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Now it's Spencer's turn to get the critique I'm sure he wouldn't mind standing around for. I'm trying to compose this little review her...

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Nov 16, 2018
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Nov 12, 2018
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Hey everybody, well words travels a bit fast that I went to Orlando, and I figured I'd at least try to explain what happened during my long weekend there without giving out too much info if possible...

Pretty much this news about my Orlando trip came suddenly...since my brother works in a different job then I do, he apparently won some special lotto at his job for selling the most cars, his boss not only awarded him with this vacation but he also treated Mark with 4 tickets to the new "Halloween Horror Nights" that's ongoing in Universal Studios, in Orlando FL! Surprised and feeling a bit kind of dull because of work and my birthday (which I do appreciate *EVERYBODY* who wished me a happy birthday, thank you!) but when I was about to lie down for a nap, I got word about what happened and the next thing I knew... I was going! The day before the big day, I packed up my stuff and had a spare luggage for my brother and we were on the road!!

I won't tell anybody where I live exactly, but it takes about 3 hours by car to head up to Orlando. During that time I and my brother were jamming out with various music on the radio and it made the trip pleasant for once, just the thought about us traveling and to get away from the hoopla life is throwing at us, a vacation is long overdue for me and my older brother. Thanks to the Waze app, we were able to monitor the traffic conditions and warn us if there are any hazards on the road or anything. Fortunately, nothing significant, and we proceeded without any further problems (aside from the occasional pit stops). Before we knew it, we were in the outskirts of Orlando and immediately what greeted us as the various roads, each dotted with souvenir shops and restaurants. 
Feeling a bit rather peckish, we pulled into this one steakhouse called: "Sweet Grass Steakhouse" and we treated ourselves to the tastiest steak I ever sank my teeth in! Mmm, peppercorn sirloin... what a gorgeous feast! With our bellies protruding, we finally made the long trek to our place to stay, which turns out to be the "Arnold Palmer Club and Resort." a golfing haven. We checked in and made sure everything was OK and unpacked a bit.

NOTE, you should be listening to this as you read on:
The moment we threw our bags into the room, being night time, my brother really wanted to begin doing the Halloween Horror Nights. Normally I would avoid doing anything spooky, but since I was already feeling rather gutsy (and also having a bit of an excuse to stretch our legs), I decided to tag along with him instead of scoping out the rest of the clubhouse. I helped navigate us into Universal Studios and when we got in, what greeted us first was the Universal Studios, City Walk! Which I admit was pretty awesome in regards how a lot of restaurants were lit up with various colorful lighting. Then as soon as we entered the grounds of Universal Studios, there was an eerie feeling of Halloween horrors that awaited us, beckoning, inviting us in for the scary thrill ride. Me, being inexperienced with the Halloween themed event, admittedly expressed how I was already feeling rather uneasy.
The whole place was dark and barely lit, save for a few lighting and Halloween decorations, but I was immediately excited due in part it's Orlando and I'm already on vacation, what could go wrong? Well, it turns out, Halloween Horror Nights is all about the haunted houses. Just like the ones you're probably familiar with building or participating in school, or Universities, except, taken to the 11th power! At "HHN", they had various themed haunted houses in conjunction with a few movies and shows... such as
  1. Halloween 4
  2. The Purge
  3. Blumhouse Productions
  4. Happy Death Day
  5. Trick R Treat
  6. Poltergeist
  7. and the popular: Stranger Things (only on Netflix)
After checking out all the "scare zones" where people in various costumes would sneak around in the darkness to perform a "jump scare" on unsuspecting patrons, my brother and I checked out the new "Transformers" ride! Which immediately brought back a wave of nostalgia for my brother and myself and I admit I was thinking of :iconeuan-the-echidhog:

Afterwards, we hit our first haunted house: "Poltergeist".

Needless to say for the first time in my life, I've experienced the fear factor that only a movie could dish out...except right in front of my face!! Since, "Poltergeist" and it's sequel came out in the 80s, I was too young to watch it and I only know a small bit of the plot via popular culture references, even the famous quote:

They're heeeeeeereee.....

and this haunted house didn't just scare me, it frightened me! You see, in these haunted houses, not only the decor of the places were decked out in various scenes from the movies, but they had actors, dressed up in costume, which would lunge out and try to grab you! Of course, due to safety protocols, they can't physically interact with the guests, save from jumping out and yelling out "BOO" or something. But the scariest part of all was the giant animatronics of some of the monsters, like the disjointed white specter/ghost. Since my brother was behind me, he also had the habit of trying to make it feel like something WAS grabbing me, and when I saw that ....that thing, lunge out at me... I screamed like an opera singer as I saw that..." thing" lunge at me! I was so scared from the animatronics and the haunted house in general, I walked out of there shaking like an earthquake, at first I wanted to go home but I felt awful that I was going to waste the trip, so I toughed it out and went on the next haunted house, which is all about B-Movies. Despite the grueling waiting lines, I went inside with my brother and to my surprise, it wasn't as bad as I thought; yes it had people lunging at me in conjunction with the roars of the sound FX and such, but save for the giant animatronic, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I felt a sense of relief knowing I went through it. Afterward, we hit another ride (MIB: Alien Attack) and grabbed some slushies to keep us hydrated and went through another haunted house (with some convincing) which is based off two movies: "Happy Death Day" and "The Purge", which happens to be my brother's favorite series of movies. (Needless to say, as long it's about people slaughtering each other with little plot, he seems satisfied.)

Then it was 1 am at night and we decided to follow the crowd out and went back to our rooms for the night. *Whew*

Second Night....

Bright and early the next morning, I woke up because my brother was snoring like an 18-wheeled truck downshifting down the highway, and I was trying to keep tabs of my friends :icondcleadboot: and some things on DA and such. It was difficult to explain everything but everyone's thrilled that I'm having a great time up here. As soon as my brother and I got up, he suddenly surprised me by suggesting we kill time before the next night by going to one of my favorite theme parks in Orlando: Epcot. But first, breakfast... which after we showered and such, we went and grabbed breakfast at Shoney's and suddenly my brother, after speaking to a friend of his, said it would be a waste of money by going to one theme park and then paying the admission to get back into Halloween Horror nights, let alone the price of parking is rather expensive. A little dismayed, we decided to spend the afternoon resting at the resort and we treated ourselves to a nice spa, complete with a hot tub/whirlpool, steam room, an Olympic sized pool, and poolside service! How cool is that??

Then it grew dusk and after having an early dinner at the Olive Garden, we made our ways towards the 2nd night of "Halloween Horror Nights." I sort of admit I was still anxious because we'd be hitting all the other haunted houses we never had a chance to see. Luckily though, I had a plan on how to ride it out: What I would do is I would hide behind my brother and if things got too scary for me, I'd just shut my eyes and hold onto my brother and then walk out with him. Which worked, but I was already feeling a bit brave enough to literally stare at the actors right in the face when they lunged out at us...and I even laughed a few times because...well it was fun! They did a great job keeping in character and caught me and my brother by surprise! I didn't scream or anything, but I sort of went like: "WOAAAHHH" or "Whoooooo!!!" ...all with a smile on my face.

Funnily enough, one time during a revisit to one of the haunted houses, my brother and I took a wrong turn and one of the actors, wearing a shambling "swamp ape" -like costume walked towards us and guided us back towards the proper route, which I admit was hilarious in hindsight for him to break character but before going back I said: "Thank you, you guys are awesome, amigos!" and went through the fun house.

Then, a bit of irony...when we went through the "Halloween 4" haunted house with everyone's favorite evil incarnate: Michael Meiers (not Austin Powers mind you) with my brother walking in front of me, I had my head on a swivel, expecting the masked maniac to show up and when it did, my brother launched himself 20 ft skyward when Michael Meiers brandished his trademark knife (complete with blood) and went right into my brother's face in the dark! I couldn't help but laugh because of this, after all...he *DID* scare me in the Poltergeist one, so revenge was sweet. I had to give a thumbs up to the actor for doing it. Ha ha ha ha!

After hitting the Transformers ride again and checking out the new "Stranger Things" haunted house, I had my fair share of fun and it was time for us to go as we had a big trip ahead of us back home.

In conclusion, after eating at Perkins' we made the long trip back home and despite the crazy weather and seeing a 4 car collision on the opposite side of the highway, I was thrilled to be home. In retrospect of course, whenever there is an upcoming trip to Orlando, we need to plan things better.

Now I just need to rest, tired, and trying to get back into the groove of working again, but it was fun! Would I do this again?


I'll try to upload photos in the future.

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