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DCU Vol.7: The Injustice Gang



More Villains. This time, it's the Injustice Gang. I wanted to make a lineup with, what I feel are, the most iconic arch-enemies for each of these guys. Inspired in large part by what Grant Morrison did during the Rock of Ages storyline.

Ra's Al Ghul: Since Lex Luthor already appeared in a lineup, and it was an all-Superman badguys lineup, I thought: "Who else could pull the trick of forming an Injustice Gang? Who has that kind of resources?" Well, Ra's could do it.

The Joker: Who else? Mostly inspired in Dave McKean's Joker from "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth". In my opinion the best Joker story ever, with The Killing Joke. Yep, better than The Dark Knight movie.

Cheetah: Just added a jungle-bikini to the modern Cheetah. Looks more feral than in a track suit.

Doctor Light: Had a hard time coming up with Kyle's most iconic nemesis. Alex Nero? Major Force? No. To me, the most interesting bad guy was none other than Hal Jordan. Of course Hal redeemed himself by reigniting the sun during Final Night (and not during the uber-retcon known as Rebirth). Anyways, in Rock of Ages Doctor Light is Rayner's opposite, and he did appear in Green Lantern comics in the 90's. I tried to incorporate some of the 90's look to the Silver Age version.

Black Manta: Such a cool looking baddie. Gave him a scuba-like wetsuit, so it wasn't just plain black.

Captain Cold: In Rock of Ages they used Mirror Master, and Flash's nemesis is Gorilla Grodd (who I plan to use in another lineup)... but I like Captain Cold better.

Scorch: This was another case of not knowing who was the main villian for MMH. I first thought of a White Martian, but white martians are an army, not just 1 guy. Then I figured I should draw Fernus, but Fernus is just another identity of J'onn... so I chose Scorch, who is technically a Superman villain, but she controls hellfire, and unleashed (unwillingly) Fernus. Yes, she is in the same pose seen in the cover for JLA #84.

**edit: don't think anyone will notice or care, but had to change Scorch's background.**
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