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DC Universe Vol.4: Going Solo



Here are a few characters that, while they may have been part of a team at some point or another (because after all, what hero hasn't been a member of the Justice League?), I think they are mostly considered as loners.

This is the first time I include a couple of characters that aren't necessarily heroic, but they aren't exactly villians either, they just work on their own best interests.

Anyways, here is a rundown on what I was thinking when I was making them:

Question: A character I'm not very familiar with. Tried to make him look like his early post-Crisis (1986) appearance.

Lobo: This is one of those characters where it seems that no two artists draw him exactly the same way. I tried to do my own version, which to be honest is a pretty straightfoward version of Lobo :doh:.

Catwoman: The Darwin Cooke redesign, all the way. Isn't that the best Catwoman outfit?

Black Lightning: Based on an old unused design for the JL cartoon.

Nightwing: One of the best (and simplest) uniforms, the mid-90's Nightwing uniform.

Huntress: Pretty much the Jim Lee redisign, I'm guessing it's Lee's with all those straps and pouches. Looks cool.

Adam Strange: The classic retro look.

All characters, obviously, belong to DC Comics.
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Black Lightning actually got recognition. Thank you so much.