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Reinhardt Schneider v.01

the hero of the game , version 01. carved this cross in his chest to prove his will to god. before setting off to defeat dracula.
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This is a marvelous re-imagining. It also has a wonderful tabletop RPG look to it! Well done.
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templar with swag (y) this is great^^
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hahaha it looks like he got the symbol of the Agatha Knight from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
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Pros: Outstanding work with the clothing & armor, very impressive! The cross in the chest is a nice touch.

Cons: I don't like the hairstyle that much, even thought it's well drawn.

Keep 'em coming! = )
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looks better than the original
you give me permission to make it in 3d?

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I think you would like to know:
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I am hereby recruiting him to the Teutonic Knights of Prussia
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The fantastic work, the proportion, the movement, designs, pose ... etc., a pleasure for the look. My sincere congratulations. IMPRESSIVE.
J.A. Pablo.
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thank you very much Pablo!
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all your works with the pencil are fantastic, impressive, I devote myself mas to the hyper-realistic oils i do not dominate so much the pencil.
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Of nothing, the truth is that all your works are fantastic already I would like to have the fluency with the pencil that your you have, I devote myself mas to the oils hyper-realist, At least I try to devote my life to painting, I wait to do it .
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i love the movement in your illustrations mate, though they are still i feel like they are realy moving!!!
you catch my drift? I dont wana sound like a dunce, but you understand what i mean?
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I love the facial expression and the pose.
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Great work!
I love how simple it looks.
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FANTASTIC! i'm also a Castlevania diehard fan! (my #1 is the Metal Gear Series).
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yeah man seen ur favs , really seems like we have similar tastes. nice to see. and to hear, thank you! :)
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Thank you for showing and sharing your artwork, you just made my day.
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some really awesome designs you have
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That's awesome no smexy what a great job
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man that is a amazing artwork you made ^^
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Very cool design !
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