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The Unlockable Kaaring Potions

Oh yeah. Had to do these too.

Mini FAQ

Q: What exactly are these? o.O
A: Why, they're Nordanner's Unlockable Kaaring Potions. 

Q: Legit?
A: Cloudrunner64 approved!

Q: Can I use them?
A: Only if your horse is registered at a high enough kaaring level! Be sure to check before applying one. They are free however c:

Q: What if I want potions but my horse isn't high enough?
A: Consider using the regular potions; The Nordanner Potions by alexpeanut

Q: What do they all do?
A: Click the potion name to be taken to the individual potion for a thumb or link!

Heartstone - 15 kaaring :star:

Allows your horse certain earth qualities, such as sprouting rocks from the topline, shedding sand from their fur, allowing fieldflower to actually grow plants in certain places, etc. Also tends to harden the horse’s bones, making a dragon more likely to break a tooth should it try to take a bite.
Aquarius - 15 kaaring :star:

Companion to oceanpearl, allows your horse to rain water continually from their manes and tails, or to allow floating water “balls” which may or may not contain fish.
Regalus - 30 kaaring :star::star:

Allows your horse to sprout the mane of a mighty lion. Hair may continue along the chest/belly as well as the withers, back, and rump. Does not create lion’s tail on its own (Nightshade does).
Ares - 30 kaaring :star::star:

Allows a constant breeze to blow around your horse. Depending on mood, could be a mighty gust or a gentle summer breeze. Cannot produce weather of any kind, even when combined with other potions. However, combinations may allow “sparkling” or colored winds. Be careful; an angry horse with this potion might be more likely to blow everyone over rather than listen!
Iosmair - 45 kaaring :star::star::star:

Allows sparklers, firecrackers, and other such fireworks to appear around your horse without harm. Larger fireworks may sprout from the mane/tail or topline to burst overhead. Most commonly allows the mane and tail of your horse to be filled with sparklers, which can be any color. Does not alter coat color at all. Does not harm horse. Can pop rather nastily in a dragon’s mouth; most stay away. Fireworks cannot be controlled and can burn handlers/riders if not properly handled.
Tempest - 60 kaaring :star::star::star::star:

Allows your horse to show lightning bolts on or around their bodies. Lightning may periodically strike, so be careful! Can also cause your horse to leave blackened hoofprints and to electrify horseshoes and tack. Does NOT allow horses to shoot lightning from the mouth, eyes, or nose. Or any other odd place.
Winterbreeze - 60 kaaring :star::star::star::star:

Companion to Icefinger. Allows it to constantly snow on and around your horse. Can be light or heavy depending on mood. While riders are in contact with the horse they are unaffected by the cold. In rare cases, the flakes will be sporadic and simply it will present itself as a constant dusting of snow in the mane, tail, and feathering, or little snow-piles along the topline.
Shadowmane - 75 kaaring :star::star::star::star::star:

Allows dark matter to form in your horses’ mane, tail, or feathering. It can also give off a dark sort of aura, which tends to warn most other predators away. While it doesn’t harm the horse, it can leave those who touch it with an unsettling feeling, like they’re being watched, but no one is there...
Might of the Dragon - 75 kaaring :star::star::star::star::star:

Allows dragon-like qualities such as scaling (may not cover entire body), dragon-type tail, added claws/teeth, fire breathing and enhanced size/height. Scales have a wide color range but are generally not more than 2 colors at a time.
The World Really Does Revolve Around You - 400 kaaring :trophy::trophy:

Allows miniaturized versions of the planets (discovered and undiscovered) to orbit around your horse. Often comes with a small spattering of stars that hover around the planets (never attach to the horse itself). Weather, although miniaturized, is accurate according to the planet, so touching them is generally a very bad idea for humans. The little stars don’t seem to harm anyone when touched, though. Tends to give the horse a sizeable ego boost. Might want to watch out for that!
Cometchaser - 400 kaaring :trophy::trophy:

Gifts your horse with superior speed and the trail of a comet when moving quickly. Tends to leave behind sparking and fiery hoofprints and should be used with caution if your horse is a racer. When the horse is still, this potion also allows white fire to sprout from the mane, tail, and/or feathering. It is said this flame is pulled directly from the stars themselves. Does not harm humans the horse has a bond with. Can be dangerous to those the horse does not like.
Favor of the Queen - 400 kaaring :trophy::trophy:

Allows your horse to showcase a most precious element: gold. This potion can give your horse gold hooves, eyes, change the color of the mane/tail/feathers (can be streaks or solid color), or even allow some gold dusting of the coat. Tends to attach itself to the edges of white markings in particular. Not to be used as a fourth peafowl color or to make peafowl appear roaned/glowing. In rare cases, diamonds have been found mixed in with the gold. Horse may leave golden glowing footprints or “shed” golden dust from their hair/fur when in motion. Can be dangerous as thieves are on the lookout for this potion. Not harmful to horse or human in any way except that riders often find themselves having to brush off after rides.
Luck Be a Lady - 400 kaaring :trophy::trophy:

Or a cruel, cruel Mistress. While this potion has no visual effect, it does have a rather unique property. By the power of RNG, you have a small chance to win up to two breeding slots. Two slots is the maximum you can ever win. This potion does not guarantee your horse extra slots. It merely offers you a chance at them. Status (winning or not) will be determined when you send in for your 400 kaaring confirmation. If you do manage to win one (or two!) they may not be traded/given to another mutation. Only mutations who have reached and have been confirmed as 400 kaaring have this opportunity. Whining, kicking, screaming, hand-holding, horseshoes, the clothes of strangers, rain dances, or candlelight vigils do not have any effect on your luck. RNG rules all in this matter.

:faint: DONE. FINALLY. 
This has been a loooong project for me lol. I've always wanted to finish off the unlockables, so that both sets of potions had art, but given the more important nature of the unlockables I knew they had to be a fair bit bigger than the original set. And bigger they were ._.
Still, overall pretty happy with these :D I can't choose a favorite, I have like a top five instead xD
What's your favorite?
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These are from Dungeons and Dragons?

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Как нарисовали? Хочу посмотреть на видео

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*boils and eats this*
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this one is still a thumb D: so mean eggo, trickery
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Is there a potion that can bring a fictional character back from the dead and put him in the real world? Pls tell me there is ;-;
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*Drinks the "Universe Really Does Revolves Around you potion*: I SEE EVERYTHING!!! XD
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Quick question; the 400 Kaaring potions are only limited to mutation Nordanners, correct? Or has that changed?
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Correct, 400's are for mutations only. 
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So..... when my horse reaches x amount of kaaring I can just draw it with these potion qualities or do I have to buy them  or.... much confuse newbie :ashamed: 
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Once you send the horse in to be confirmed at that kaaring level, the admin (currently ShadowRaven1) who handles kaaring will tell you which potions you've unlocked. At that time, you can start drawing them on your horse c:
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Oh I see. Thank you for clearing that up a bit for me :)
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Are you going to do individuals as well? (To link on ref sheets xD)
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Turns out they were already linked x3 You have to click the potion name in the description to get to them ;D
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Ah, did I forget to link them?
they're in my scraps, I'll fix that when I get a chance
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*grabs a buttload of aquarius and walks off whistling*
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I'm picturing like
an actual buttload
a buttshaped bubble of liquid. 
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That is so inappropriate and really entertaining at the same time. Js
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....... it will be done. I will draw it.... know, someday XDDD
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PLEASE link me if you do
i have to see
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I love these potions! I think my favorites would have to be between Winterbreeze, Shadowmane, Tempest and Cometchaser ^^
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