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Hermione Camping


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“The Forest of Dean. I came camping here once, with my mum and dad” -Hermione

I love the scene in Deathly Hallows where Harry and Hermione apparate to the forest and she just wants to stay there. I imagine that place to be full of good memories for her and maybe even the place where she first discovered she had powers.

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Adorable. I love her expression. 
Skydrathik's avatar
This picture is so wonderful! Could be coming right of a kids movie!!
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awww... lil Hermione
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Great narrative in the piece! I didn't know it was Hermione without the title and the quote but didn't matter.
Gryffgirl's avatar
I love this picture.  Not to many artists draw Hermione's life outside of Hogwarts.  Very well-done!
GoldenDruid's avatar
I love the stories you tell with your work!  Just wonderful!
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I love the wonder and the innocence in this piece, great work! :)
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Oh my god this is amazing. Ughghghghg. I don't even have the right words to give an appropriate compliment. I just love this.
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That's cute. Very nice!
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This is a wonderful picture. :) I love all these little details in HP, too bad we never got to find out more. It'd probably be a less popular book if it wasn't for HARRY AND HIS DRAMA but I always liked characters around him and their lives and hints at their backgrounds the best.
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me too! it's funny because the more I watch the movies/read the books/listen to the audiobooks (a lot... i do all of these things a lot) the less I like Harry and the main plot and the more I just really love the world building. It's not that I don't love Harry. but the world itself is just so much more compelling to me. I'm very excited to see more of it in the new series of movies. Thanks for the comment!
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I re-read the series multiple times as a teenager (and the movies never clicked for me after the 3rd one for some reason) but I recently listened to Stephen Fry's reading of the audiobooks and man, all those memories flooding back and all the details I forgot or haven't noticed! Completely agreeing, Harry is okay but I love the overall world much more. :)
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Awww! Hermione is so cute!
Fuzzonix-x7's avatar
A really awesome picture :D
Evie-Eevie-Hyuga's avatar
Wait Hermione as in Granger? XD
alexneonakis's avatar
the one and only :D
Evie-Eevie-Hyuga's avatar
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Aww. I love the grass!
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kawaii ✿◕‿◕✿
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