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DC Universe Vol. 5: JSA

By alexmax
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Finally! Here is the fifth volume of the DCU lineups of mine. I've has this one "almost ready" for over a week, but work stalled me on completing S.T.R.I.P.E.S., so it could be a "full" lineup of 7 characters.

After 2 JLA lineups, the next obvious choice to make is the JSA, so here it is. I'm not a huge fan of the JSA, and I think most of the Golden Age era members have some wacky outfits... this is why I decided to vector up the younger side of the JSA. I believe that eventually I will add a JSA lineup with Jay Garrick, Alan Scott & Co.

Captain Marvel: I wanted to make him pretty much a mirror image of the Superman pose in Volume 1. Also, it's the same classic pose from Kingdom Come #3. The Big Red Cheese is much bulkier than Supes too.

Power Girl: Totally stolen from Adam Hughes.

Mr. Terrific: He has a very odd uniform... not incredibly familiar with the character, since he emerged just a few years before I abandoned reading DC Comics.

Star-Spangled Kid and S.T.R.I.P.E.: I know the character has had the Stargirl name for a while now, but I plan to have Starman in a lineup at some point... I kinda cheated and used the same background frame for both characters (a matter of space, Hawkman's wings take up a lot of space).

Hourman: The android from the 850th century seen in DC One Million.

Hawkman: Didn't go for the red/yellow boots.
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Great pics and line up imagining of the JSA. I always loved that version. Personally,I just wish some like the jack knight starman and tyler hourman stayed with the group the rest of the way,they fit in perfectly with the modern day JSA.

Either way,JSA RULES!
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ya know? I personaly think Captain Marvel need's to be a justice leager
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From what I understand, he is now, with the New52 continuity.
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Great Work Sir! :)
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Much appreciated! :)
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Great JSA pic! :)
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Way cool styley!
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star-spangled kid is a better name anyways.

stargirl just sounds weird. maybe starkid would of worked better. but i liked how her name was "kid" and not girl or boy/man. made it a bet more unique.
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Yeah, I'll have to agree with that. Guess they just couldn't let things be once she got the Star-rod (?), cosmic scepter(?), *can't remember how it's called* and she became a part of the Starman lineage.
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they could of still called her starkid or something instead of stargirl lol or spangled girl!
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my verson of power girl is the clone of the earth-one supergirl who dead body was on antimatter earth 14
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DC2 - the Internet's Best DC Comics Fan Fiction [link] is looking for JSA artists. We have the modern Earth 1 group and several multi-verse titles in need of artists.
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I checked your group, and it looks fun, sadly I don't think work would allow me to have time to contribute much with your project. :-/
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Kewl! I'm really liking this series you got going
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