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Jeez your frickin brilliant
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AlphaFrequency's avatar
dude you're fuckin awesome.
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Your pictures are always so good! I used to mind pictures that were black and white but you put such detail into yours, that is doesn't matter! Keep doing what you do!
Alex321432's avatar
I love how yoy made this. It looks like a sketch, Photoshop?
TracyWong's avatar
If it looks like a sketch and is posted as "traditional art", it probably isn't created in Photoshop. :P lol
Alex321432's avatar
Wow, still impressive!
GentlemanChogath's avatar
Did you color the head with pencil or digital? ;o
deadly and beautiful, I love it
Deranos's avatar
OMG! AWSOME! The Face is so Perfect! some lines and it´s Perfect!
Cube-of-Seraphim's avatar
cool - aber der lauf/schalldämpfer der waffe passt iwie nich ^^
DimRasha's avatar
wow great work!!
rodmendez's avatar
Whoa, I really like this concept! Nice work!
BrowncoatMando's avatar
what's your inspiration on the rifle? looks like a hybrid of a P90 and an FN 20000
AlexPascenko's avatar
p 90 for sure it was.
VictHernAravnLeal's avatar
really nice drawing, weird pose thou xd
darkchild130's avatar
Your style is very impressive.
magenguy's avatar
pretty badass!
TheFearMaster's avatar
amazing job you did here alex ^^
EvilApai's avatar
teach me drawing please oohh masta~~!!!
Kezulos's avatar
Love these! So much detail, & gorgeous to boot.
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