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DC Universe Vol. 5: JSA



Finally! Here is the fifth volume of the DCU lineups of mine. I've has this one "almost ready" for over a week, but work stalled me on completing S.T.R.I.P.E.S., so it could be a "full" lineup of 7 characters.

After 2 JLA lineups, the next obvious choice to make is the JSA, so here it is. I'm not a huge fan of the JSA, and I think most of the Golden Age era members have some wacky outfits... this is why I decided to vector up the younger side of the JSA. I believe that eventually I will add a JSA lineup with Jay Garrick, Alan Scott & Co.

Captain Marvel: I wanted to make him pretty much a mirror image of the Superman pose in Volume 1. Also, it's the same classic pose from Kingdom Come #3. The Big Red Cheese is much bulkier than Supes too.

Power Girl: Totally stolen from Adam Hughes.

Mr. Terrific: He has a very odd uniform... not incredibly familiar with the character, since he emerged just a few years before I abandoned reading DC Comics.

Star-Spangled Kid and S.T.R.I.P.E.: I know the character has had the Stargirl name for a while now, but I plan to have Starman in a lineup at some point... I kinda cheated and used the same background frame for both characters (a matter of space, Hawkman's wings take up a lot of space).

Hourman: The android from the 850th century seen in DC One Million.

Hawkman: Didn't go for the red/yellow boots.
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Love this lineup - I wish the TV STARGIRL CW series has these extra members on the team ! Especially Billy Batson aka CAPTAIN MARVEL !

Plus, I would add Queen Hippolyta aka WONDER WOMAN to this poster roster.