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Luciana's doll form by Alexpulido97 Luciana's doll form :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 1 0 Alexis Reese by Alexpulido97 Alexis Reese :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 3 0 Lady Frostia by Alexpulido97 Lady Frostia :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 3 1 ROTG Starabella by Alexpulido97 ROTG Starabella :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 0 0 Courtney and Veronica by Alexpulido97 Courtney and Veronica :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 1 0 Elara Silver by Alexpulido97 Elara Silver :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 1 0 The Phoenix Ninja by Alexpulido97 The Phoenix Ninja :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 3 0 Embrace the Emo by Alexpulido97 Embrace the Emo :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 1 0 Asgardian outfit by Alexpulido97 Asgardian outfit :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 0 0 Your Mine Now by Alexpulido97 Your Mine Now :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 0 0 Allyson Voorhees by Alexpulido97 Allyson Voorhees :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 2 0 Estella Brown by Alexpulido97 Estella Brown :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 0 0 Alena  by Alexpulido97 Alena :iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 1 0
Courtney walked down the halls with Tony and a girl. "I have to really get out more often here." Said Courtney. "I know since you and Jessica are still new around here. Anyways mom and dad really want to meet you after your chemistry class." Said Tony. "Fine, Flynn jr. But I need to talk to Ben about something." Said Courtney. "Ok see you in class with Nathan." Said The girl walking towards her class. "Alright Jessica." Said Tony as Mia grabbed his arm. "Anthony come on. Dad isn't going to wait with Ariel." Said Mia pulling to the hall on Courtney's left. "Bye rider and Kermitte." Said Courtney. "See ya." They said at same time. Courtney laughed a little at those two and spotted Ben looking nervous. "Hey Ben. What's got you all nervous?" Said Courtney stopping in front of him. "The reason I didn't show you around the campus is because I had a meeting with all of the sidekicks as future king." Said Ben as Courtney nod. "But let me guess it went down hill for something you said or did."
:iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 0 0
The next morning Veronica got changed and walked out in time for Carlos to leave. "Carlos got question for invention." Said Veronica stopping him at the door. "What did you or anyone see out of the ordinary." Said Carlos as Veronica nodded. "My dad and I heard a blast and saw the hole in the dome." Said Veronica not want to tell him about talking with Courtney. "I knew it but don't tell anyone and Evie witnessed it too. Look I have to get to school." Said Carlos. "Alright I'm going to work at Ursula's fish and chips." Said Veronica as they went their separate ways. She walked down past Shan Yu's weapons shop. A hooded figure sitting next to the window sharpened their sword but stopped looking at her every movement. She looked at the figure to and nod at them. "Hey Roni." Said Dizzy walking toward her holding a basket. "D, what's up?" Said Veronica wrapping her arm around her shoulder. "Just getting my family their meal from the fish and chips. You?" Said Dizzy looking up at her. "I'm g
:iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 0 0
It was a late night as Courtney was lying down on her bed in her casual tank top and shorts while her roommate Helena was at her desk studying on her chemistry test. "Long day." Said Helena looking her from her book. "Oh yeah. I met a couple of kings and Queens wanting to adopt me. Audrey already thinks I'm a nobody and trying to take Ben from her." Said Courtney as Helena giggled. "She's like that to every girl that is prettier than her. But anyways found anyone right for you." Said Helena. "There's Rapunzal after I hanged around with Tony." Said Courtney sitting on her bed. "Maybe that's a good thing. He was dying to have an older sibling and with a baby on the way. It has to be a miracle." Said Helena as Courtney pulled out the walkie talkie. She sighed caressing the device on her lap as Helena sat next to her. "Want to get a snack from the kitchen?" Said Helena rubbing her back. "Not right now. I'm going to walk outside for a bit." Said Courtney walking out of the dorm. She got of
:iconalexpulido97:Alexpulido97 0 0


Silverwing tutorial May 2015 by verothexeno Silverwing tutorial May 2015 :iconverothexeno:verothexeno 49 23 Hades - Disney Villians by sardasebigode Hades - Disney Villians :iconsardasebigode:sardasebigode 32 4 Darkos x Zoe by littlescargirl Darkos x Zoe :iconlittlescargirl:littlescargirl 11 6
Great Mouse Detective Bloopers
Olivia tells Basil about the disappearance of her father.
Olivia: It’s just as I said. And then my father was gone.
Dawson: What do you make of it?
Basil: Hmmm…
*there is an awkward pause as Basil puffs on his pipe for too long*
Basil: …That I can’t remember my blasted lines. *chuckles*
Ratigan is making the ballerina doll dance as he threatens Mr. Flavisham.
Ratigan: *watches the doll dance* I would spend many a sleepless night if—
*the doll falls over*
Ratigan: --if this ballerina stops dancing. *chuckles, picking up the doll again*
Basil, Dawson, and Olivia escape their traps, and Basil pulls them close together for the camera.
Basil: Smile, everyone! *big smile*
*for some reason, the flash is not going off*
Basil: *still holding the cheesy smile* …I can’t hold this much longer.
*Dawson and Olivia giggle*
Scene of Ratigan threatening Mr. Flavisham.
Ratigan picks up the doll, squeezin
:iconromancefreak:RomanceFreak 82 355
Palatinate Forest Stock 04 by Malleni-Stock Palatinate Forest Stock 04 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 33 3 Spider Queen by bayardwu Spider Queen :iconbayardwu:bayardwu 4,358 131 KK6A3922-Edit by bebeauty KK6A3922-Edit :iconbebeauty:bebeauty 150 4 Raw by CamaraSketch Raw :iconcamarasketch:CamaraSketch 150 7
Male!Ursula/Reader part 1/2 - Poor Fortunate Soul
Male♂Ursula/Mermaid!Reader two-shot - Poor Fortunate Soul
(Ariel = Stays Ariel but is male) (Ursula = Ursul) (King Triton = Queen Triton) (Eric = Erica )
(All other characters gender stays the same.)
(Author's Note: The song Poor Unfortunate Souls is in this because I really could not resist but to add it! So the story follows some of the same lines from the movie(or more so the musical). So sorry, if that bothers you. But I promise, it won't be the entire thing!)
"Ariel are you sure about this? This could get us into a lot of trouble." You ask your best friend who was swimming along side you with a determination written all across his face.
"I couldn't be more sure, (Y/n). If Ursul can help me then it will be worth it."
"I know… but there
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 695 123
Toffee x reader
   If there was one thing you felt right now, it was nervous. It wasn’t like this was your first job interview, even if there weren’t a lot of jobs in the monster side of Mewni you had had a few. No, what made you nervous was the monster sitting opposite from where you stood. He was a reptilian monster dressed in a suit, and had slicked down hair and a monotonous voice.
    “Please sit down.” He gestured to a seat. As you sat down he straightened a peice of paper he had on the table. You looked around at all the monsters in the room. This wouldn’t be so hard, the monsters that worked for this guy didn’t seem to have anything in common. 
     The monster studied the paper. “I’m looking for someone with specific skills. Someone who can go unnoticed.” He looked up at you. “According to your previous employers you fit the description, stealing things you were supposed to protect, sneaking ou
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Luciana's doll form
From my story The Beating Doll and let me know if I should another based on Goosebumps 2.
Alexis Reese
I published a story called no laughing matter on my QV and is about Lexi moved with her boyfriend Jayce in Gotham City meeting Jerome and his twin who have a huge thing for her. She also has a Symbiote that makes kinda insane once it gets into it's vicious side.
ROTG Starabella
She's the guardian of inspiration and guidance. Her powers are creating the stars in the night, making rainbow daggers come out of her hands, healing herself and others like the guardians, give children, teens, and adults their creativity by touch. That's what I have so far for her. Hope you like it.
Ok so this happened on January 15, 2017 around two in the afternoon as me,mom, and her boyfriend were driving to Wendy's. Where I lived was there was highwayand huge apartment buildings behind my house. We drove straight past the buildings were and in front it was like a freeway. I looked to see a black car that seemed totally new wanting speed past us but skidded twice and my moms boyfriend stopped that the car can go but instead that dumbass rammed us to the side when we thought the driver was waiting. In result our van was pushed to the left into a blue car  heading the opposite way from us. The airbags went off and smoke was everywhere. By that time my glasses came off from the impact and we rushed out of the car. My mom told me to get my sister who lived next to the apartment buildings so fucking ran for my life and as I look back just a second a black man wearing dark clothes ran off. I kept running and rang the bell to see my sister and my brother in law telling them what happened. They let me in the house because I was wheezing and I sat on the couch until they came back. My dad was asking what was going on and wanted me to eat something but I just told him about how we crashed. I just sat down for half an hour and saw my mom and her boyfriend standing there waiting for me. I cried as hugged my mom not because I was relieved that they were okay but I was scared shitless. We went back to the crash site and there was a woman and her daughters possibly in elementary and middle school. Wrapped in a huge blanket and had terrified with worried in their face. So I told the policeman came to me and asked me questions. Before e left I told him that I lost my glasses in the van and he went to find to them. While that was happening my mom told the policewoman about how we crashed and the driver came out of the car blaming them but the woman said he was cause f it because she saw the whole thing before her was smashed into the front. After everything was explained my sister takes us to the hospital and three hours was a blur. I sat next to my moms bed as she was getting migraine and was telling my two sisters about her seeing a fat black man getting out of the drivers seat and runs away from the scene. So made it back home with feeling soreness on some spots. Anyways I'm sorry if haven't posted anything because I was busy with my job at home depo and I'll try to update my art or the fanfics.


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