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DCU Vol. 12: JSA Founders

The Founding members of the JSA, well with a few modern age partners. I'm not a huge fan of the JSA, even if this is the second time I do a line up for this team. Unlike Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, who are updated constantly and live in an eternal "present time", the old JSA members still have an origin which puts them fighting in WW2, which means they are well into their eighties or nineties. At least Captain America never ages. I understand their powers make them age slowly, or whatever, but that could've worked until 15 or 20 years ago, how long can DC keep it up?

Of course they can't just "retire" the characters, as I'm sure every single one of them is someone's favorite hero. An option is to retire them in modern continuity, and publish their adventures as they happen in the 1940's. Another idea is to have them in one of the "alternate earths" that happens to be trapped in a time loop where WW2 is always going on.

Sentinel: The original Green Lantern. What a funky uniform! It's a miracle Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman turned out so well, when compared to other contemporary superhero costumes. No wonder they had to be displaced by newer versions during the Silver Age.

The Flash: Same as above. What's the deal with the poofy shirt sleeves? :B

Doctor Fate: Much better uniform! Not based on any particular version of Fate. Recicled most of the body from Hourman in Vol. 5.

Wildcat: Much bigger body than anyone else in this lineup... and he is supposed to be a senior citizen? The extra bandages on his shin/calf area suggest that he isn't just a boxer.

Starman: The Jack Knight Starman. I've read good things about the Vertigo run of Starman. Is it worth checking out?

Jakeem J. Thunder and the Thunderbolt: Not too happy with how the thunderbolt turned out, but it's fine.

Sandman: Wesley Dodds, the other Sandman. Based not on the comics, but on some cosplay pictures I saw while my google research.

Next up: Another "sequel" to a previous lineup! (hint: there's an upcoming summer movie about it)
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