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DCU Vol. 11: The Occult



This volume is "dead-icated" (bad pun, sorry :B) to the spirits, ghouls and demons in the DC Universe. No household/popular names this time around, I believe, but I've been meaning to do this supernatural-themed lineup for the longest time.

Etrigan a.k.a. The Demon: except for the covered legs, it's the Etrigan we all know. Sometimes it looks like Jason Blood is in control of the Demon's actions, sometimes it's clear the Demon is in control (I never followed him up much except for his appearances in crossovers). I think that, like the Hulk, it's better when J. Blood can't control his alter-ego, but he is forced to call upon him to defeat a greater evil.

The Spectre: I took a page from what they did with the DC animated "The Spectre" short, and hid the lower half of his body in shadows.

Morpheus a.k.a. The Sandman; a.k.a The Dream: Another one of those comics I've never read, but have always meant to. Heard it's really good.

Deadman: The hood is not an original idea of mine (it rarely is an original idea) I saw another artist's work, done in a much more cartoony way, that had Deadman with a hood, and thought it looked so much better than the silly circus performer collar he normally has.

Phantom Stranger: It was important to me that he looked different enough from "my" Question, because, as someone commented on that piece, they could end up looking the same.

Silver Banshee: It's Silver Banshee.

Gentleman Ghost: I've only seen him in that cameo in one of the last few episodes of JLU, but he must be a big deal 'cause he has an action figure by Mattel. I guess it's one of those old "Mort of the month" that was brought back to prominence by the current DC Comics regime.

Hope you like this. Next up: a "sequel" to one of the previous volumes. hehehe
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banshee!!!!! etrigan!1!! this is amazing!! <3333333