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DCU Vol.9: Green Lantern Corps



Here are some of the most prominent members of the Green Lantern Corps, or the Green Lanterns from Earth. In case you are wondering where is Kyle Rayner, he is my favorite of the Lanterns, so he is on to bigger things, like being in the JLA lineup! You'll notice most of these Green Lanterns are misssing their white gloves, I've never been a big fan of the white gloves. :P

You could, in theory, make hundreds of lineups like this just with Green Lanterns! Don't worry, I wont... but I might do 1 more.

Hal Jordan: Despite what Geoff Johns would like us all to believe Hal Jordan didn't have graying temples because he was possessed by Parallax... truth is the gray hair was a visual way to represent he was older than the other superheroes after Crisis '86. I think this was so DC could keep the "Hard-Traveling Heroes" era in-continuity beyond 1986. That's why Oliver Queen is (or was) also considered an old guy by other superheroes. Well, "Rebirth" was all a major retcon. Hal as Parallax was not really evil (all the time), just crazy. In fact, he was downright heroic during the Final Night storyline. Oh well...

John Stewart: Made him pretty much 100% as he appeared originally in the Justice League cartoon, look which was later "ported" to the comics almost exactly the same. Bruce Timm apparently must not like the white gloves either.

Guy Gardner: Speaking of gloves, I tried not to give him the white gloves, but in this case, the bulky gloves (and boots) and the silly sleeveless jacket are too important to the look of Guy Gardner... modern haircut! no bowl cut!

Jade: She is one of those characters that has had a dozen or more different outfits, so I tried to make one that represented them all, by picking and choosing what I liked from all the different uniforms of Jade's past.

Arisia: Minor tweaks to her uniform, again, when it looks like it's a good idea, I try to make my own take on the characters.

Kilowog: It's Kilowog, without the white gloves. :B

Ganthet: It was going to be one of those unnamed generic Guardians, but then I added a ponytail.

Hope you all like this! :)
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