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Warhammer 40k star map



Apologies to GamesWorkshop or anyone else whose compyright I've infringed... just wanted to do this for a long time.

Comments, suggestions & critique welcome.

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Hi, it's nice looking map, but with many mistakes. Names of systems are not very readable on galaxy background. Icons for imperial words looks weird, more like some achievement from Halo, there are no imperial aquilas. You should try to consult this with some lore experts (or visit lexicanum for that and do some proofreading. Here are some of them:

Hadex Anomoly (anomaly)

approximate angels of invasion (angles)

Levaithan (leviathan)

Slamamders (salamanders)

Catchacan (catachan
earth (In 40k universe there's only Terra, no earth)
Clath (calth)
warfleet solar (it's battlefleet solar)
Darkold (Darkhold)
Gryphon IV (Gryphonne IV)
Dacia in two locations at once
Adeptus Arbites are twice listed in hierarchy, they are not part of Administratum.
Emperor's icon in hierarchy should be his palatine aquila.
High lords of terra = Senatorum Imperialis