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DCU Vol.14: Secret Society



Time for more bad guys. After the Injustice Gang now it's the turn of the Secret Society. Once more I picked one villian for every member of this JLA lineup, except for Superman, since I covered many of his villains already, instead, I included Deathstroke. If the lineup reminds you of the Secret Society from the Justice League cartoon, believe me, it's no accident.

Gorilla Grodd: Instead of a genius naked gorilla running around, I wanted to give him some dignity (a.k.a. a loincloth)... not my original idea saw it on a statue.

Deathstroke: Not sure Deathstroke would accept joining a team, he strikes me as more of a loner, at worst he would have to lead such team. Was debating whether to make him look more like the comics or the Teen Titans cartoon, went with what I am more familiar with, but I did give him the cartoon shin-guards.

Giganta: the track suit from the more recent comics, with the leopard pattern from Superfriends and the attitude from JLU.

Killer Frost: Haven't seen Young Justice yet, but I somewhat used that KF design as inspiration.

Fatality: One of the few recurring villains for Kyle Rayner, I understand she is now with the Fucsia Lanter... er, I mean, the Star Sapphires, pity. Here she is with the Yellow Lantern Corps (not that I'm a fan of the whole Sinestro Corp deal either, but w/e). Fatality gave me the opportunity to finally include a dark-skinned female.

Clayface: DCAU's Clayface, well, my version of it.

Ocean Master: Orm ambushed MOTU's Mer-Man and stole all his gear. :B The original suit is wacky: what's with the cape underwater?

Hope you like these. Comments welcome, as always :)
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