Used ;3.

Lineart: F2U Dutch Angel Dragon Base/Lineart.
Accesories: Pic Monkey (Facebook).
F2u Dutch Angel Dragon Base Lineart By Hiro Uzumak by Marlenatelep2Loader  
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Haunting and lovely . I love it
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So awesome. I've spent perhaps ten minutes looking for a bog witch of sorts!
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I just combined this

with this…

It's my new favorite background on my computer.

Made the space man a bit yellowish + transparent like hes warping in instead idk looks good either way.
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Not going to put it on my deviant since it's not my art xD I think ill put the spaceman into image search so I can give credits.
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Author is apparently Yoga for the spaceman... Wallpaper background site not giving good credits.
This is super cool... mind if I use this on my blog? I'll be sure to credit you at the top of the article :3
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I hope you are still active on this site, I'd very much like to use this piece and do a 3D modeled environment based upon this image, Using your concept work to guide me. It is for a class assignment that will take three months to finish and I will give you credit for the concept/idea. I would also like to work closely with you on making sure it meets the overall "feel" through and through to the end. Thank you in advance, I hope this reaches you soon and I look forward to your reply. 
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Wonderful piece of art! 
I featured it in my journal here:… :)
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You know as creepy as this looks, I think it would be fun to live there...except for maybe the mosquitos.=D
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Very cool looking pic, the home of the swamp thing!
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So atmospheric ~ amazing work! :deviation: :heart: Coco
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That's a pretty nice piece =] I enjoy the mood and how dense the fog is. It really is an atmospheric piece!
Well done =]

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